Chapter 56

Xia Man has always known his shortcomings, perseverance, non-ordinary perseverance.

In her previous life, she insisted that Qu Yi had compassion for her goodness, and she gave alms to Qu Yi until she died, and then she understood those things and remembered the things she ignored.

In this life, she fell in love with Qu Yan. Similarly, she persisted to death. Even if Qu Zhen really didn't love her, he empathized and fell in love.

What's more, Qu Yan's heart towards her has not changed.

Xia Man was lying on the bed, reminiscing over the past life, trying to find out where the thing was.

When I turned over, I suddenly saw something on my neck.

Xia Man frowned, and Qu Yan hung her up?

Because she wore two pieces of clothing, the pendant hung out of her shirt and was not attached to the skin, so it was not clear when Qu Qu was hung on her. Maybe, maybe it's when she's confused, maybe she's asleep.

Xia Man touched the pendant, this ...

A little familiar.

There was a sudden complex in the bottom of my heart, and the hand touching the pendant almost began to tremble.

She remembered why she felt familiar, the former, the former, Qu Qu gave her an identical pendant. At that time, although she did not value the pendant given by Qu, she also carefully put it away. Later, the pendant It's gone.

Xia Man covered her eyes and remembered that in the Qu Qu room just now, Qu Fu's last helpless sigh, she was also uncomfortable.

"Are you okay?" The fat girl asked weakly in the space.

Xia Man sat up and sighed, "It's okay. I'll send you back to Qu Yan."

"What do you do then?" Said the little fat girl.

Xia Man sighed. "Anyway, I have to find something like that. If I can't find it, I have to kill Quchen first. If he is alive, I will sleep and sleep in the days that follow."

"Although he looks a little frustrated, you should not beat him. Moreover, he is the leader of a base. If he is killed, it will cause the base to be out of balance ..."

"Qu Chen is a man of fate?" Xia Man's tone was casual, as if two people were chatting, as if they had accidentally talked.

"Ahhhhhhhhh?" The little fat girl's voice was upright, properly, what you say, I don't understand.

"I'll kill him and see if the world will collapse, and I'll know if he's a destiny." Xia Man said.

The little fat girl was crying, "Mom, I'm calling your father! Don't be jealous, it's not right to kill innocent people."

"Tell me first whether Qu Chen is a man of destiny." Xia Man actually guessed whether he was the so-called man of destiny, but then he suddenly reacted. Maybe not. The little fat girl treated her really well. , But never guided things about this world.

When I saw the pendant just now, Xia Man suddenly remembered the former life, the former life. Objectively speaking, if it wasn't for Qu Zhe who became a zombie, and finally attacked the city, Qu Chen would really be the final winner.

Destiny ... Xia Man frowned.

Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao realized that Xia Man felt the people outside, closed the pendant, and opened the door to see Qu Chen.

"I heard that your old lover went out shopping with that stand-in, and it seems that true love is just the same." When Qu Chen was talking, her eyes were always on Xia Man's face.

I don't know why, he had a hidden thought in his heart, and he wanted to see some painful expressions from this face.

However, it was clear that he was disappointed.

Xia Man's expression was faint. He glanced at him, then suddenly smiled, "Qu Chen, I suddenly remembered something."

Qu Chen was stunned by Xia Man's smile, instinctively felt that something was wrong, and then saw Xia Man closed the door directly.

Xia Man didn't feel that he was speaking only half of what was wrong, but walked to the window, and then the vine on his wrist quickly stretched out, Xia Man jumped quickly.

Of course, it's impossible because I heard Qu Chen talk about Qu Yan, so I went to arrest. The sentence I just said to Qu Chen suddenly reminded me of something. It really really reminded me of a previous life about Qu Chen .

That's why she is so happy.

Then I heard the poor little girl's poor voice, "Mom ..."

Xia Man's voice was a little serious, "Don't talk. Hold on."

With that said, he quickly walked towards the base's trading market.

She was too narrow-minded. For a long time, she could not find such a thing. She always thought that it was because Qu Chen had put away the things and hid them very well.

Now, just when Qu Chen went to the trading market with the so-called stand-in with Qu Yan, he suddenly let Xia Man shine with light, remembering a little thing from the previous life.

At that time, she herself was also suffering, so she paid less attention to Qu Chen than she imagined, so Qu Chen found a somewhat special spar from the trading market, and she didn't care.

Now think about it, that spar was valued so much by Qu Chen, and then suddenly disappeared. This is really ...

She ignored it.

When Xia Man came to the trading market, she suddenly reacted. She only felt that it was a black spar, but when and where did Qu Chen find it, she really knew nothing.

Just now I suddenly remembered it, so I was too excited, and ran out. Now when I ran out, I suddenly felt that I was too impulsive.

Since it was out, Xia Man was ready to take a look here. As a result, after walking a few steps, he saw two people not far away.


Xia Man stood in place, looking not far away at the woman with the same face as herself, looking at the side with emotion, always exuding a woman who was not close to her.

In this world, it ’s getting worse and worse. Some women are going to grab my girlfriend with me, and I ’m dying.

Xia Man didn't feel so sad, but she felt warm. From this point of view, I realized how gentle Qu Qu was to her.

At least, when the relationship between the two people was at its most rigid, I had never seen Qu Qi exude such a breath.

Xia Man remembered that when the two were together, the corners of his mouth couldn't help rising.

Then I saw two people over there.

The smile in Xia Man's eyes had not been suppressed, and then he looked at a pair of a little angry eyes.

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