Chapter 57

Xia Man finally couldn't help laughing when he saw Qu Yan's a little angry look.

It turned out that Qu Yan also had such a small expression.

Then at this time, Xia Man felt a malicious look, stopped and laughed, looked at the person who was looking at himself with a malicious look, and then saw a familiar face.

I have to say that this face is very similar to myself, very similar, the small expression is exactly the same, and even said that the other's skin is better than Xia Man's.

After all, Xia Man did not deliberately take care of the skin and deliberately dress himself. Of course, it is better than such a well-maintained person.

Just, what does this woman's malicious intention mean?

Rob your own woman, okay, although it was not successful, but trying to grab your own woman is so malicious ... Wait a minute, because you want to grab your own woman, it will be so malicious ...

Then, Xia Man's speechless scene appeared, and the woman laughed and said gently to the next song Qu, "Boss Qu, that person looks like me ..."

Xia Man: "..." Although I said that I have not registered a patent for my face, although I say that the world is full of wonders, it is normal to hit the face, but friends, with an objective heart, also know that you Zhang face is copying me! After all, it is impossible to hit all the moles on the face when hitting the face.

Then I saw Qu Yan glanced over here and didn't speak. Xia Man saw that Qu Ling didn't speak and was relieved. Although Qu Zheng couldn't make a look of being confused by substitute, of course, she couldn't endure. Even if it was acting, but Qu Yan was able to publicly convey the message that the two had been reconciled, she felt that it was enough.

Xia Man thought for a while, or don't have conflict, so he turned away and left, but such a move gave the other side a message of desertion.

Of course, Luo Zhi knew who Xia Man was. Not only did she know, but she hated Xia Man as well. She actually looked a bit like Xia Man, otherwise she wouldn't choose to give her a facelift.

But contrary to Xia Man's good fortune, she has no awakening ability, her body is not very good, she has no ability, and she can only sell her flesh / body until she is found to be somewhat Like the old woman who confused the private security zone.

In fact, this is not a good thing, at least not at the beginning.

Luo Zhi has tried to forget the past, although she does not like women.

Before the end of the world, there was a **** couple in their class. At that time, she only felt sick when she saw them.

However, when the end of the world came, she could not choose, and the woman was the woman, after all, she was the boss of a safe area.

The result did not expect that the other party always regarded her as nothing.

She doesn't like women, yes, but she feels that the other person's attitude towards her is insulting.

Of course she knew who was responsible for this, so she couldn't help speaking when she saw this familiar face.

Moreover, she also felt that the other person did not look as good as her, and even the clothes she wore were not as delicate as her ...

So when she saw the other side running away, she couldn't help but stab, "Old woman."

Xia Man: "..."

Although he was spitting in his heart, Xia Man's reaction speed was still very fast, and he stopped Qu Xi's hand towards the mental retardation at the fastest speed.

Others don't know what happened, because Xia Man's speed is very fast. It was an instantaneous event, and Qu Qu's hand had been stopped.

Fearing that Qu Yan would casually kill this person who did n’t know who was planted, Xia Man could only take a few steps on his own, shrugging his shoulders, "Ms. Substitute is really confident. By the way, I do n’t know your name What's the name, Miss Stand-in, you shouldn't mind? "

Luo Zhi sent as a stand-in: "..."

Under this circumstance, the followers of Qu Qu can't wait to know that they don't have long ears. It's really not good to know too much about it.

Speaking of this matter, the men only feel embarrassed. Whose new love looks exactly like the old love? And the old love is the one who betrayed himself? So does the government really have a long mind?

Moreover, now that the boss's new Huan and the old love are on the bar, did not see the boss and said nothing?

Then, he heard his boss' cold voice, "Go back."

Xia Man breathed a sigh of relief, and it was good to go, otherwise he would have to be scared, and he still had work to do.

In fact, Xia Man had 80% confidence that the so-called destiny who can save the entire human race is Quchen.

The accident in the previous life was probably that after Qu Ling became a zombie, his power was too high, which caused Qu Chen's death.

That's why there is such a thing. Since Qu Chen is a man of destiny, then those things that Qu Chen obtained in the past must have great value.

As Xia Man walked, he was looking for the black spar that he had seen in the past.

The so-called stall is actually that everyone uses a piece of cloth and puts on the cloth what they can exchange. Most of them are electronic products. Unfortunately, in this period of time, electronic products are probably the most useless. .

Xia Man swept around roughly, determined that he didn't find what he was looking for, and then went down.

To the end, I didn't find what I wanted.

Xia Man frowned, but fortunately she didn't hold much hope, after all, she didn't know when Qu Chen got the spar, and by what means ...

After observing Qu Chen for the past two days, she didn't believe she couldn't grab it.

Just as Xia Man thought about it, a few men in shabby clothes suddenly appeared in front of him, and his eyes were sloppy and disgusting.

Xia Man frowned, but didn't plan to get into trouble, and turned away.

Then he saw a few men standing behind him.

Uh ... So, is this what God wants her to do for heaven?

Wait a minute, if Qu Chen is the son of Destiny, then Heaven can only be his own opposite, so in this way should it be considered that Heaven wants these men to act for Heaven?

"The girl is very pretty. You guys invited you to dinner."

Xia Man glanced at a few people and said casually, "... I heard that the food in the safe zone has recently increased in price."

A few men were originally called to teach Xia Man, but when they saw that they were doing well, they thought a little bit, but they did not expect that Xia Man actually said so. A few men only thought that Xia Man was stupid, and believed what he said. When I asked for dinner, I laughed, "I have some food!" Xia Man laughed even more wryly.

Xia Man seemed to be relieved, his voice fluttered softly. "That's good. I was worried about beating you too hard. If you didn't have food, you would be guilty of starvation. Now it seems that I am more concerned."