From October 26, 2018 to March 28, 2020, it took 520 days to complete the surgery live broadcast room.

At the end of writing the book, the desk was also in the same time period as Boss Zheng and Little Stone—the afternoon was sunny.

At this moment, there is no excitement, more calm.

In 520 days, 6,287,300 words were updated, which was unimaginable before the book was opened. Except for the first monthly ticket, the results that can be obtained have basically been obtained, and along the way, it feels like a dream.

This day is chosen, I love this book deeply, I love you who like the live broadcast room, so choosing such a day, the end is also very good.

Habitually, I start to talk about my regrets.

During the Chinese New Year, I wrote a single chapter, briefly describing my distress and helplessness. In the final stage, I secretly left a big plot in preparation for a surprise to everyone, but the sudden outbreak interrupted the outline. The foreshadowing has been buried, do you remember Botta seeing Christian's **** box?

However, the situation did not change quickly.

Yes, the original outline was written to fight H8N10, and then create a contradiction at the Nobel Awards ceremony. I have always been interested in the Nobel Prize and Sweden, and this has been talked about by book friends for a long time.

Boss Zheng, at the invitation of the WHO, turned the tide when he was an overseas expert to support, and ushered in the highlight moment. Under the N-shaped lamp, he said everything and was more vigorous.

This is expected, the outline and plot have been done, who knows that the new crown broke out like this.

It is a principle not to write the present. It is difficult to write a city text now, and I hope everyone understands it.

However, the haze of that time and the hard work of wearing chemical protection clothing were shattered by countless recent events. At the same time, I was stunned and sighed countless times. The great Chinese people are invincible!

The plot was originally designed based on World of Warcraft's fallen blood incident.

Briefly introduce, in version 1.7 of World of Warcraft, the final boss of the copy of Zul'Gurub is Haka-Soul Deprived. During the battle, Haka will release a negative spell called Fallen Blood to the player. The player in the stroke will not only get a debuff that continues to drop blood, but also infect it to his teammates within 5 yards.

A simple understanding is that the player is poisoned. And the poison will spread, and players close to him will be infected.

When the advertising of Warcraft nostalgia was overwhelming, I could think of a lot, most of which were the fallen blood incidents, and the other thing was that I used my colleague's night thief to mine in the abyss, infinitely reset the copy, and rich server. (5 copies per hour, modified because of black iron digging)

This fallen blood skill is known as the biggest bug in game history.

As an infectious debuff, the player character is not the sole host of the fallen blood-the player's pet will also be infected.

Hunters put away their pets, which is equivalent to a time pause. The pets will not die, but the effect will not disappear.

Brief introduction, I believe that smart book friends and adults know what my original plot is.

Whether it is the Black Death in the Middle Ages, or cholera or smallpox in the 19th century, its cross-regional epidemic is due to the long-distance travel of virus carriers. In the game, once the Hearthstone, an operation of the hunter, the fallen blood will spread.

There are videos online, you can find them.

For the top players with 3000-4000 blood at that time, this negative effect was not fatal, but for players who were not full, it was almost a disaster.

So the corpses in the main cities of the Alliance and the Horde were everywhere, and there were bones everywhere. Blizzard shot to close the main cities to prevent the crowds from gathering. But ... is it a game after all, there are players who actively infect the NPC in the main city, and use the warlock's summoning ritual to infect other people everywhere.

This process caused the BUG to be uncontrollable and was directly modified before the national service opened the Zug.

But this matter remained. Lovegren, an Israeli player in World of Warcraft, with the assistance of a professor, wrote this "plague" that he had experienced himself into a dissertation, which was eventually published in the top medical journal " The Lancet Epidemic.

I can write papers after playing a game and publish them in top journals. I am also very convinced.

Loughgren later became an expert in epidemiology and currently works at Washington State University.

Keke, the process briefly recounted what happened, everyone should understand why I deleted the plot at that time.

When I started to write a detailed outline, it wasn't until January 23, but more and more information was asked for help on Weibo, and I felt uncomfortable with writing.

It wasn't until January 23, an unforgettable day in my life, that I decided to deny the plot. I couldn't write it. It was so special.

The hurried, flustered, and slightly messy temporary modification resulted in no special ignite point. I still have to say sorry to everyone.

