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Upon awakening, Yue Feng became the owner of a fishing tackle shop on the verge of bankruptcy. The passing gave him an “embarrassing” career and at the same time gave him a system.

Since then, there has been a small but small The famous fishing tackle shop, with the blessing of the great god of the wai (tong), Yue Feng opened a live broadcast to make the internet popular.

Traditional fishing? Yue Feng Qixing Piaozha Caodong play fascinating.

Taiwan fishing? He is a player of the top speed fishing master.

Luya? Miqiao is just an entry-level, and Mi-grade Silver Dragon is just a dish on the dining table. Dream fish is like a bag for him.

Sea fishing? He is the heaviest world record holder of the blue-flag golden gun single-tail. This world can make a weather-ridden adult happy like a child.

There is not much sport. Fishing is one. Let us witness a kai fish ( gua) The rise of the fishing god who reached the peak!

- Description from soxs


Short Title:LFS
Alternate Title:钓鱼直播间
Weekly Rank:#4042
Monthly Rank:#4042
All Time Rank:#3241
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Early Romance, Easy Going Life, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Slow Romance, Store Owner, System, Urban,
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  1. Hella confused, the mc says he doesn't like e-commerce, the gf does e-commerce on his live account, the mc finds out and is upset for a few seconds and says that he doesn't like it, the next day the gf does the same thing.

  2. you say against the gods is worst? Bruhh biggest joke i have ever seen...no doubt that novel falls in my seconds most fav novel

  3. I liked against the gods... Until when he started becoming lustful and started taking in hordes of wives and giving less time to his earlier ones... Whats the point of going against the gods or becoming top of the world when you dont have anything worth protecting, just have loads of wives who are like a cloth in your wardrobe where you go in and wear it for a few days and switch to a new one... I hate that kind of irresponcible MCs... But well as you said, everyone has there own unique POVs

  4. true that...whats the point of getting girls just to make them decorations...but thank god that right now, the girls have started to be useful, though some have basically been forgotten for countless chapters just because of 'Annihilation'...anyway i know a novel where girls work hard not relying on the mc and being decorations...'Please stop talking' is the title

  5. Agains the god basicly novel with complete storyline and great writing style... Not many novel had same level As agains the god novel

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