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Logging Into The Desolated World 10000 Years Earlier

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Novel Summary

Su Mu took the player panel.

Came to the game world 10,000 years in advance.

The most common talent for players has been drawn:



Although longevity, level experience is locked, what should I do if I can’t upgrade and become stronger?

Only practice, practice, practice!

There is no time in the cave, and a thousand years have passed.

On his way out, he found…

The girl I rescued casually back then actually created a tribe for me? !

Become a tribal totem yourself? !

Five thousand years later, the first batch of beta players arrived.

They looked at the totem statue standing in the first tribe, and looked at each other…

“This is the system introduction, a very easy to kill level 1 boss?!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:LIDW
Alternate Title:提前一万年登录蛮荒世界
Author:don't take an umbrella when it rains
Weekly Rank:#3732
Monthly Rank:#5239
All Time Rank:#4878
Tags:Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Reincarnated in a Game World,
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24 Comments on “Logging Into The Desolated World 10000 Years Earlier
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  1. Sounded not to bad on the summary turns out the protagonist is an absolute idiot he explains he’s the first to use fire gives out fire exercises and still doesn’t understand he is the totem of the fire tribe because he keeps ignoring all evidence.

  2. Does anyone know what the novel of a system that is broken is called and the same receiver says what mission he wants to do and the system rewards him

  3. The protagonist gets a broken system But it doesn’t matter, bad systems are better! The protagonist can publish tasks as he wants, and when the tasks are completed, huge rewards are revealed “I’m going to catch 10 mice tonight.” “Ding– Task generation Mission Content-Host destroys 10 rats in 24 hours: 0/10 Reward-the system is analyzing the difficulty of the task, and the prizes will be settled later. https://www.mtlnovel.com/sorry-the-system-is-really-amazing/

  4. Another typical hypocritical loser chinese mc. Would preach how he only kills someone if they try and kill him but when he arrived in the totem domain he instantly disrespected the owner and when someone came to teach him a lesson not even kill, the mc instantly killed him for a flower on his head,. He abandom the fire tribe on the most nonsensical logic ever, him being worshipped as totem makes zero sense because as far as i can tell there isnt a single other human totem so for li to instantly believe he iss a totem is highly weird. Either way there are alot of plot holes ( as standard with every misunderstanding novel ) a POS mc like usual whos beliefs and 'morals'become non existent at the drop of a hat in the face of short term benefits.

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