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Living Leisurely in Tang Dynasty

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During an interview with prominent Tang Dynasty ministers: You have known Li Yuanying for a long time. What do you think about his character?

Wei Zheng: Shameless!

Fang Xuanling: Shameless!

Sun Simiao: Shameless!

His Majesty Li Er: My most shameless brother.

Li Yuanying: Continue talking guys! I’m leaving first.

This is a light-hearted novel documenting the adventures (or more accurately ruckus) of Li Yuanying, youngest brother of Emperor Taizhong of Tang Dynasty.

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Short Title:LLTD
Alternate Title:闲唐
Author:Chun Xi Di Xiao
Weekly Rank:#4189
Monthly Rank:#4630
All Time Rank:#5801
Tags:Ancient China, Comedic Undertone, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Nobles, Royalty, Transmigration,
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12 Comments on “Living Leisurely in Tang Dynasty
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  1. Hope to read extra describing the story of king teng in the future generation or something, or just maybe one of the great director in movie industry saw this novel and make a movie base on this.

  2. This is a great, funny novel about a carefree (and honestly OP with the help of a system) brother of the emperor doing things his own way in order to secure a future of relaxation and fun. The shameless part in the synopsis? He does not care if the methods he uses are not approved by society, imperial court, emperor brother, pretty much everyone. Even with all his hijinks, his emperor brother still dotes on him and helps the unrestrained younger brother to continue his ways. This novel is not a harem and the romance is downplayed. The only dissatisfaction I have is that the ending took place only a few years after the brother moved to his fief. Nothing detailed about what happened a later on. Other than that, this is a good, easy MTL novel to read.

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