The shadowless lamp in the operating room is very bright, the knife on the doctor's hand is very thin, and Zheng Ren is very panicked, although he is not lying in bed.

He worked very hard to get to the surgery today, but did not expect to pay the dean to express his attention to the professor, personally as an assistant.

At this time, he was wearing a sterile surgical gown and stood in the corner of the operating room. He couldn’t see even a trace of the field.

As long as there is surgery, there will be an accident. What Zheng Ren did not expect was that there would be an accident before the operation.

The surgery that is about to begin is very important.

Surgeons rarely do surgery live broadcasts, and dare to do is one of the best in the industry.

Today, Haicheng First People's Hospital has a live broadcast, the protagonist is the world-renowned expert of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery Professor Yuichiro Ichiro.

The venue that can accommodate a thousand people was packed.

Eighty percent of the relevant professional directors of the province were present, and even professors from several specialized hospitals in the Imperial Capital and the Magic City came to Haicheng to study live surgery.

In the department, the directors like Tianwang Laozi in the department, like the cabbage, can raise one hand and meet one.

A large red banner hung above the venue - a warm celebration of the first Haicheng Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Conference.

The rostrum did not put up a long conference table, but pulled up a huge screen. Eight high-definition projectors were divided into different angles, and the pancreaticoduodenectomy was performed in real time in the operating room of the city.

Pancreaticoduodenectomy is the most difficult procedure in general surgery except organ transplantation.

The surgeon is Professor Yoichiro Ichiro from the RB Tokyo Shunten University Affiliated Hospital. He is a health consultant for the RB Royal Family and is ranked in the top five in the global surgical academia.

In order to invite Professor Yoichiro Ichiro, the organizers of the meeting took great pains and spent a great deal. And the patient has done a lot of work at home. After all, this patient is the richest man in Haicheng, and 60% of the city's real estate is from his company.

The heavyweight professor, heavyweight surgery, and confident operation live broadcast became the finale of the first Haicheng Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Conference.

Unfortunately, Zheng Ren can't see it at a glance.



At 9:15, the operation officially began.

Prof. Mori Yuichiro’s style is rigorous, and there is no shelf for big-name doctors.

The projections at eight different angles on the screen show no superb surgical skills.

"With less than fifteen centimeters of incision, can the end of the anastomosis be?"

"You and I will definitely not, but people are top professors, what can't be done."

"Yeah, it is said that the surgery of the Emperor in 14 years is the chief surgeon of Professor Yuichiro Ichiro. The level of professors is one of the few in the world."

Skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, peritoneum, layer by layer, such as 庖丁解牛 generally skilled. The amount of bleeding was extremely small, and the on-site directors visually measured 5-10 ml. The blood-stained gauze is only red in the stars, like the red flowers in the snow.

But the accident still happened.

After the peritoneum was opened, an exclamation sounded in the venue. Several professors from the Imperial Capital and the Magic Capital were stunned and looked at the big screen.

Pancreatic malignant tumors develop extremely rapidly, have invaded the surrounding tissues, and have serious adhesions, just like one.

In general, in order to avoid accidents, live surgery will be done with patients with milder conditions. No big bulls can avoid mistakes, everyone is the same.

There is no doubt that the rate of failure of patients with milder conditions will be low.

In order to screen patients, it took a lot of effort to pay the director. The patient's CT and MR films were seen by professors in the province and outside the province, and finally sent to the hands of Senyu Ichiro, which was recognized.

All experts and professors believe that the patient is a stage III pancreatic head cancer, and the condition is heavier, but the tumor tissue has no adhesion around it and is suitable for surgery.

Unfortunately, the days are not willing, everyone sees their eyes.

After seeing this situation, the dean’s sweat suddenly popped out and wet the sterile cap.

what's the problem?

In order to avoid mistakes, I also did a nuclear magnetic two days before surgery, compared with the previous film, there is not much change.

Is the tumor tissue violent in two days?

The dean held the suction device in his hand and shivered slightly.

Professor Mori Yuichiro was somewhat unhappy. He knocked on the aspirator with a curved pliers in his hand and whispered Japanese.

Although the dean did not understand Japanese, he still keenly captured that there seemed to be a word in the sentence. Professor Sen Yu is dissatisfied with himself. If the dean is like an ice cave, his body is a bit stiff.

