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Liver Progress From the Beginning

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“Huh? There is a data panel? Let’s explode it!”

This is a story of a traveler who became a handyman in a martial arts school and started practicing from Yiqijue.

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Short Title:LPFB
Alternate Title:从一气决开始肝进度
Author:Fragrance of Power
Weekly Rank:#6955
Monthly Rank:#6586
All Time Rank:#6521
Tags:Cultivation, Game Elements, Harem, Male Protaganist, Masochistic Characters,
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10 Comments on “Liver Progress From the Beginning
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  1. Mc is real masochist, he boiled and fried and burn himself just to practice,i mean if you must keep torturing yourself just to be safe in this dangerous world, what's the point of living??!!!

  2. Had great potential in the early parts, I wondered if MC will bring his own knowledge and modify his skills to better suit science. Though the moment he obtained the bloodline of thunder cow, everything was forgotten. His OG cultivation skill was entirely forgotten by author and there is no upgrade for it, which was the coolest part of the story. And the most MC did is create a railgun where I am reading. Even that is not his core skill. Not to mention, The harem is getting a bit nosy with time. I don't like harem and MC's all claims of "remembering" certain enemies is always ignored. He keeps making enemies and keeps forgetting taking his revenge, which makes it pretty underwhelming at times and not as satisfactory. Like all that buildup for a faceslap and nothing happens. This has happened multiple times at this point. Not to mention, he is a simp. I had high hopes at start, but the more story went on, the girls keep surviving and keeps adding into his pseudo harem. Seriously, should have abandoned it early. Gonna use it as review.

  3. BTW, this is just a detail overview of why I came to hate the part of author completely forgetting his original steam engine based cultivation technique. It was cool for one and creative. I wondered how many different abilities will MC create on his own as he keeps upgrading his technique from steam engine to electric motor and whatnot. But not only did the Author gave any resolution like how weak the cultivation technique got, he just completely forgot and started mentioning that golden bell was his core technique. And then, MC went and just got a thunder bloodline. There was no evolution of skills, he just kept stacking multiple skills and forgetting the old ones. They are not even used properly. Like stacking multiple skills together. Forget it, just don't read, or you will be disappointed as I got after reading more than 200 chapters. Too much potential, wasted.

  4. I know the steam engine was my favorite I was hoping he got changed it into a electric motor or then nuclear and since he have a sun a dison spear

  5. Wanna hear something way more annoying? The Enemies keep acting ignorant of MC's power and then acting surprise each time he uses different powers that have already been used in public before. Even in the ranking it was said that he had great defence, but the moment he used long range, those people forgot about it and tried to go close range. This keeps happening so much that I am fed up.

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