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During the thirteen years of being friends with Nan Qiao, Yun Zhi confessed his love many times.
But every time, Nan Qiao would reject him with the words “We are friends”.
He said he was a friend, but he could express his possessiveness to her and help her drive away the peach blossoms around her.
They say they are friends, but they can be ambiguous with her, ask for something special, and exercise the rights of a lover.
When she bumped into her new relationship, Nan Qiao smiled and blessed her, hoping that she would find someone she likes soon.
On this day, Yun Zhi suddenly woke up.
She decided to give up Nan Qiao and start her own life.

On Qixi Festival, Nan Qiao asked Yun Zhi who hadn’t contacted her for a long time to come out for dinner.
She thought it was time for her to calm down after being angry for half a month, but she didn’t expect that at the dinner table, she brought another woman, Yu Mingxia.
The two behaved intimately, and Yu Mingxia looked at Yunzhi with even more ambiguous and lingering eyes.
For the first time, Nan Qiao felt panic like never before.
She thought that Yun Zhi was trying to anger her on purpose, and wanted to keep Yun Zhi away from Yu Mingxia as before, but she didn’t expect that it was Yu Mingxia’s voice that came through the phone.
Her voice was cold but clear——
“Zhizhi fell asleep.”
“In the future, you can contact me directly if you have anything to do. As a girlfriend, I will love you.”
But a few seconds later, she heard her laughing voice:
“But I advise you to be a good person and don’t think about meddling in other people’s feelings.”
It was then that Nan Qiao understood.
She seems to have lost Yun Zhi.

Nan Qiao always felt that the name Yu Mingxia was very familiar.
Later, she turned to the collection of outstanding students of her alma mater in high school, and she remembered it only when she saw the name of the 2012 science champion on it.
In her third year of high school, she threw a love letter to Yunzhi from someone else.
The signer was none other than Yu Mingxia.
[A multiple-choice question:
The person you have loved for many years, and the person who has loved you for many years, who would you choose? 】
*The title of the article is taken from Hebe Tien’s song “Friends Who Have Loved For a Long Time”
Read the guide:
① Same-sex marriageable, Yuncheng series, timeline 2024.
②Wife chasing crematorium [Cp change midway] / Secret love comes true. The official assistant Yunzhi Yu Mingxia.
③If you find that any character design or plot does not meet expectations, please stop the loss in time and respect each other. Happy reading~

Content tags: city love special liking love contract match made in heaven
Search keywords: Protagonist: Yun Zhi, Yu Mingxia ┃ Supporting role: There is an end to the column~ ┃ Others:

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Short Title:LTLF
Alternate Title:爱了很久的朋友
Author:idle words
Weekly Rank:#5790
Monthly Rank:#5868
All Time Rank:#8711
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Co-Workers, Devoted Love Interests, Fated Lovers, Female Protagonist, Friendship, Kind Love Interests, Lovers Reunited, modern love, Multiple CP, Office Romance, Unrequited Love, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. 64 chapters before all secret got cleared. 🤦😅 My gosh, I'd been dying, crying, weeping and helluva frustrated in reading this. It's a sweet story though, so much I endured and had marathon reading. But still .... 64 chapters!? 🤣

  2. Both MC and FL are gentle. Doesn't matter who's top or bottom. The FL slowly but surely gets the MC to love her in a way that's not obsessive or creepy. She's seriously considering the MC's happiness. APPROVED!

  3. I hate this pulling string type of person😪only love the feeling of being chased im glad yuzhi end up with someone better who love her not toy with her💁‍♀️

  4. Is this novel on shubaow? And btw, can we read free novels in Jjwxc, bec all novels I found there need VIP access for full chapters.

  5. Only if the author isn’t well known or smth like that. I think if a novel is popular enough, the author can have it published through jjwxc, where they can earn profit.

  6. I see. Thanks for the info. I mostly read in shubaow as it's free. Someone recommended jjwc but it's hard to navigate the pages for me

  7. Use this link: http://www.jjwxc.net/bookbase.php?fw0=0&fbsj0=0&ycx0=0&xx3=3&mainview3=3&sd0=0&lx0=0&fg0=0&collectiontypes=ors&notlikecollectiontypes=ors&bq=-1&removebq=&searchkeywords=

  8. You can search for novels on jjwxc by tags and keywords. Ongoing novels have maybe a 50% chance of being on other sites. Usually completed novels would be on shubao

  9. Thanks! Most novels or almost all actually, hv their first chapters free but succeeding chapters are for VIP. I'll stay with Shubaow for now. 😊

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