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Longevity Martial Arts: Start with Five Animals Health Boxing

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When he wakes up, Su Changkong has traveled to a world where troops are chaotic and demons are rampant, and his martial arts qualifications are mediocre, but Su Changkong found that as long as his [lifespan] increases, his talent and potential can be [infinitely] improved!

Wu Qin Xi: imitating tigers, deer, bears, apes, birds and other animals.

Turtle Breath True Dinggong: Imitation Qigong, like a thousand-year-old tortoise breathing, breathing, breathing and closing for a long time, prolonging life!

Celestial silkworm magic: nine transformations of the silkworm, breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, rejuvenating the old and rejuvenating, opening the door of life and death, every transformation is a rebirth!

Cultivation of health boxing, practice the Qi of longevity! There are many corpses on the road of longevity, and Su Changkong has embarked on a longevity martial arts where heaven and earth are destroyed but I am immortal!

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Short Title:LMASFAHB
Alternate Title:长生武道:从五禽养生拳开始
Author:It's not Xu Xian
Weekly Rank:#1010
Monthly Rank:#1283
All Time Rank:#1474
Tags:Alchemy, Blacksmith, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cultivation, Determined Protagonist, Game Elements, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Slow Growth at Start, System, Unique Cultivation Technique,
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  1. Indeed, all the works of China are rubbish; even they themselves do not understand the dao of cultivation they write about. People who are bound by human rules cannot become gods; even if their cultivation is so high, their stance is always constrained by rules, be they human rules or destiny. An immortal cultivator, if there was still something in his eyes (relationships, treasures, poor cultivation understanding, stuck with clichéd plots, brotherhood, retribution, karma, pessimism towards oneself), how could it be like that? Even novels like "Reverend Insanity" and "Legendary Mechanical" can't escape it; these two novels are only slightly better.  

  2. The only way you can not be bound by human rules is to degrade yourself and live like a literal savage animal, or unironically killing yourself. The macrocosm of a human being is bound by self imposed rules, emotions and the mundane, and it will stay that way no matter how much you "transcend it". If an author were to write YOUR "ideal immortal cultivator" (judging from what you wrote) it will consist of nothing but a snore fiesta. Just a guy sitting in a futon on a mountain doing nothing but recite the Tai Te Ching till they die. No connections, no emotions, no desires, just a literal husk.

  3. Hola quien sabebe como buscar las demás novelas que se recomiendan en el libro como "Tengo una sala ilimitada de desove de monstruos o comenzando con la tela del dragón yim

  4. FINISHED READING THIS BOOK TONIGHT!!!!!!!! SINCE THIS AUTHOR ONLY HAS 20-30 CH ive read this book on web, thinking about it again, what a journey

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