Chapter 55

"Sometimes, I really want to chop you directly." Qu Yan said fiercely.

"You chop! Don't be polite." Xia Man reborn so long, and for the first time so directly quaked.

Because of her past life, and her love for Qu Xi, she will support whatever Qu Qu does.

Even if this is the case, she can't stand it. She can't stand the person she loves to touch another woman, because the person in front of her is the one she is hard to give up, not anyone else!

Even if the woman had a face exactly like her, she couldn't stand it!

She just loves Qu Qu. Because of love, she is not allowed to have such a handle in the hands of others.

So, she must get something like that! It was also because of love that she could not explain to Qu Yi why she had to leave her.

How to explain?

Could it be said with a smile, "Qu Qu, I went to Qu Chen because you died in such a thing in previous lives?" She can't do it.

Qu Yan looked up and saw that his neck was stubbornly stubborn, and his eyes had already turned a large circle of Xia Man.

After all, she didn't expect the two to be together at the beginning, but in the later days, she couldn't think of anything.

"What are you sad about?" Qu Yan sighed finally, still holding the person in front of her.

She thought that she really couldn't see the person a little sad.

Not to mention this sadness because of her.

"What am I sad about?" The moment Xia Man was held in her arms, she couldn't see the person in front of her crying.

"You already have someone else, don't you allow me to be upset? Is it that my predecessor is so difficult now?" Xia Man grew more and more wronged, and finally couldn't stop tears.

Qu Yan: "..."

"There is no one, only you." Qu Yan carefully wiped tears for Xia Man, then looked at Xia Man's eyes and said seriously.

"I don't care how much the woman looks like me, I don't carry this pot ?!" Xia Man said fiercely.

Qu Yan smiled helplessly, "How do you feel like you look like that?"

"(⊙o⊙) ..." Xia Man froze for a moment, how could it not feel like it? Is everything very good? Every angle! From eyes to nose ...

Qu Zheng suddenly wanted to understand why Xia Man was sad and sad. "I didn't touch her. As soon as she came in, I knew it wasn't you."

"It doesn't matter if I don't know if it's me ..." The two happened to be misunderstood, and ... the dead woman was so seduced to look at it that she would seduce you?

"You just think of me like this?" Qu Yan pinched Xia Man's chin, really wishing to bite directly.

The Qu Qu approached, still beautiful.

Xia Man blushed inexplicably.

I don't know why, the whole style of painting changed suddenly, Qu Qu looked at the people in front of him and finally couldn't help kissing.

When the lips touched, Xia Man couldn't help closing his eyes.


When Xia Man went back, he saw Qu Chen standing at the door.

Qu Chen raised an eyebrow. "How? How does it feel to see the old lover having a new love?"

Xia Man snorted coldly, then opened the door and shut out Qu Chen.

After Qu Chen discovered Xia Man's ability, his attitude towards Xia Man changed significantly.

Xia Man entered the room, leaned against the door, and covered his face, oh my god! What did she do just now? !!

Having said that, to calculate the account, why did it become a roll sheet?

However, it seems ...

Qu Zheng forgave her!

Now she just had to steal things back and she could ignore nothing. 2k novel reading network

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