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Longevity: Starting From the Luck Entry

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Novel Summary

Jiang Yuan traveled to a fantasy world.

His father was a big boss in the county, and he originally thought that he was rich and honored in brocade clothes.

Unexpectedly, his father was robbed while walking the darts, and the whole army was wiped out.

Overnight, everyone stared at the Wanguan family property left by his father.

Fortunately, he has already awakened the luck panel, which can be used to upgrade his own luck talent by considering other people’s innate luck.

Strong body (white) → extraordinary physique (green) → dragon and tiger body (blue) →??? (gold)

Outstanding savvy (green) →? ? ? (gold)


[Longevity without Borders (Purple)]: Increase your lifespan for ten thousand years and keep your youth forever!

[Ancient double pupils (gold)]: Born with double pupils, the human emperor’s vision is equivalent to the ancient human emperor alive, with peerless talent.

[Five-color divine light (gold)]: Innate supernatural powers, once sacrificed, within the five elements, there is nothing that cannot be brushed and nothing that cannot be broken!

[Never fall into reincarnation (red)]: It is a taboo by nature, never fall into reincarnation, and can always keep the true spirit unaware of reincarnation and rebirth.

The luck entries one by one constitute the peerless genius!

And he also found that he could continuously gain innate luck and accumulate upgrades.

Talent has become unrivaled in the past, and gradually embarked on the road of invincibility.

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Short Title:LSFLE
Alternate Title:长生:从气运词条开始
Author:Egami view
Weekly Rank:#11
Monthly Rank:#9
All Time Rank:#2474
Tags:Absent Parents, Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Fast Cultivation, Hiding True Abilities, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Strong to Stronger, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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41 Comments on “Longevity: Starting From the Luck Entry
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  1. 4 star novel in my opinion its good to pass the time. Not that much different from the average cultivation novel besides a few changes to the power system and golden finger at the start. Luckily this novel changed it just enough so it wont poison you or bore you too much while reading. My poison tester findings can be found in reviews for a more detailed analysis. -by senior i am a tree

  2. Excuse me,can anyone help me find the book? It's about girl who has a system to watch movies and anime in her mind. And ml lead was the crown prince of the kingdom and he has a ability to watch others mind. So he saw mc watching anime during class and he chase her to watch anime. And king also has the this abilty and he encourage ml to chase mc so he also can watch movies.

  3. Do you know?? Where female lead is reborn in 1990s…free labor business is going to happen… she has space and told her grandma… her grandma family is business family and lots of gold,antique and she hide them in space…. Her grandma is divorced she marry her servant when she flee in chaos but he divorced her after he took all the wealth but he know their family has hidden money… female lead revenge her grandma by putting all his wealth he has hidden in the space…..

  4. As usual, expect an arrogant mc who is a total trash without his "cheat" system__ He thinks he's above everyone else, no one is worthy for him to kneel to even if their age and status far above him. Not willing to be disciple of a good master bc that master isn't the highest in the sect/universe, thinking it will only shackles him later on__ he's very much a parasite to the sect he is in, only want to eat their resources, and believe it's all his own efforts__ basically everything he does are all for what he could get from it__ TLDR : the usual type of mc in the usual type xianxia/xuanhuan world.

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