At 95 minutes after the start of liver dialysis, Zheng Ren ordered a doctor to change the mode.

转换 Convert from adsorbed bilirubin to plasma exchange, adjust blood flow rate to 110mL / min, and plasma separation rate to 25mL / min.

At the same time, the numerical return of Lao He's monitoring is also ideal. The total bilirubin of small stones has not been continuously increased. Under liver dialysis, the value of bilirubin has decreased steadily and the control is quite perfect.

Surgery is so complete, Dr. Charles has his own judgment.

来看 Originally looked at the surgery because it was a "special" operation—autogenous transplantation of 3D printed organs.

If this is successful, will my heart be replaced with a brand new one before 10 years later?

博士 Dr. Charles must pay attention to his own body. After all, the passage of time has taken away health and vitality. This is a natural objective law, and no one can violate it.

But after coming here, witnessing the operation with his own eyes, Dr. Charles didn't care about 3D printed organs at all.

The cold ischemia time of 58 minutes, the exquisite operation process, Takaya Kenya generally controlled the whole audience, none of which did not surprise Dr. Charles.

From this year's young doctor who visited the Mayo Clinic, his surgery at that time can only be said to be bright. Dr. Charles did not expect that in more than six months, the young man and his team had progressed to this extent.

The completed right lung transplantation did not have any flaws during the whole process. It looks like a work of art, which makes people play, remember, and reluctantly.

Dr. Charles can even be sure that he will definitely watch the operation live broadcast over and over again these days. This is the most precious wealth in the world!

郑 "Zheng, how do you judge that liver failure will occur during the operation?" Dr. Charles finally found a chance to whisper.

"Because Xiaoshi ... the patient had two liver cancer interventional embolization operations before the operation, and the liver function itself did not recover the entire field, so I estimate that the probability of liver problems is very high." Zheng Rendao, "Just to prevent it, the probability problem. "

Su Yun smiled. Sometimes the judgment made by his own boss is based on instinct. The accuracy rate is really high.

Dr. Charles also readily accepted this statement, after all, it was the only reasonable explanation.

郑 "Zheng, I'm glad to see that 3D printed organ transplantation is successful."

"Doctor, the operation is only half done." Zheng Ren began to cut his skin and chatted with Dr. Charles with a smile. At this time, you should relax and wait until the left lung is removed and the donor lung is transplanted.

"Zheng, I'm glad to see the most advanced operation with my own eyes." Dr. Charles said, "I came here this time with flowers and roses. I was a little hesitant before. You also know that arrogance is the original sin and it is difficult to convince. The old stubbornly accepted an Oriental. "

"Hehe." Zheng Ren smiled dryly, showing politeness.

"The conditions here are simply too bad to affect the operation." Dr. Charles looked at the mottled machine and said without a word, "Zheng, I sincerely invite you to Mayo. Here you are. There is room to make the most of it! "

Dringer heard Dr. Charles's words, and a heart fell from his chest to his heels.

The meaning of Dr. Wu's words can be understood, and what is hidden can be imagined. If I changed myself, after the operation, I greeted Dr. Charles and went directly to the Mayo Clinic without calling one, without delaying for a second.

"Doctor, thank you," Zheng Ren said flatly.

"I thought I could see you on the spot for surgery and see me ..."

"Doctor, I'm not ready to leave 912." Zheng Ren said to Dr. Charles while performing the operation, "It's fine here, thank you for your invitation."

怔 Dr. Charles froze for a moment, he did not expect anyone to refuse his invitation, Mayo's invitation.

No, it must be that you haven't expressed clearly.

郑 "Zheng, I'm fighting for Mayo's tenured professor. When you come to Mayo, you can enjoy it in the world's best operating room."

"Doctor, the purpose of the surgery is to cure the disease and save people. I don't think it's bad here." Zheng Ren opened the left chest with the cooperation of Su Yun, and instructed Laohe to perform single-chamber ventilation, a ventilator, and a micropump. Fine-tuning.

"Zheng, don't you understand what I mean?" Dr. Charles was a little weird, and he still didn't believe anyone could refuse the call of the world's top hospital, "Oh, do you want to take the whole team? This is inevitable, you don't need to worry."

Hearing Dr. Charles' words, Lao He's hands began to tremble.

I go ... May I go to work at Mayo?

"Lao He, stay focused." Zheng Ren's voice was a little cold, and then he said to the doctor, "Doctor, I have no plans to go abroad for the time being."

"Zheng ..."

