Chapter 648 is back

   Losing two copies of Iron Training Technique in a row, a panic spread from the bottom of Emperor Zhaoheng's heart.

  He looked at Xie Jun's weeping face, and without even asking any more questions, he suddenly turned around and walked towards the gate of the mansion.

   "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, what's wrong with you, Your Majesty..."

  The palace people were astonished, and chased them out one after another.

   "Go back to the palace, go back to the palace, go back to the palace immediately!"

  People didn't dare to ask more questions, so they could only drive towards the palace.

  Emperor Zhaoheng ran all the way back to the bedroom, sent everyone away, and closed the inner hall door alone.

   After making sure that no one was peeking outside, he came to the dragon bed, pressed a groove on the head of the bed, and a hidden compartment was revealed.

  Emperor Zhaoheng took out the cloth bag hidden in the dark grid, which was the iron training skill that Prime Minister Zhou handed over to him.

   Seeing that the iron training technique was safe and sound, Emperor Zhaoheng let out a big sigh of relief.

   It’s okay, it’s okay, this thing is still there.

  Put the things back carefully, but even so he is still worried.

  He walked out of the inner hall and said to the people outside the door: "From today on, no one is allowed to enter my bedroom without my order."

   "Yes, the slave takes orders."

  Xie Jun watched Emperor Zhaoheng rush in, and left in a hurry.

   After confirming that the person had left, his cronies dispersed all the irrelevant people, leaving only his people in the yard.

   "Your Highness, Your Majesty, this is..." You have already come, why did you leave without saying a word?

  Xie Jun slowly stood up from the pit, with an uncontrollable sneer on his face.

   "It seems that my guess is correct."

   "Your Highness, please clarify."

Xie Jun said: "Before this palace, I couldn't understand how the old man of the Zhou family got out of his body. After all, it seems that the prime minister's mansion has not been affected at all. Now it seems that the Zhou family took their share of the iron smelting The technique has been handed in."

   This is exactly what he wants!

   "You send a letter to the people who are watching the border, tell them, and you will almost be able to leave."

   "Your Highness is saying that you want to bring His Highness back?"


   "Is this... too risky?" In case the Zhou family finds out...

   "You tell them to be careful, and they must be brought back."

   The cronies saw that Xie Jun had made up his mind and could only accept orders.

  Emperor Zhaoheng fell ill suddenly, because it was so sudden that everyone was caught off guard.

  After the imperial doctor in the palace saw it, he only said that Emperor Zhaoheng was in a hurry to get into his body because of your cold evil.

   After several days of treatment, Emperor Zhaoheng's mental state became worse and worse, and he started talking nonsense.

  The queen stayed up all night serving in front of Emperor Zhaoheng, and even fed the soup and medicine without using other people's hands.

   Even so, Emperor Zhaoheng showed no signs of getting better.

   "What should I do, imperial doctor, what is going on with the emperor, will you cure it?"

Facing the queen's accountability, the imperial doctors were also very panicked. Judging from the pulse and symptoms, Emperor Zhaoheng was attacked by internal fire. As long as the liver qi is dredged and the yang qi is supplemented, there should be no major problems. The question is, how can I not wake up from a coma until now?

  The imperial doctors could only sleepless nights pondering Emperor Zhaoheng's condition and treatment plan.

  Finally, after nearly half a month, Emperor Zhaoheng finally woke up!

   When Emperor Zhaoheng opened his eyes, what he saw was the queen whose hair was almost half white.

   Seeing Emperor Zhaoheng wake up, the queen was really excited and cried.

  Now Xie Rui's whereabouts are still unknown. If Emperor Zhaoheng had an accident at this time, would those princes who had been eyeing him for a long time miss such a good opportunity?

  Before Xie Rui returned safely, the queen hoped that Emperor Zhaoheng was alive.

  Seeing the empress's sincere appearance, Emperor Zhaoheng was a little moved.

   "I... what's wrong?"

  The empress suppressed the tears at the corners of her eyes with a brocade handkerchief and said: "The emperor didn't know something, but you burned up in the middle of the night after sleeping in the palace that day, which frightened the concubine."

   Emperor Zhaoheng frowned and shook his head, he really didn't have much impression of this matter.

  The imperial doctor heard the movement and immediately went into the inner hall to check the pulse of Emperor Zhaoheng again, and after confirming that the person was not in danger of life, he let out a breath of relief.

   "The emperor has been ill these days, and his body is still very weak. He needs to rest for a while."

  The imperial physician withdrew after giving some more instructions.

  Emperor Zhaoheng saw that the phoenix robe on the queen's body was wrinkled, and his complexion eased a lot.

   "The empress hasn't been able to rest well during this time, so go back and rest first, I'm fine, the empress doesn't have to worry."

  The empress is indeed tired. She has hardly had a good night's sleep since Emperor Zhaoheng fell ill.

   "Seeing the emperor waking up, the concubine is relieved. The concubine will not disturb the emperor's rest. The concubine will come back tomorrow."

  Being ill for a while, Emperor Zhaoheng also obviously felt that his body was much weaker. After everyone left, he signaled the **** to help him up from the bed.

   "I'm a little hungry, go and see for yourself and bring me a bowl of vegetarian porridge."

  The chief executive didn't ask any more questions, and retreated obediently.

  As soon as the palace door was closed, Emperor Zhaoheng stood up from the bed with support, and then opened the secret compartment at the head of the bed.

   At the moment when the secret compartment was opened, Emperor Zhaoheng entered the ice cellar!

   Gone, the last iron smelting skill in his hand is gone!

   "Come, come, come!"

  On a secluded path outside the imperial palace, a figure fell to the ground, dead or alive.

   After an unknown amount of time, the figure slowly got up from the ground.

  He looked around in a daze, and when he found no one around, he walked out of the alley quickly, and saw the imperial palace very close in the blink of an eye.

  The experience of captivity during this period has almost worn away all his willpower. Looking at the familiar palace in front of him, Xie Rui has only one thought in his mind, that is to enter the palace. It seems that as long as he enters the palace, he will no longer be in any danger!

  Xie Rui ran to the most real thoughts in his mind, and ran all the way outside the palace gate as if he had seen a ghost.

  The guards guarding outside the palace gate saw someone rushing aggressively, and immediately put on a posture and stepped forward to stop him.

   After the other party came close, they also recognized Xie Rui.

   "Elder Prince?"

   "See His Royal Highness the First Prince."

  The guards stepped forward to salute one after another.

   Seeing the guards lined up in rows, Xie Rui's inner fear was slightly calmed down.

   "Get out of the way, His Highness wants to enter the palace and has something important to report to the emperor."

   The guards naturally did not dare to refuse, but no matter who they were, they were not allowed to enter or leave the palace without a will. They asked Xie Rui to wait for a while, and they needed to enter the palace to report to the emperor.

  Arrived outside the gate of the palace, Xie Rui was not so afraid anymore, and didn't care to wait for a while.

  When the guards arrived outside the bedroom, they heard Emperor Zhaoheng's almost out-of-control roar.

   "Come, come, come!"

  The people guarding outside the temple didn't dare to delay the door and walked in.

   "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, is something wrong?"

  (end of this chapter)