Ma Tingting shook his head: "Just eat something in the cafeteria, don't you have to gather for a class meeting at seven?"

"Also, then let's go to the small cafeteria, the food is quite ordinary, just come together!"

Regarding this slightly arrogant pretense, Yue Feng did not fluctuate or interject, and followed Zhao Zheng straight to the small cafeteria.

A lot of people are already eating here in the small cafeteria. The three of them found an empty place. Zhao Zheng volunteered to go to the restaurant!

Only Ma Tingting and Yue Feng were left on the table, and the atmosphere was a little embarrassing. After a while, Ma Tingting couldn't help it, and had nothing to talk about with Yue Feng.

"Where are you Yue Feng? Did you know Zhao Zheng before?"

Yue Feng nodded: "I am from W City, and I met Zhao recently in Dongyang City to participate in the river fishing competition, and then I became familiar. I didn't expect this guy to sign up for the training camp! How about you?"

"My son, my dad is working at Fahrenheit. His big name is Ma Yuhua! I just caught up with college and haven't found a job yet. I have the opportunity to sign up!

I have been learning fishing with my dad since I was very young, but there has been no systematic study. Now that the online society is so developed from the media, I don’t want to earn a salary by working step by step to see if there are other opportunities! "

Hearing the three words of Ma Yuhua, Yue Feng was shocked. This is not much like the fishing predecessor of the old man. Although the popularity is not as high as that of the old man, the status in the circle is still quite high.

It seems to be serving on the Fahrenheit team. Every year, the battle of the king will show his face. It is one of the few fishing celebrities Yue Yue has an impression on.

"It turned out to be the gold of Teacher Ma's family, which has been admired for a long time!" Yue Feng said with emotion.

Ma Tingting rolled her eyes and said, "Ce, you guys know to coax people, and my dad is not a celebrity. What do you think of for a long time? I thought you could be special, and it's no different from Zhao Zheng!"

After saying this, Yue Feng was a bit uncomfortable, saying that although Jiu Yang had a polite component, it was not hypocritical, but it was a bit embarrassing to be presented in person.

"Teacher Ma works for the Fahrenheit Sports Team, right? Every year, the Battle of the Kings will appear on the show! Saying Jiu Yang, this is not polite to you!" Yue Feng explained.

"Well, it seems that this is the case!" Ma Tingting froze a little, scratching her head a little stunned.

"What are you two whispering about here? Take your hands!" Zhao Zheng boarded a large tray full of fried chicken, pork ribs, hot and sour fish, plus a few delicate stir-fry, all hard dishes in the canteen.

Yue Feng and Ma Tingting got up almost at the same time, helped to take down a plate of dishes and set them up, good guys, a total of two men and a woman and three people ate for six dishes!

"This standard is not low!" Yue Feng could not help teasing.

Zhao Zhengting said sternly: "That's right, don't look at who is invited to eat! Let's eat anything with our rough old men. Eat with beautiful women, the standard must be in place!"

Ma Tingting smiled slightly: "Zhengge broke the expenses!"

"Eat, eat! Don't be stunned! We will gather for a class meeting later in the evening!" Zhao Zheng greeted each other, and the three began to eat!

Facing the Ma Tingting next to him, Yue Feng didn't have any fluctuations in his heart. Since he moved the chopsticks, he basically didn't open his mouth to speak. He completely acted as a toolman and said nothing.

In contrast, Zhao Zheng will be much more active. He occasionally provokes a topic and asks a few words, having a good time with Tingting and the two.

A dinner was chicken and fish, and Yue Feng was quite full, compared with the other two people, not much, especially Ma Tingting, who had a small amount of food, and did not see a few chopstick dishes.

"Are you full?" Zhao Zheng asked.

"Well! I'm full!"

"I'm ok!"

"Then I will check out!" Zhao Zhengda walked in through the small door next to the console.

It was only after seeing this that Yue Feng reacted. Although it was a meal in a small cafeteria at night, it was not a big pot dish, but a small stove that Zhao Zheng was looking for other chef Fu alone. I said that I had not seen several dishes yesterday!

He proposed to go out to eat at the door of the dormitory and just talked casually. Zhao Zheng must have contacted the chef in the cafeteria in advance, otherwise it would not be possible to prepare the dishes so quickly.

At the end of the checkout, it was already 6:45, and the three of them snapped together and went straight to the large classroom on the first floor of the small building.

A lot of people have arrived in the classroom, and the noisy inside can be heard in the corridor.

Yue Feng pushed open the door, picked a seat by the window and sat down, fiddled with his mobile phone.

The large classroom is a bit similar to the ladder classroom when I was studying. The space is relatively large. There are at least 40 or 50 sets of tables and stools, but a large part of them are piled up at the end. Each table is separate, there is no table at all. .

"Hey buddy, did you know Master Qian's family so quickly?" Before the **** was sitting hot, Qin Humao came to the back of Yue Feng and pushed his shoulder.

As soon as Yue Feng heard this, he knew that he would definitely be seen by the other party when he was eating together at night, and he grinned: "Zhao Zheng is familiar with her, I just put together a number of light bulbs!"

"I said! Zhao Zheng's action is quick, your friend?"

Yue Feng nodded: "Well, the friends I met before in the river fishing competition!"

"Oh!" Qin Hu nodded after getting the desired answer, and quickly returned to the corner by the window.

After a few more minutes, 31 students were all here, and Yang Wenjian took the time to enter the classroom. The room soon became quiet.

"Hello everyone, first of all, on behalf of all our senior executives from Fahrenheit, welcome everyone! The content of this class meeting tonight is quite simple, there are only a few contents, everyone pay attention!

The first point is to choose a squad leader to come out. For the next 20 days, help me to communicate and serve with everyone!

The second point, emphasizing discipline during the training camp, get up on time every morning at 6 a.m. for morning exercises, and call the dormitory before 9 It is not allowed to spend the night outside without leave approval!

Finally, during the period of training and learning in the training camp, everyone should be united. If there is any problem, please contact me. Do not solve it in private, let alone do it!

Violation of disciplinary, one warning, two direct refund of registration fee to persuade! If there are vicious incidents such as fights and brawls, they will be handed over to the public security organs in accordance with law!

Okay, let’s start with the first student in the first row and come on stage one by one to introduce yourself! If you have any ideas about the position of squad leader, you can also put forward directly! "

The head teacher's voice had just fallen, and Yue Feng's system prompt for a long time was silent.

Ding! Trigger random plot task: [I want to be the monitor]

[I want to be the monitor]: Being a person can be low-key, and you must be high-key in your work. Dare to show yourself in an unfamiliar environment is the only way to a strong one.

Task requirement: Successfully running for squad leader.

Mission reward: unknown.

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