Zheng Ren rejected the invitation of the doctor and continued to concentrate on the operation. The scene was a little awkward.

"Doctor, it is said that your Mayo's scientific research level is very high, but the research progress of some projects recently ..." Su Yun hesitated for a while, but finally said directly, "I feel like you're on the go."

"Su, that's true." Dr. Charles was a little frustrated. "The dividend effect of the patent period of drugs has diminished. The key is that we have done a good job and the population is aging seriously. If this continues, the entire planet will explode."

所以 "So stop research and development of new drugs and research on new technologies? Use this to solve the problem of population aging?" Su Yun asked with a smile.

He wanted to explain to Zheng Ren from one side, so that Dr. Charles would not mind. But he heard the shadows of other gossips from the doctor's words, and immediately became energetic.

"No, you won the Nobel Prize in Biology and Medicine. Do you know why you didn't even get the Nobel Prize in organ transplantation?" Dr. Charles asked.

"Discrimination 呗."

"Sue, you are still too young," Dr. Charles said, "that is the will of capital."

资本 "Capital? Yes, it is capital!" Su Yun immediately understood.

"How much profit can an organ transplant bring to capital? Compared with a breakthrough in the field of biology, there is no way to compare the profits brought by a new drug. Because capital is concerned, all resources are directed to their attention Move, converge. This is an invisible pair of hands that, although invisible, are the most powerful in the world. "

"Doctor, don't scare me, I'm timid." Su Yun laughed.

"In the first 50 years, how many new cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs were launched on the market, and how many capital groups provided massive profits while treating the disease? Su, do you say that organ transplantation is useless?"

肯定 "It definitely works. If it can be rolled out, I think it will save a lot of people."

"Yes, but this part of the profits is diluted. The overall calculation capital group has an actuary who is working on it. I want to analyze them based on the numbers."

"Doctor, shouldn't you say that the world's population is aging now, they have stopped researching new drugs," Su Yun asked.

"Still researching." Dr. Charles was obviously a bit frustrated, and he didn't want to say anything about it, but as a doctor, he still didn't get rid of the obsession that was rooted in his bones.

Su Suyun noticed that there was nothing wrong, and asked Zheng Ren to perform the operation while asking, "Doctor, what do you want to say?"

"No." Dr. Charles sighed, and the utter anger in his speech was beyond words.

Zheng Zhengren's hand paused. This was the only slowness during the operation.

Dr. Charles's tone is strange, as if he knew what a big secret, but he was silent.

"Doctor, look at you, chat in the operating room, don't you talk when you were at Mayo?" Su Yun laughed. "I also considered this problem. Generally speaking, war will break out to solve the population. The problem of aging. Praise the great nuclear physicists that they guard peace on earth. "

Dr. Charles was silent, he did not answer Su Yun's words.

"I've seen a movie called the Depopulation Program. It says that one day a year, statutory day killing is not illegal, and it's used to clean up the poor. Doctor, shouldn't you already start to act. Is there any news, can Tell me? "

Su Suyun just told a joke habitually ~ ~ both intentionally and unintentionally. This is a big gossip, and he has a higher interest than surgery.

But Dr. Charles's expression exposed under his hat and mask was a bit ugly, and his eyes kept beating.

Because Dr. Charles was standing behind Zheng Ren, Zheng Ren could not see it, but Su Yun could see it clearly. He froze, and his movements stopped. From the analysis of Dr. Charles's expression, it seems that his ideas have been conservative.

"Pha ~" Su Yun's hemostatic pliers were beaten a bit, making a crisp sound of metal impact.

"Do surgery, don't be fooled." Zheng Rendao, "Cold ischemia time should not be too long, be careful."

Wu Suyun did not refute, he lowered his head and cooperated with Zheng Ren's operation.

After a few seconds, Su Yun whispered, "Doctor, do you know that, when I was a graduate student, I began to try to clone the appropriate tissue from autologous stem cells in mice, and 3D printed the heart for transplantation."

Dr. Charles was a little confused as he said something inconsistent.

"At that time, I had an idea. After the introduction of cloning technology, the difficulty of 3D printing organs was not very difficult ... or the emergence of cloning technology has cleared all obstacles. But from the appearance of cloned sheep in the 1990s to the present There has been no huge progress. It seems that your medical and biological communities are waiting. "

博士 "Doctor, are you listing this as a black technology, or am I feeling right, what are you really waiting for?"

Qi Suyun skillfully cooperated with Zheng Ren to perform the operation, but she was not idle, asking a huge confusion of herself.

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