Having said that, in theory, the event of the fallen blood cannot be stopped. It wasn't until the end of Blizzard's shot that the BUG was modified that things came to an end.

This was why I was discouraged at the time. I thought that my research was deep, so I felt that no country would fight back successfully. At that time, I was extremely pessimistic, and my mood was so low that it couldn't be increased. The end result is no different than the medieval Black Death.

But then I saw scenes imaginable and unimaginable when writing novel ideas.

More than 42,000 public hospital medical staff and military medical staff rushed to the front line (Liu Xuzhi took the team to Wuhan Concorde support in the first three days of the year, and has not yet returned).

The cities around the city have just experienced in person, so I won't say much.

We experienced a catastrophe. Although it is not over yet, the first victory is epic and a legend!

In the 2011 infectious disease movie, the virus RO was 2, and the disease was not dared to shoot 3.77 or even higher RO. Because that's terrible, humans have no power to fight back ...

However, it was such a terrible incident. The most vicious and most lethal ultra-high infection, ultra-long latency, sudden outbreak, and deadly virus in the plague company were so stifled.

Although there are imported cases in various places, you still have to be careful, but just saying that the performance of these two months is great!

Well, it's great!

At the end of the book, I was even a little lucky. I had previously conceived that no matter how wild it is and how Boss Zheng would hang up, I dare not think of a national suspension. Some people fight on the front line, some sink to the grassroots, and some people endure at home. So the virus is solved by a hard bridge.

Countless medical staff, countless street staff, countless ... countless countless counties, including everyone who is honest and patient at home, is great. It is no exaggeration to say that it is really great.

And we have given up countless fortunes only for the sake of human life, and this point has countless praises. Especially under the humanitarian setting of a higher level ...

To be honest, when I first saw the seals being lifted in various places, and more and more confirmed cases were cleared to zero, it just felt incredible, so it ended? Is the "Lancet" I watched before fake?

Is the mathematical model fake?

Is there a problem with the RO?

But after seeing herd immunity, everything is clear.

No, these are all true, but our nation, our people, are truly true-invincible! !! !!

Fortunately for me, an epic victory was not written rashly. As a writer, this victory is beyond imagination. It is extraordinary. It is ... great!

Let's go to the next book. The dust is settled. Let me describe a tiny part.

Not daring to write a full picture, Teacher Zhong Nanshan stood up and went to the front line to determine the nature; Teacher Li Lanjuan suggested closing the city. I didn't dare to imagine how much pressure they were at that time.

How specific the pressure is, look around, how much you can spy on the leopard.

This is an epic victory. When others wait for Noah's Ark, lay down the whole immunity, and despicable shouts to give up the elderly, we stand up with our iron bones.





Chinese people! !!

Invincible! !! !!

Really, every one of you is great and irreplaceable.

The regrets and expectations on the plot are finished ~ ~ Then, the surgery live room is over. The original design, no matter how it went in the end, was to complete the operation on the small stone, and hit the punch with Zheng Ren in the afternoon sun.

It does n’t matter if the small stone is good or not in the end, he is a symbol representing the patient. It is always a wish to put medicine on the shelf.

I hope that the doctor-patient relationship can always be so harmonious and harmonious. The doctor and the patient are comrades-in-arms, and the enemy is always a disease. This is the main purpose of this book and what I really want to tell.

It is true that there are such or such dissatisfaction in reality, but what is there, this is life ~ manual dog head.

The end of the story is not abrupt. Boss Zheng, Yiren, and Yungeer will live in another time and space. In the future, they will be in their own hands. They will heal and save people, get married and have children. They are as plain as water every day, but they are very fulfilling.

What changes is time and life, and what remains unchanged is the persistence and belief in healing and saving people.

I'm glad to meet you, to accompany each other, and walked 520 days.

For the last time, it ’s Boss Zheng.

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Thank you for your 520-day companionship, and for your love and tolerance. Again, thank you for my efforts and persistence.

The next book will open in mid-June, when we begin the story of another little doctor.

At last,

Goodbye, Zheng Ren.

Goodbye, Yiren,

Goodbye, Su Yun,

Goodbye, everyone.

Bow, ninety degrees, thank you for your company, thank you.

Finally, finally, shouting again,


Chinese people! !!

Invincible! !! !!