Chapter 59

Xia Man didn't have so many thoughts in her heart. On the one hand, she just couldn't bear being bullied by children and the elderly. On the other hand, she did find the spar for so long, but she couldn't find it. Ready to change her strategy, not ready to find it one step ahead, but ready to wait until Qu Chen found it, she grabbed it directly.

What I didn't expect was that I took a few first-class spermocytes and told me to leave.

Then she was stopped by her mother-in-law, "Girl, we have nothing to repay you, this one is for you. It's not worth a few sperm ..."

Xia Man froze and couldn't believe that he had been looking for so long and was sent to him.

"What's wrong? Girl?"

"Mother-in-law, are you giving it to me?" Xia Man asked, as she asked, communicating with the fat girl in the space.

"Of course, this is what my son left for me, saying that if it really starves to death, you can exchange it for several first-class sperm nucleus. I hope the girl will not disapprove." The mother-in-law said as she stuffed the black spar In Xia Man's hands.

Xia Man heard this and hesitated for a moment. Of course, his thoughts would not change. "Mother-in-law, this thing is very important to me, very important, I have been looking for it for a long time."

Of course, Xia Man will not lie to the other person directly. If he does not know the actual value of this thing, he will not necessarily accept it directly. But now she knows that this black spar is very likely to be invaluable.

"That's right." Mother-in-law didn't take back her hand because Xia Man said so.

Xia Man originally gave only a few sperm nucleuses. This is because this old and young man has no ability to protect himself. If he gives too much, it is easy to provoke wrongdoing.

But it's different now.

If she accepted such an important thing, she couldn't do it and gave a few sperm cores.

"Mother-in-law, is it convenient to say something?" Xia Man looked at the child who had a fever and cough and said.

Mother-in-law followed Xia Man, and Xia Man said directly, "Mother-in-law, this thing is very important to me. I thought about it, whether it is for the sperm nucleus or the food for you, in exchange for you, It's not safe to say. I have another idea. "

The mother-in-law stunned for a moment, but did not expect that she had given the spar to the other party, but the other party could still think so much.

Before the end of the world, she was doing business, and firmly believed that she could get the maximum benefit at the least cost.

Therefore, she was at the upper level until the end of the world.

Then, after the end of the world, she had no powers, and she was in a bad health, and she became a kind of oppressed person.

There is not much thought to count others. And after the end of the last days, the degree of indifference and cold blood was inferior to her.

I did not expect to meet such a person.

Xia Man's idea is very simple, and directly put her mother-in-law and children into the space.

"There are all kinds of necessities for life and medicine. I have something to do now. You can find your own fever medicine in it."

Xia Man saw the other side in shock and said quickly.

This was the result of her deliberate thinking. The black spar, which she held in her hand, had felt the constant power from inside.


Now that he has found what he has been searching for so long, Xia Man has no time to toss others.

I went directly to Qu Ding's residence, because she could feel the power in this spar, but she couldn't use this power.

When Xia Man went, he saw Qu Xi's men frown, and then said, "Boss means you stay in your room. Don't come out if you have something."

Xia Man heard this, and immediately understood that he was treating her as a stand-in.

Exactly, if this is not the case, these people will not let her see Qu Qu.

Where would Xia Man be unable to find what these people were thinking, he said immediately, "We are all for the boss, what is the qualification of the woman who betrays the boss to stand next to the boss. Then let me go in and see the boss ... The boss asked , I wouldn't say you put me in. "

Sure enough, hesitation appeared on the other side, and Xia Man sighed in his heart, how much he hated me.

Then it was put in.

As soon as the door was opened, a woman sitting behind the desk was seen.

Raising his head, his face was paralyzed and indifferent, as if the iceberg melted.

"Boss," Xia Man shouted, learning the attitude of the stand-in that day, and then closed the door directly.

"I found something!" Xia Man jumped into Qu's arms when he said this.

In Qu Yan's eyes, Xia Man carefully talked about how she got the spar, and then said that the pair of grandchildren were in her space.

Finally, put the spar in the palm of Qu Qu. "The problem is, I can't use this spar. You can try to use it."

Qu Yan picked it up and sensed it for a while, and found that like Xia Man, she could feel the constant power from the spar, but she couldn't use it.

Xia Man sighed, "I said one thing, don't hit me."

Qu Ye knew almost what Xia Man was going to say without looking into Xia Man's eyes. "No. The meeting is over. I won't promise you to follow Qu Chen."

Xia Man: "..." You refused before I said.

"The overall situation is important, and I don't think Qu Chen is really my opponent." Although the two haven't really played, in Xia Man's view, the last life of Qu Chen should be above her. However, Qu Chen in her life should not be a problem.

"You are the big picture," Qu said casually, "follow me back to the base."

"..." Where did Xia Man ever hear such a serious nonsense, and blushed, "When this is not *, listen to me, this spar is really important, and, I think, whether the end of the world can end The key lies in Qu Chen. "

"..." Qu Yan looked over and probably looked, Are you teasing me?

Xia Man knew that Qu Yan would react this way, and he could only make trouble by saying, "Do you love me? Do you love me? If you love me, should you believe me?"

"Then I will love you again when I get back to the base." When Qu Yan spoke, she put the person who was sitting in her arms on the office chair aside and proved with action that this time, she did not love her anymore.

Xia Man: "..."

"I am for the future of the entire human race ..." Xia Man said weakly, "Can't you support my cause?"

"Then I'll stay in your space. Follow you?" Qu Yan turned and said.

Xia Man frowned, "What about the base?"

"I've arranged it," Qu Zheng said.

When Xia Man heard this, he immediately understood that Qu Qi Shi You * had already planned.

"You deliberately?!"

Of course, in the end, his arms couldn't twist his thighs. Xia Man could only let Qu Yan stay in his space and return to the residence where Qu Chen was.

When I went back, I saw Qu Chen changed another girl beside her, like a little white flower with weak Liu Fufeng.

Wait a minute, Xia Man saw the other person's jealous gaze, and felt that the other person's brain hole was a bit big.

But that doesn't matter.

Xiao Baihua was bandaging Qu Chen at this moment, tearful, "Brother Qu, blame me. If it wasn't for saving me, you wouldn't be hurt, so much blood bleeds ..."

Xia Man was originally observing Qu Chen, and then he heard this sentence.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light. If nothing was wrong, according to the previous trajectory, Qu Chen should have obtained the spar at this time, and then ...

Xia Man remembered the scenes of **** recognition in TV series, so he told Qu Qu in the space, "You try blood on that spar."

Xia Man hurried back to his room while talking to Qu Yi.

When she entered the space, she saw a magical scene, the spar had risen into the air, emitting a dazzling white light.

At this time, the land in the space also changed.

Xia Man didn't know why, and all of a sudden he understood what the previous life Quchen was looking for when he killed her.

This is the space.

That's right, this is the space.

Xia Man felt the washing from the white light, and then was embraced by the next song Qu.

Qu Ye finally gave things to the government base. On the one hand, she did not have a government base research institute. On the other hand, the contract signed by the government base was enough for Qu Ye.

When Qu Chen was killed, he was still holding the woman with a little white flower, and Xia Man, who was doing it, was dragged away by Qu Yan.

When the government researched a vaccine to eliminate the zombies, Qu Yan and Xia Man had already built the base as much as they did before the last days.

However, because of the geographical advantage of the base, nothing can be done over the government base.