Seeing that Yue Feng was not entangled with this problem, Zhao Zheng said, "Don't be stunned, do you have a screwdriver? The fishing box accessories are not installed yet, just sit idle and install the accessories!"

Yue Feng scratched his head. He came to learn fishing from the system. Where can he find a screwdriver?

After thinking for a while, I patted my head, and there was a small tool box in the trunk of the car, which was there.

"There is in the car, wait for me to take it downstairs!" Yue Feng left the sentence and turned and left the room.

I trot to the parking position, opened the trunk and found a Phillips screwdriver, and carried it upstairs.

At this juncture, trainees have already received equipment to go upstairs, but the trainees were not familiar with Yue Feng and were too lazy to say hello, and soon returned to the room.

"It's pretty fast! Get it? Who comes first?" Zhao Zheng asked.

Yue Feng spread his hands: "As long as you have a lot of time, I will do it sooner or later!"

When Zhao Zheng heard Yue Feng, he was not in a hurry and took out his mobile phone, not knowing what was posted.

After a few seconds, a message prompt sounded.

Zhao Zheng glanced: "Since you are not in a hurry, don't blame the brothers for being unjustified. I will use the screwdriver first, and I will install them both later!"

Yue Feng didn't understand it, and asked, "What is it? What are you going to do??"

"It's still necessary to ask, it must be installed for my family Tingting first! This is a good opportunity to narrow the relationship!" Zhao Zhengli said straightforwardly.

This time Yue Feng reacted, helplessly whispered: "I get it! You are free!"

"Let's go first, send me a message to get the equipment is coming downstairs!" After leaving a sentence, Zhao Zheng turned around with a screwdriver and left the room.

In other words, Yue Feng does not have a deep understanding of the relationship between men and women. Now, Zhao Zheng alone shows him a lesson.

This is the real boldness and thick face. The evaluation of the boldness and thin face in the personality traits in the Yue Feng system data column is definitely false, and is completely a brother compared to Zhao Zheng's performance.

It is difficult to be single because of this ability to realize and grasp opportunities.

The screwdriver was taken away, and the accessories could not be installed for the time being, but anyhow, the fish hook and the fishing line were brought back, and they were available in every size from small to large numbers.

It's okay to be idle, Yue Feng took out the small cuff hook and the 0.4 strand, opened a new strand box, and tied the fish hook with his hands and feet.

With the addition of the master-level hooking skills, Yue Feng's hooking speed is very fast. His fingers flexibly circulate and close the line. Three hooks and two hooks are tied and hung up.

Thanks to the use of some fine thread sets I heard from Brother Liu before, Yue Feng still knows more about the strands used for regular fish.

The wire diameter is from 0.15 to 0.2, 0.3, 0.4. There are different types of preparations. One less preparation is used for ten pays. The commonly used matching models are tied for twenty pays. It takes less than an hour to work. Most of the boxes were tied.

After more than half an hour, a whole box of one hundred pairs of hooks was tied up, Yue Feng put down his tool and stood up to stretch his waist.

After a few seconds of simple relaxation, Yue Feng found the big line again, so he quickly made a dozen more sets of spares, and the preparation work on the fish hook line set was basically completed within less than two hours of effort!

After looking at the time, it was already 4:50, and Yue Feng couldn't help mumbling: "Mommies, it's been two hours. The last fishing box accessory was so long?"

As soon as the words fell, Zhao Zheng pushed open the door and walked in.

"I wipe, just thinking about it, you guys have been wearing accessories for so long! My box of hooks and box of wire are all done!" Yue Feng couldn't help but spit.

Zhao Zheng opened the suitcase with his hand and took two bottles of Coca-Cola from inside and threw a bottle to Yue Feng.

"Upper accessories are just a guise! There is always a chance, don't seize it!" Zhao Zhengyi said seriously.

"What's the matter?" Yue Feng asked.

"That's needless to say, Xiaozheng took the horse, and the result was two words. I won it! I invited Tingting to dinner with me at that time! Let's get together!"

Yue Feng shook his head: "Pull it down, you make friends, what am I going to do! I can find a casual one to deal with myself! I don't want you to be a light bulb!"

"That's what I said! I suspect you are catching up with the doll! Isn't it a preliminary understanding now? Pulling in a person together can relieve her alertness!

I wiped it. It was less than two hours. Have you tied all the strands? No, this should be the finished hand tie of the collar! "

In the first half of the sentence, Zhao Zheng was still teaching Yue Feng how to make a girl. He opened the strand box on the table and saw that the hooks in the box had been neatly tied up. Zhao Zheng's eyes were wide, and his face was incredible! Quickly turned around to get the strand box stuffed in his pole bag.

When Zhao Zheng opened his strand box and looked at it, the expression on his face was more abundant, and the new strand box was empty, exuding a slight smell of organic solvent glue.

"I wipe! Really tied by yourself?"

Yue Feng nodded and said of course: "Yeah, I just tied it up idle! Is there any problem?"

"It's all small hooks for target fish, **** so fast?"

Yue Feng smiled and said: "You will not forget it? My old business is to open a fishing tackle shop. If you tie more, you will be quick!"

"Mommies, real animals! This job is beautiful! Give me a box if you have time? Buddies invite you to dinner!" Zhao Zheng stared at the horizontal and vertical strands and sighed, and began to lure Yue Feng help.

Yue Feng nodded indifferently and nodded and agreed: "OK! Take the time to help you tie up! Soon!"

"I'll say brother you mean enough!" Yue Feng agreed without hesitation, obviously making Zhao Zheng a little unexpected. This is not the big hooks used for carp fishing, and the small hooks are extremely difficult to tie up.

"It doesn't matter if I help you, but if there is a hook and tie line in the training camp you'd better study hard by yourself! You can use it everywhere you go!" Yue Feng said casually .

"Yes, you're right! I don't struggle with this problem. I will arrange the fishing box accessories first, and it's time to eat!"

Next, the two people worked together to install the accessories of the fishing box, and simply put the equipment brought back. It was already six o'clock in the evening.

Zhao Zheng, the burnt guy, deliberately washed his head before going out, changed his clothes, and then locked the door with Yue Feng, waiting at the entrance of the small building.

After a while, Tingting also went downstairs.

"Here!" Zhao Zheng greeted and waved.

"Hello beautiful woman!" Said hello to the former Yue Feng with a smile.

"Hello, are you called Yue Feng? I'm Ma Tingting, take care of me!" Ma Tingting also specially greeted Yue Feng.

"Tingting, do you have nothing else to do at night? Or shall we go out to eat?" Zhao Zheng suggested.

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