Chapter One

Xia Man is going to die, and finally he is going to die!

Xia Man's eyes had begun to dissipate, and a large swath of blood spread on the ground, just like Qu Xi's scarlet dress on Xia Man's eighteenth birthday, charming and dangerous.

"Smelly mother-in-law! Come on! Where is the thing ?!" The gentle and elegant young man in the old days grabbed Xia Man's long hair and asked fiercely.

Xia Man still looked at the ceiling unresponsively, as if there was her spiritual sustenance there.

"Brother, it should not be on her. Didn't she hate her when she was strangled to death? How could she give her the most precious thing to her?" At this time a younger brother came over and said.

"What do you know? Qu Zheng's pervert, do you think she hates this woman? She just fears that she will die, and this woman will be retaliated by me. Unfortunately, she still miscalculated. I saw her clearly from the beginning." The man looked down at Xia Man, who looked like a rag doll on the ground, and continued to say, "Qu Qu loves this woman more than she loves herself. Do you think she will not give this woman anything that can save her life?"

Xia Man's broken eyes finally said that he began to gather, and finally fixed on the man's eyes with contempt.

"Don't believe it? Qu Qi's life is really sad, in love with such a sister-in-law ..." Before the man had finished speaking, he heard a voice from outside.

"Brother ... the tide of zombies ... come over!" A younger brother ran in with a trembling body.

"How is this possible? This is the base that Qu Zheng has set up for so long. How could a zombie be able to come in?" The man didn't care about Xia Man on the ground, grabbed the collar of the younger brother who came in to report, and couldn't believe Geology asked.就是 I used it here to create a huge survivor base. How could a zombies break through the protection of Qu?

The man hurriedly followed a group of younger brothers to leave, leaving Xia Man who had only one breath left and lingered.

When the door was opened again, Xia Man had no strength to turn his head to look human.

When a gray, rotten head appeared in front of Xia Man's eyes, Xia Man burst into tears unexpectedly.

Once, Xia Man thought that she would never cry again in her life.

Xia Man struggling to reach out his hand, trying to touch the rotten face, and the obsessive-compulsive disorder plus cleanliness, would there be such a dirty time? !!

Once those sharp and clear eyes became cloudy, Xia Man's tears could not stop flowing, but could not say a word, "..."

The zombies in front don't understand why this food makes them uncomfortable ...

Uncomfortable then stay away from this is the nature of zombies, so immediately stood up and ran away.

Xia Man closed her eyes when she heard the door close.

She understood the meaning of the last sentence before Qu Yi died, "Xia Man, I always thought that I had never missed it, and now I realize that I have never been right ..."

Xia Man once thought that this was Qu Zheng's apology, but now she understands ...

It's a pity it's late.

May 3, 4015.

Huaqing University is rehearsing for the May Fourth Youth Festival, and at this time, a humble girl who was lying on the table in the background suddenly opened her eyes.

"Xia Man, are you here? Qu Xi is looking for you crazy!" At this time came a beautiful-looking, impatient girl who grabbed the girl who was still stunned and left.

Xia Man looked at the girl who dug into the crowd clutching herself, "Bai Yuanyuan?"

The girl heard this questioning voice, and looked back at Xia Man, with a taunt, "Miss, what are you doing?"

Xia Man didn't care about Bai Yuanyuan's taunt, but asked excitedly, "What's the date today? Where is Qu Yan?"

Bai Yuanyuan was asked inexplicably, but still answered, "Isn't Qu Yan planning to rehearse today on May 3rd?"

Xia Man flew into the crowd and disappeared. Bai Yuanyuan looked at Xia Man's back and frustrated and gritted his teeth severely.

When Xia Man ran, he bit his tongue severely. When the **** smell and pain came together, Xia Man realized that he was really alive, not in a dream!

From a distance, I saw Qu Ling surrounded by a group of people, not knowing what was being discussed, Qu Ling said two expressions blankly, then glanced around.

Xia Man suddenly stopped because Qu Yan had already seen her, and the joy and pampering in her eyes made Xia Man froze in place.

Qu Yan came over, wearing Juliet's long red dress to be dressed for the rehearsal, and wearing delicate makeup, but still couldn't change the high air field in his bones.

Xia Man looked at Qu Qu, who came step by step, remembering the muddy eyes, the rotten smell, a sore nose, pain, and panic accompanied by tears.

Qu Zheng went halfway and saw Xia Man inexplicably watching himself crying, panicking, and hurried over.

"What's wrong?" Qu Yan thought of Xia Man, but suddenly thought of something, and then retracted his hand.

Xia Man saw Qu Yuan close at hand, hugged Qu Yuan, and cried.

The two had been playing since they were small, and this was the first time Qu Qu saw Xia Man crying, at a loss.

"Qu Qu ..." Xia Man cried and kept calling Qu Qu's name.

Qu Yan stroked Xia Man's hair, glanced at the people around him, and asked softly, "What's wrong?"

Xia Man raised her head, her nose was still red, her voice was hoarse, her eyes were still full of tears, "Qu Qu, I was wrong ..."

After a few moments of ququing, obviously he did not expect Xia Man to apologize to himself, but immediately responded, "It's okay, don't cry. Wait for me."

"Qu Ye, it's time, it's time we got on the field," reminded the boy who had talked to Qu Ye just now.

Qu Zheng was about to say that the rehearsal was not going to happen, so he heard Xia Man hugged himself, "Qu Qu, come on!"

Qu Xi can only let go of Xia Man and then perform on stage together.

"There is really a way, she looks like this. She can't catch a rich man's dog, so she hurries to be a rich young lady's dog." Mang's back is different. Xia Man's eyes have always been on the person who has seen him from time to time after taking office.

Xia Man slowly walked to the side of the audience seat and was just too excited just now. He ran all the way, causing his legs to be in pain.

But what is this pain? Xia Man looked at someone on the stage with complex eyes. 2k novel reading network