"Are the population aging? They are taking health care, and the British seem to be unable to support it."

He said, taking a chance, Su Yun raised his corner of the eye and looked at Dr. Charles. The doctor's expression was a little gloomy and he didn't speak.

要 "If in my judgment, the advancement of technology brings more profits and more trouble. As the life of the population is getting longer and longer, if you wait for natural death, medical insurance will be ruined."

博士 Dr. Charles remained silent.

"Capital is already impatient, you can understand it this way." Su Yun tentatively said, the faster he said, the more certain he was, "Doctor, I remember that the black doctor in Dr. House and a black old man talked about racial discrimination. Question, his statement is that if you want to get revenge on white people, live a few more years and enjoy benefits. I look at your expression, do you think they are consuming too much resources? "

Zheng Ren frowned. Su Yun's statement was too anti-human, how could it be!

"It's better to get flu, and to clear out people with low immunity every year. Doctor, I like to read the CDC's flu analysis report every year. Do you know what I worry about?"

我 "I'm worried that P4 Labs has collapsed. Open Pandora's Box and release the real demons."

"Don't talk nonsense." Zheng Ren said.

Yun Su Yun "chat" with Dr. Charles in English, Zheng Ren could not listen.

According to Su Yun, this is an anti-human act, and once exposed, no one can afford the consequences.

"It's normal, it's normal." Su Yundao, "Do you know what the deficit of the NHS is? The politicians didn't dare to do anything for the votes. By the way, there are ancient legends that they would throw them into the age of 6 or 70 Old people die naturally in the mountains. "

"That was the ancient times when supplies were scarce."

"Many countries have this tradition. Is the old man useless? He can't work and only consumes. In our eyes, it is relatives, but in the eyes of capitalists, the affection of others will only consume a lot of wealth, which is useless. Resources. Well, not people at all, numbers. "

"In terms of epidemiological prevention, the United States ranks first, Britain ranks second, and Sweden ranks seventh." Zheng Ren reluctantly refuted.

"Ranking ... Except for the more accurate ranking of the national football team, nothing else makes sense." Su Yun uttered a sentence.

Zheng Ren frowned and began to speed up his hand.

Wu Suyun saw the speed of his boss helplessly. He knew that the boss didn't want to talk about this topic himself. This was a kind of coercion. If you don't concentrate, you can't keep up.

In that case, once the hemostasis forceps hit the radial styloid process ...

Do not! Firmly cannot!

I won't let Lin Yuan and Gu Xiaoran look at jokes.

Qi Suyun stopped chatting with Dr. Charles and focused on surgery.

The process of left pneumonectomy is similar to that of right pneumonectomy, with some technical differences, but it will never create an insurmountable obstacle.

1 hour, 45 minutes, and 22 seconds of cold ischemia time, which is the right lung ischemia time. Dr. Charles looked at the duration of the operation to determine when the left lung transplant was. He already had psychological expectations, but still couldn't help wondering about the speed of the operation.

With the left lung transplantation operation completed, Zheng Ren finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"How much plasma replacement?"


"Blood gas analysis."

Lao He immediately reported the latest blood gas analysis value to Zheng Ren. The end-expiratory carbon dioxide partial pressure was 20mmHg, and the arterial oxygen partial pressure of the right radial artery was at least 82mmHg.

Zheng Zhengren was a little confused. This value was unexpected and better than he thought.

Looking at the system completion degree given by the system, 94%, this is still not the degree of completion given by the chest.

What if you add a 10% completion bonus?

In the system operating room, this period is over. Because the big hoof of the system is very objective during surgical training, it will not give a 10% completion degree bonus, and the specialization of organ transplantation will not work, as well as the lucky value and the like.

This is the first time that Zheng Ren has faced such an ideal surgical condition. Seeing the soaring numbers, Shutai Shutai.

"Old He." Zheng Ren said in a deep voice.

"Boss Zheng, why?" Old He responded.

"ECMO's traffic is down. Can you say that Little Rock can go offline within 2 hours?" Zheng Ren asked.


"Boss, don't be too aggressive." Su Yun urged.

Although the value is too good to believe, he is still a bit conservative.

"The flow is reduced, give 1L · min-1 · m-2." Zheng Ren said firmly.

Hemodynamically stable, blood oxygen saturation is 99%.

I observed for half an hour, and still did. The numbers on the monitor were so smooth that Zheng Ren felt like he was dreaming, perfect for him to have the urge to directly pull the tube back to icu.

"Boss, it looks like nothing is wrong." Su Yun stared straight at the open chest on both sides, and said the lungs swelled and shrunk as the ventilator moved.

"It should be okay." Zheng Ren hesitated for a few minutes before finally saying, "Go back with ECMO, take the plane for a few hours, I watch."

"Well, I'll find a place to wait for you. If there is a problem offline, I will intubate without delaying treatment." Su Yundao.

He knows what his boss is worried about.

I look beautiful, but the more I do, the longer I feel in my heart. I'm afraid it's all like soap bubbles, it will break when touched.

With the physical state of small stones, I really can't stand the frustration.

One does not notice, UU reads www. uukanshu.com is on the verge of death, and it will be difficult to pull it back again.

After rinsing with warm saline, Zheng Ren seemed to have obsessive-compulsive disorder and checked the location of the leak again.

Repair cannot be repaired too much, because the needle eye itself is a trauma, and the denseness is all needle eyes, that is a sieve! Adding absorbable thread is also a kind of foreign body, so it is not better to sew more.

There is a lot of great omentum. Zheng Ren checked it and was satisfied. He started to leave the breast bottle and started to close the chest.

Zheng Ren and Gu Xiaoran closed their right chests, Su Yun and Lin Yuan closed their left chests at the same time on both sides, and the final completion time was similar.

云 Su Yun may pay more attention to who is faster, but Zheng Ren has no idea at all. His focus was on the completion of the surgery on the system panel, watching the completion climb up little by little, from 94% to 96% to 100%.

102% ...

108% ...

110% ...

I reached the peak of surgical completion, and at this time, the chest closure was not completed.

仁 Zheng Ren was a little happy, and even the speed of his heartbeat became faster.

The data exceeding the peak value should be visible soon, and it is not known what will happen after the completion of the operation exceeds 110%.

The mood is cheerful, as good as luck.

111% ...

112 ...

数字 On the system panel, the numbers are still jumping.

With the last stitch sutured, knotting and thread cutting, the operation is officially announced. At this time, the operation completion rate on the system panel is fixed at 127.2%!