"The old minister kowtowed to the emperor."

  Jin Emperor Zhaoheng suppressed the anger on his face, and fell on Prime Minister Zhou with an unclear expression.

   "The prime minister is so impatient to enter the palace, why is there something urgent to do as I said?"

  Prime Minister Zhou hunched his back, looking very humble.

"The old minister has two things to do when he enters the palace today. One is to apologize to the emperor. The elder prince was trapped in the northern wilderness before. The old minister was afraid that the emperor would be worried, so he didn't report to the emperor immediately, so he asked the emperor for forgiveness. The second is to ask the emperor for help. Save His Majesty, His Majesty is now being captured by gangsters, and his safety is in danger, please ask the emperor to save him."

  Emperor Zhaoheng sneered, "After the other party arrested him, what conditions did he ask you before releasing him?"

   "Returning to the emperor, the other party wants Jin's iron training technique, but this technique is Jin's national technique, how can it be easily handed over to others?"

   "Oh? You really think so?"

   "The old minister dare not lie to the emperor."

   "But the old minister was afraid that those people would harm the eldest prince, so he pretended to agree to their request, and secretly sent people to sneak in to take the opportunity to rescue the eldest prince."

  Emperor Zhaoheng raised his brows somewhat differently, "Did you rescue the man?"

   "Yes, Your Majesty."

   "Seeing that His Highness is about to return to the Jin Kingdom, when he was about to reach the border city, a group of people suddenly came out and took His Highness away."

  The flesh on Emperor Zhaoheng's face trembled, "Why, the people from the Northern Wilderness chased them out?"

   "Returning to the emperor, the humble ministers said that those who are not from the Northern Wilderness have completely different martial arts methods, and the veterans have found this in them."

   Prime Minister Zhou handed a token to Emperor Zhaoheng.

  Emperor Zhaoheng took a look and recognized it immediately. This is Xie Rui's man.

  Emperor Zhaoheng's eyes changed a little, and he said calmly: "After the other party arrested him, what request did he make?"

   "Going back to the emperor, it's strange to say that after His Royal Highness was taken away by them, the other party didn't do anything, and the old minister didn't know what they wanted. The old minister was really worried about His Royal Highness's safety, so he could only go to the palace and beg the emperor to save him."

  Emperor Zhaoheng has sent someone to investigate this matter, and he will soon know whether what Prime Minister Zhou said is true or not.

   "Yesterday, the Treasure Pavilion in the palace caught fire, and the iron training technique I put in the Treasure Pavilion was stolen. I wonder what Prime Minister Zhou thinks about this?"

   "Returning to the emperor, the old minister only heard about this matter today. It is really audacious to dare to enter the palace to steal. The emperor must strictly investigate and arrest those who dare to steal the iron art."

   After finishing speaking, Prime Minister Zhou took out a cloth bag from his body and handed it to Emperor Zhaoheng.

"This is the iron training technique preserved in the hands of the veteran. The veteran has not dared to go through the hands of outsiders. Now that something like this has happened, the veteran is very frightened. He is afraid that he will not be able to protect the iron training technique, so I would like to enter the palace today. Return the iron training technique to the emperor for safekeeping."

  Emperor Zhaoheng looked at the iron training technique in his hands with a flash of surprise. This is a big bargaining chip in the prime minister's mansion, and he is willing to hand it over?

  Emperor Zhaoheng opened the cloth bag and saw that there was a fake iron training technique inside.

  This iron training technique cannot be reproduced, so he is not worried that Prime Minister Zhou will get someone to rub it.

   "Since you have such worries, then this iron training technique will be left here for the time being."

   "Thank you, Your Majesty."

   "As for Rui'er, I will definitely send someone to investigate and rescue him. You can rest assured."

   "Yes, the old minister understands."

  Prime Minister Zhou left the inner hall unharmed. When he reached the door, he saw a maid standing not far away. He dismissed the little **** in front of him and walked to the maid.

  When the court lady saw Prime Minister Zhou, she hurriedly saluted in a low voice, "Slaves and servants see the prime minister."

   "Go back and tell the empress not to act rashly. We will find a way with His Royal Highness, and absolutely don't get involved in the theft of the treasure pavilion, understand?"

   "Yes, the servant understands."

  After the explanation, Prime Minister Zhou left the palace without a trace.

  Xie Rui has been sending people to keep an eye on Prime Minister Zhou's movements, and when he knew that he had left the palace safely, his expression sank.

   "Then what method did the old man use to appease the emperor?"

   "The person sent by the subordinate to follow up said that he seemed to be carrying something when he saw Prime Minister Zhou enter the palace."

  Xie Rui's brows were twisted into Sichuan characters, "The one with something?"

   "Yes, Your Highness said, what can Prime Minister Zhou hand over to make the emperor let down his guard in a short time?"

  Xie Rui paced back and forth in the room with his hands behind his back.

  Is there anything that can make the emperor let go of his guard in a short time?

  Suddenly, he thought of something and suddenly stopped.

   "Iron practice."

   "What did His Highness say?"

  The more Xie Rui thought about it, the more he felt that this possibility was very high, "It is very likely that the iron training technique cannot be reproduced. If it is handed over to the royal father, then the rumors we spread will be self-defeating."

  The confidant suddenly realized that it was Prime Minister Zhou, and he made a wrong choice in such a short period of time, which was more beneficial to him.

  But how could Xie Rui miss this opportunity to bring down the Prime Minister's Mansion?

   "Come here, immediately send someone to the palace to send a message... let her find a way to get the iron training technique that Zhou Chengxiang handed over."

  The cronies frown upon hearing this, the emperor has already been stolen once, this time he will definitely be very careful, if he tries to steal again, it may not be so easy.

   "Your Highness, is this too risky?"

   "So we must be fully prepared. Even if we are discovered, the emperor will never find us."

   The confidant thought for a while, so he could only use another dark line.

   "Don't worry, Your Highness, I'll go and arrange it now, my little one."

  The city has been strictly investigating the whereabouts of Lian Tieshu, but the city has been closed for so long, but there is no news at all.

  Because of the closure of the city, it was very inconvenient for the people in the city to come and go, which caused complaints.

  Emperor Zhaoheng had no choice but to temporarily open a corner of the city gate, and everyone who left the city would be strictly investigated.

  On the third day after the city gate was opened, the Second Prince's Mansion was stolen.

  That day, Xie Rui was discussing matters with Emperor Zhaoheng in the palace. As soon as he came out of the main hall, people from the mansion rushed over to inform him of the matter.

   Maybe he was too eager, the other party's voice was not low, and it happened to reach Emperor Zhaoheng's ears.

  Xie Rui didn't dare to delay, and immediately left the palace and returned home.

   If there are no accidents, there will be accidents.

  The iron training skill in Xie Rui's hand is gone.

  Xie Rui looked at the big hole dug out in the house, jumped up and cried loudly.

  After learning about it, Emperor Zhaoheng went out of the palace overnight, and saw Xie Rui still squatting in the pit and crying so hard that he couldn't help himself.

   "Father, my son is guilty. My son didn't keep the iron technique well. It's not a pity to die!"

  Emperor Zhaoheng really wanted to kill him!

   Such an important thing is actually buried in the field outside my house!

   Now I don't know who stole the iron training technique. If it's the same one, then the other party already has two copies!