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Lothar, husband of the Freljord war mother Ashe, Lord of the boundless snow, 【Wolf of the Freljord】.

Rorschach, the husband of Laxana, the daughter of the Crown Guard family, the leader of the Demacian revolution, the founder of the new code, the [Ring of Demacia].

Killed, heir to General Du Cocao, husband of his daughter Katarina, top assassin of Noxus, member of Trifali Council of Three, [Blood of Noxus].

Naked idiot, a lunatic who haunts Piltover and Zaun, known for abetting crimes and serial killings, and offering the highest bounty to criminals, [The Calamity of Zaun].

Rakshasa, the master of a large sect of Ionia, the husband of the rebel leader Irelia, [Ionia’s Punishment].

Luosha, the orthodox Crown Prince of the Shurima Empire, the husband of Princess Sivir of Shurima, the Ascendant of Shurima, the Burial of Yellow Sand, 【Shurima Fierce】.

Luo Sha, one of the horror legends of Bilgewater, the captain of the deep-sea undead fleet, the slayer of the alley, [The Terror of Bilgewater].

Losa, Ixtar’s strongest Yuental, husband of the tenth princess Qiyana, weaver of axioms in the early Yuan Dynasty, [Ixtar’s Principles]. …

Few people know that they are actually the same person.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:LWF
Alternate Title:弗雷尔卓德的孤狼
Author:Mint Tinkerer
Weekly Rank:#3004
Monthly Rank:#3420
All Time Rank:#6157
Tags:Action, Apocalypse, Archery, Army, Artifacts, Assassins, beautiful heroine, Criminals, Cruel Characters, Early Romance, Evil Gods, Evil Organizations, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy World, Firearms, Gods, Harem, Hiding True Identity, Kingdoms, Knights, Magic, Male Protagonist, Matriarchy, Military, Multiple Identities, R-18, Secret Organizations, Serial Killers, Sex Slaves, Spirits, System, Vampires, Wars, Weak to Strong, Witches,
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  1. not sure, but from the synopsis he should be. Just by being the heir of shurima he is basicaly a god. i think it depends wich identity he is using

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