The young translator behind him immediately faced his face and looked at the dean seriously. "Fu Sang, Professor Sen Yu is very dissatisfied with your performance. Although your technical level is as inferior as the equipment, please also give the most attention. The attitude to complete the surgery."

For many years, no one dared to talk to himself, and he paid the dean. It is no wonder that everyone hates the two devils and traitors when fighting the war. It is really hateful.

However, he did not dare to show a hint of inner dissatisfaction, trying to squeeze out a smile, how to see how it looks like charming.

The condition is more complicated than expected, but for the world's top surgeons, it is only difficult, not impossible to solve.

The operation continued, a little bit of patient peeling of the tumor and adhesion of surrounding tissues, bleeding is still very small. Slightly larger capillaries will be ligated in advance or burned with electricity, with no exceptions.

In the big conference room, I was amazed from time to time. Professor Sen Yuichiro was really familiar with the anatomy. This is the level of the world's top professors!

Sen Yuichiro, standing under the shadowless light, is undoubtedly a compelling protagonist, like a starry star, attracting all eyes.

Zheng Ren did not appear in the projection at all. He was a dust in the dark corner, negligible.

Although he couldn't get the surgery, he used his brain in the mind to supplement the whole process of surgery according to the various instruments used by Professor Mori Yuichiro.

If you can take a look, Zheng Ren is very eager.

Try to change the angles and try to see if you can see a little surgery, but everything is futile.

Suddenly, Zheng Ren felt the glare in front of him. The shadowless lamp began to sway, and the various knives, scissors, and pliers on the table in front of the instrument nurse were dancing.

He is a little embarrassed, is it that he has an illusion? Immediately understand, it is not an illusion, it is an earthquake!

For a moment, the whole house swayed and the roof creaked, as if the ceiling and masonry frame would be scattered at any time, burying everyone.

The people who are undergoing surgery are also flustered. Senyu Ichiro is a well-trained country. Without hesitation, he left the operating table and squeezed Zheng Ren, standing in the corner.

The young translator immediately rushed over and pushed Zheng Ren out of the corner.

"Get out!"

Zheng Ren is a bit stunned, but the instinct developed by many years of surgery has allowed him to avoid the hands of the translator and prevent the sterile surgical gown from being contaminated.

Subtle shaking can be perceived, but not intense. I don't know if the earthquake is over, or just just an appetizer, and then there will be a higher level of strong earthquake.

"Don't panic!" The dean pretended to calm down and said: "Let the professor go first."

Sen Yu Ichiro was like a wild wolf, disappearing after a weak vibration. He did not hesitate to open the door of the operating room and disappeared at the end of the corridor.

The translation closely followed Professor Sen Yu, and the dean also left the operating table.

"Zheng Ren, you continue to complete the surgery!" The director's legs trembled, leaving the ghost place as fast as the Parkinson's patient.

Me? Zheng Ren’s old blood almost didn’t spurt out.

He is just an ordinary attending physician. Although he is very careful, he works very But in a well-ranked medical system, he has no chance to have access to advanced surgery at this age. Only three- or four-level surgery such as appendicitis and hernia can be done.

The director wants to let himself take over, but one of the most advanced and difficult surgical procedures known as general surgery - pancreaticoduodenectomy!

Zheng Ren did not run the idea, as a doctor, the patient is on the operating table, run first? nonexistent. Even if you die, you have to die on the operating table. What is the difference between running away and deserters on the battlefield?

This idea is very simple and pure.

But the surgery itself will not do it, it seems that it can only be washed and closed.

Zheng Ren stabilized his mood and was ready to observe where the surgery was going. Suddenly there was another tremor, and the shadowless lamp shook a little, and the white light shone on Zheng Ren’s pupil.

The light is too strong, even more dazzling than looking at the midday sun. Zheng Ren immediately felt a cold air falling into the body from the top of his head, and his eyes were dark.

Could it be that the building collapsed and killed himself?

Is this the feeling of death?

In the middle of it, Zheng Ren heard a strong cough in his body and smelled a **** smell.

How is this going? Is it an illusion?

There are countless memories in Zheng Ren’s mind, from small to large, and some of them have forgotten. At this time, it is incomparably clear, and it is like a river.

Is this the memory plane before dying? Zheng Ren’s headache is splitting, and there is such a vague idea in his heart.

It seems that only one second, it seems that after many years, the ocean of memory calms down, and at the same time a voice appears in Zheng Ren's ear.

System binding begins...

System binding ends...

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