Chapter 58

As Xia Man was about to start, a voice sounded behind him, "What are you going to do?"

Xia Man turned his head and saw a jelly-faced koji, no one around him.

Xia Man pressed her temples, and she didn't quite understand what Qu Ye was doing to see her again.

In contrast, Qu Xi looks better than Xia Man in fact. However, unlike Xia Man's soft and delicate features, at the first sight of Qu Ye, he will be close to the person born on the other side. The overwhelming gas field was overwhelming. For example, these confusing people did not take Xia Man's warning in their eyes, but they were scared away by Qu Yi.

Xia Man: "..."

Well, she also knows she has no gas.

Looking back at the lover in front of him, "Why are you back again?"

When speaking, Xia Man felt that he shouldn't say anything. Anyway, when the other party came back to see himself, he shouldn't pour cold water. Especially at this time, the other party just separated from Xinhuan, and this old love in the eyes of others, it is too jealous to speak like this.

Qu Zheng took a deep look at Xia Man, as if trying to identify whether the other party was angry with what had just happened, and then he said, "I don't trust you."

I don't worry about you ...

Xia Man suddenly wanted to laugh. She had abilities, and Qu Qu hadn't seen it. Now, neither Qu Chen nor the official security base would do anything to her. On the one hand, there was a victim The official certification has been the boss of the absolute security base. On the other hand, the official should know something. For her, it will definitely be a draw.

No matter how you analyze it, she is now absolutely safe.

Qu Zheng said that she was not at ease.

The warm current surged in Xia Man's heart, but there was a kind of peace on his face, and he said lightly, "Then let's go?"

Said to be walking casually, Xia Man did not really walk away casually, but followed Qu Qu and once again visited the exchange market.

However, unfortunately, Xia Man still did not find what he wanted.

After being separated from Qu Yan, Xia Man returned to the room with a serious heart.

A lot of things have changed a lot in this life and last life.

Xia Man remembered the end of the whole world being occupied by zombies and finally destroyed. Will he still go this way in this life?

The so-called destiny ...

She had also guessed if she would be the destiny, but obviously, it wasn't.

After a while, Xia Man still decided to go to Quchen.

The problem lies in Qu Chen.

What does the destiny do?

Officials have been studying vaccines against zombies, but have been found to be nothing.

Because guessing that Chen Chen is a man of destiny, Xia Man did not dare to attack Qu Chen easily before she was sure how to use her man to solve these crises, because if the dog of destiny were brought by the dog, the whole world would be buried.

She must act cautiously just as a plug of the destiny.

This time, Xia Man did not look for Qu Chen directly, but observed Qu Chen in the dark.

On the one hand, if she wants to get that spar, no matter what use it is, she must get it.

On the other hand, she needs to observe Qu Chen.

As soon as he observed, Xia Man felt that Qu Chen was ...

Xia Man listened to Qu Chen's rhetoric and made the **** the other side blush, and a look of spring heart germinated, Xia Man was surprised.

The reason for Xia Man's surprise was not that Qu Chen could easily hook up with his sister. Now it is the end of the world. The moral bottom line of people has already fallen to an indescribable level.

The reason she was surprised was because the woman she knew was the boss of the official security base.

That's right, the boss of that base, the boss of the official base, Xia Man also met once, and it doesn't look like a bad stubble.

But I remember that the boss was nice to this woman, so Xia Man was so surprised.

Xia Man listened to Qu Chen's words to coax the woman, only in her heart that she believed such words, was her brain eaten by the zombies?

At this time, Xia Man also suddenly reacted. It seems that Qu Chen is really powerful in coaxing women. Not to mention the previous life, let's talk about the present life. At the base of Qu Chen, Qu Chen can also be regarded as holding the right and left, Qi beauty.

Because she didn't care about Qu Chen's feelings, she didn't notice it.

Now that it comes out, Qu Chen seems to be collaborating with each other.

If it is just some weak women who have no abilities, no background, and no □□, it can be understood that they want to survive, so they will follow Qu Chen.

But it is clear that many of the women hooked up with Qu Chen have abilities and backgrounds.

Like Qu Chen, it really doesn't look like something that makes people fall in love at first sight.

So, why do they want to smash Quchen?

It's just like the next one.

Wait! !! !!

Xia Man's mind suddenly flashed, and he went down! !! !!

It is not necessarily the case.

But similar.

Destiny! !! !!

If Qu Chen is a man of fate, what is the most important thing for Qu Chen?

Powerful abilities, and ... beauty.

Various speculations in Xia Man's mind surfaced.

In any case, she must figure out all these issues.

There is no coincidence in this world.

If you remember correctly, before birth, Qu Chen's abilities are getting stronger and stronger, isn't that after the spar appeared?

