Chapter 646 What kind of fart can you let out

   Those who hijacked Xie Rui were indeed Xie Jun's people.

  They took the man all the way back to where he was hiding.

   "You guys are guarding around, and you must never let his people find this place."


  They knocked Xie Rui unconscious and threw him into the house, tying him up.

   "Boss, it's really the eldest prince." After placing Xie Rui, the man immediately went to another room.

  The people in the room heard the words and got up to check. With the dim candlelight, he saw Xie Rui's face clearly.

   "The rumors are true, he really came to this ghost place."

"Boss, we also found out that the eldest prince wanted to occupy the iron mine, but he was locked up by the other party's people, and he was asked to hand over the iron training skills. Only those who got the iron training skills will release them." .”

The people headed by    were surprised when they heard the words, "There is such a thing, why didn't you say it earlier."

   "This subordinate has just found out about it. It is our luck that they rescued him. Otherwise, we would not be able to catch him and kill him directly. This way, our Highness will have one less strong competitor."

   "Don't act without authorization until you have clearly received His Highness's instructions. You should step back and put him in jail."


  The Kingdom of Jin does not have a crown prince now, and among them, the most vocal contenders for the crown prince are the eldest prince Xie Rui and the second prince Xie Jun.

  Xie Rui is backed by Prime Minister Zhou from his mother's family, and the second prince is the grandson of General Zhenyuan.

  Xie Jun found out the news that Xie Rui went to the Northern Wilderness secretly not long ago. He thought it was weird before, so he sent someone to investigate further, and found out what Xie Rui was doing in the Northern Wilderness.

  Jin State, Duo, in the Second Prince's Mansion.

  The second prince, Xie Rui, could hardly hold back the smile on his face when he heard the news from the spies. Xie Rui is really stupid, he wants to take any credit and take advantage of anything.

   "His Royal Highness, now that he is in our hands, what is His Highness's plan?"

  Xie Rui walked back and forth in the room twice with his hands behind his back, before asking after a while: "Did grandfather know about this?"

   "Returning to Your Highness, the news has passed from the General's Mansion. The General's meaning is that even if a person dies, he cannot die in our hands. As for what to do, it depends on His Highness."

  Xie Rui is very satisfied with the reply of his ancestral family. It is true that he must rely on their strength, but he is the one who can really make the decision.

   "It's not enough to kill him. Don't they want to practice iron art in the Northern Wilderness? Just give it to them."

  The confidant was shocked, "Your Highness, this, this is the death penalty of beheading!"

  They know better than anyone how important iron training is, and it is for this reason that the emperor divided iron training into two parts and handed them over to different three-party forces.

  Part of it is in the hands of the prime minister, another part is in the hands of General Zhenyuan, and part is in the hands of the emperor himself.

  Even if they wanted to give Iron Training to others, it would be difficult for them to get the remaining two parts.

  Xie Rui laughed confidently, "This hall has its own way."

  Recently, the king of the state of Jin is obsessed with female sex, and a group of beautiful women entered the palace, each of them is as beautiful as a flower, like a flower.

  Every night, the monarch of the Jin Kingdom will choose a different beautiful maid to sleep, and even divide the first half and the second half.

   At night, after tossing and tossing until almost dawn, the King of Jin fell asleep quietly.

  The beauty lying beside her slowly opened her eyes after hearing his even breathing.

  The monarch has a kit on his body, which he carries with him every day, even if he takes it off while sleeping, he will put the kit under the pillow.

  The beauty got up, and carefully took out the kit from under the pillow and opened it. There were two black pills and a strange key inside.

  She took out the key and pressed it vigorously on the ooze in her hair, rubbing both sides of the key, and then put the key back.

  Three days later, the Treasure Pavilion of the Jin State Palace caught fire. Fortunately, it was the spring rain season, and the fire did not spread.

   But even so, the fire still burned the courtyard gate of the Treasure Pavilion black, looking from a distance, it looked like a piece of black coal.

  The monarch got the news and rushed to the Treasure Pavilion overnight. After dismissing everyone, he opened the secret compartment of the Treasure Pavilion and found that it was empty.

  The monarch was furious, and immediately ordered the arrest of the robber who had stolen in the Treasure Pavilion, saying that he had lost his part of the iron training technique!

  The thieves entered the palace to steal and practice iron art.

   Several days later, the practice of iron training was not found, and there was a news from Beijing.

  The eldest prince broke into the Northern Wilderness without permission, and was arrested by the people of the Northern Wilderness. The other party asked the eldest prince to hand over all the iron training skills before releasing him!

  The incident spread to the prime minister's mansion immediately, even Prime Minister Zhou, who had experienced many battles, panicked in a short moment.

  Before they were still thinking about how to save people and then join the Second Prince's army, but they didn't expect the Second Prince to play big games as soon as he came, and beat them off guard.

  What do you want Xie Rui's fate to be? It's not that Empress Zhou can't have other sons. What the second prince wants is the Prime Minister's Mansion behind Xie Rui.

   After all, Xie Rui was arrested, who else can send someone to steal the things in the treasure house? In this imperial palace, apart from the emperor, who else has more power than the empress?

   "Xie Rui's move is really insidious! He wants to kill me!" Prime Minister Zhou took a deep breath to calm himself down, the more he couldn't be messed up at this time, otherwise it would be easier to take advantage of the enemy's loopholes.

   "Father, what should I do? Is it just at his mercy?"

  Prime Minister Zhou's gray brows were all knit together.

   "You find a way to send a letter to the palace, so that the queen must not act rashly, and then ask her to find someone to investigate who set the fire in the Cangshu Pavilion. This matter must not let her get half of it."


   "Prepare to go on, the old man will change into an official robe and enter the palace to ask the emperor to save him."

   "Father is going to enter the palace?" Will the emperor believe them if he enters the palace to explain at this time?

   Prime Minister Zhou nodded, "Enter the palace, you go and find out who spread that rumor, and find out the old man."


   Zhou Cheng made a decisive decision and arrived outside the palace gate.

   It's just that he didn't ask to see the emperor immediately, but knelt outside the palace gate and begged the emperor to save the eldest prince.

  The emperor was very annoyed by the rumors. Hearing that Prime Minister Zhou was about to make some irony, he didn't want him to beg him to save someone.

"He wants to ask me to save people now? What did he do before? Does he think that he is too capable, and if my son is caught, he can't come and tell me that he is sneaking behind the scenes. I will give them this position, okay?" good?"

  The king of Jin is angry, but he still wants to hear what kind of fart Prime Minister Zhou can let out.

  (end of this chapter)

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