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Longevity Martial Arts: Start with Five Animals Health Boxing

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When he wakes up, Su Changkong has traveled to a world where troops are chaotic and demons are rampant, and his martial arts qualifications are mediocre, but Su Changkong found that as long as his [lifespan] increases, his talent and potential can be [infinitely] improved!

Wu Qin Xi: imitating tigers, deer, bears, apes, birds and other animals.

Turtle Breath True Dinggong: Imitation Qigong, like a thousand-year-old tortoise breathing, breathing, breathing and closing for a long time, prolonging life!

Celestial silkworm magic: nine transformations of the silkworm, breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, rejuvenating the old and rejuvenating, opening the door of life and death, every transformation is a rebirth!

Cultivation of health boxing, practice the Qi of longevity! There are many corpses on the road of longevity, and Su Changkong has embarked on a longevity martial arts where heaven and earth are destroyed but I am immortal!

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Short Title:LMASFAHB
Alternate Title:长生武道:从五禽养生拳开始
Author:It's not Xu Xian
Weekly Rank:#298
Monthly Rank:#288
All Time Rank:#1962
Tags:Alchemy, Blacksmith, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cultivation, Determined Protagonist, Game Elements, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Slow Growth at Start, System, Unique Cultivation Technique,
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36 Comments on “Longevity Martial Arts: Start with Five Animals Health Boxing
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  1. That Ji Xuexian girl are deadmeat, and Hong Zhengxian or smth are worst than deadmeat. If MC destroy his body, the Qin Miasheng would not have the vessel to destroy MC world, more chapter passed seems like author do everything to searching enemy for MC

  2. And that Ji Xuexian girl, when 2 powerhouse fighting with Qin Miesheng, she just stay and watch like wtf, that thing want to chase you but u just watch? And yea in the end that girl chased by that monster, so our MC will became white knight, saving beauty and some other cliche

  3. Sigh the Longer I look at this mc the more disgusting it becomes The mc character are becoming more and more like a saint.....Sigh 😔😔

  4. Another trashy novel where the mc is constantly saying low key but in fact Keeps getting into trouble and he's very kind toooo....The mc won't fight other people because it will hurts the 'innocent' won't assassinate an 'innocent' author did you just say innocent how can someone who have practice Martial arts be innocent? The word innocence have no connection with an Martial artist I don't know how many people they killed to get resources and achieve an success in martial arts

  5. He is lowkey though. I mean, nobody except the Blacksmith owner know his real name and a Martial Artist Master, the Blacksmith owner doesn't even know that he is Bigshot now. He also avoid getting in trouble but the trouble followed him, like someone keep pushing his button when tried to stay quiet, so kill. The MC also not a Saint, he slaugther Sects just to advance his Martial Arts destroying even their their foundation just to absorb it. And the only thing he avoid is dragging innocent in his battle, Civillian, while sparring those people that doesnt meddle with his business. So.. Yeah, just dont read, try to understand before ranting.😂

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