The destiny person, the destiny person, does not mean that the other party is a natural spoiled child, favored by heaven?

If you follow your own conjecture, it is normal for the other party to make all kinds of beauties love.

Xia Man turned a few more turns in his heart, and then took a deep look at the two people over there.

Predecessor, predecessor, if the black spar appeared, if not mistaken, at that time, Qu Chen was targeted by the boss of the official security base.

Originally, Qu Chen would not be the opponent of the opponent at all, but somehow Qu Chen's ability rose up, and then the official security base not only suffered a big loss, but in the end, Qu Chen was included in his pocket.

And now, Xia Man raised an eyebrow, no matter what, try first.

Xia Man took a cell phone out of the space and took a picture.

Xia Man's idea is very simple. She wants Qu Chen to face the crisis of her previous life again.

The photo is there, but there is no signal, no way to send the photo, and there are no other tools to print the photo.

Therefore, Xia Man thought about it and threw the phone directly to the boss of the official security base.

Sure enough, Qu Chen was invited by the boss of the official security base the next day.

Xia Man secretly followed the group without leaving for a moment.

She really couldn't relax. If one didn't pay attention, the black spar would give Qu Chen. For her, it would be worth the loss.

When Qu Chen came out, he limped, and should have suffered minor injuries.

The other party also released Quchen. Of course, it is because there are talks at several bases now. When something happens at this time, how can the bosses at other bases not want to have more.

Although official security bases have always claimed to be official, in fact, between several large bases, there are too many things to be taboo.

Obviously, at this time, the boss of the official security base could not just sing Quchen once, but was prepared to wait until the end of the meeting before accounting.

Xia Man sighed, thinking that the boss of the former official security base died without thinking that he had made the decision to let Qu Chen go for a short period of time in order to take care of the overall situation, so he and his base were directly Entered the tiger mouth.

Although Xia Man was thinking about this problem, in fact, the whole person could not wait to directly attach to Qu Chen.

She had a strong, very strong hunch, and Qu Chen would soon get that black spar.

Sure enough, Qu Chen was originally ashamed of himself because of his shame, and was not prepared to take the road on the trading market side, because he was crowded and shameful.

As a result, I did not expect that the path that was able to be taken yesterday did not know what was blocked, and Qu Chen could only dimly walk the side of the trading market.

When Xia Man saw that the path could not go again, the kind of premonition in his heart became stronger. Such a strong premonition made Xia Man no matter how much he walked out, and no longer stole behind Qu Chen.

"What are you doing?" Qu Chen was obviously in a very bad mood. When he saw Xia Man, his mood was even worse, and he said to Xia Man eagerly.

Xia Man didn't care what Qu Chen said, she was robbing each other's things in her heart.

Qu Chen's gaze was on Xia Man. Of course, when Xia Man frowned, Qu Chen immediately exploded. "What do you mean?"

Xia Man's eyes quickly swept over the trading booth on the roadside, and then Yun Qingfeng said softly, "It's not interesting."

Strange, there is still no black spar on the trading booth. Is there a problem with your guess?

Qu Chen thought that Xia Man was teasing himself deliberately, "I heard that Qu Yan is good for that stand-in now, should we go and see?"

At this moment, the stall owner and his wife cried and said, "Please be kind, my poor grandson has n’t eaten for several days. Please be kind to someone ..."

Xia Man also saw the little boy who was dry and thin next to him. He couldn't help having a soft snack, and Xia Man stopped.

When Qu Chen saw Xia Man stopped, naturally he stopped.

What made Xia Man strange is that, logically, he obviously wanted to be more reliable, but the old woman knelt directly in front of Qu Chen.

"Well-hearted, please have something to eat."

If it is to accompany his confidante, Qu Chen is very willing to do something good to highlight his character.

But at this time, Qu Chen was not in a good mood, and beside him, standing next to him was to understand his own nature, and it was obvious that he was also looking at his joke, Xia Man, not his own group of confidants, let alone feed Yes, not even a good face.

"go away!"

Xia Man's mouth was drawn, this man, a man of destiny, so how much does God see humans?

The old man knelt down in front of Qu Chen again unwillingly, "Well-hearted person, just give me a little water."

Qu Chen was so embarrassed by the glances around him that he was about to kick people away.

Although Xia Man didn't think he was a good person, but bullying the elderly and children, Xia Man couldn't see it anymore, and pulled the person over to avoid Qu Chen's kick on the old man.

"Well, old man, I have something to eat here." Xia Man still couldn't understand why the other party had to choose Qu Chen, a person who didn't look like a good person for help.

The old man looked at the man who had gone away, and then looked at Xia Man who was gently feeding milk to the thin child, "..."

Why did she think this girl was abominable just now and that the man was like a savior? People are old and their eyes are not good! !! !!

The old woman scolded herself in her heart.

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