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Upon awakening, Yue Feng became the owner of a fishing tackle shop on the verge of bankruptcy. The passing gave him an “embarrassing” career and at the same time gave him a system.

Since then, there has been a small but small The famous fishing tackle shop, with the blessing of the great god of the wai (tong), Yue Feng opened a live broadcast to make the internet popular.

Traditional fishing? Yue Feng Qixing Piaozha Caodong play fascinating.

Taiwan fishing? He is a player of the top speed fishing master.

Luya? Miqiao is just an entry-level, and Mi-grade Silver Dragon is just a dish on the dining table. Dream fish is like a bag for him.

Sea fishing? He is the heaviest world record holder of the blue-flag golden gun single-tail. This world can make a weather-ridden adult happy like a child.

There is not much sport. Fishing is one. Let us witness a kai fish ( gua) The rise of the fishing god who reached the peak!

- Description from soxs


Short Title:LFS
Original Title:钓鱼直播间
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Urban Life
Weekly Rank:#681
Monthly Rank:#513
All Time Rank:#2124

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