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Live Broadcasting Raising Dragons in the Interstellar

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Shen Mian, who had powerful wood and spacial abilities, was kicked out by his family for being an omega, became homeless and had zero deposits. The original owner was still a kindergarten teacher and was assigned to the most marginal planet and served as the dean of the preschool.

The preschool was small and broken and as the dean, Shen Mian has to live broadcast to generate income in addition to raising cubs.

So one day, on the largest interstellar live broadcasting platform, appeared a large scale meng selling scene, also known as Awei Crematorium, the audiences passed on word of mouth — 1551 in the live room, the dragons have gathered!

The cubs are a hundred pounds, they will breathe fire, can fight and will also sell meng, the preschool teacher Shen Mian is better than an alpha. The popularity of the live broadcast room was so great that the small nursery school became the best preschool in the interstellar.

Shen Mian diligently raised the cubs, he did not want the imperial prince that was among the cubs he raised.

Shen Mian: I, the dean, raise dragons.

Crown Prince: Raise, raise nine, bringing an adult, is it enough?

Shen Mian: See if a slap is enough.

Crown Prince: Enough, it’s enough, thank you, wife.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:
Alternate Title:在星际直播养龙
Author:Yú Zhī Shuǐ
Weekly Rank:#3020
Monthly Rank:#3456
All Time Rank:#2555
Tags:Beastkin, Childcare, Cold Protagonist, Cooking, Cute Children, Dragons, Futuristic Setting, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Omegaverse, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Royalty, Special Abilities, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration,
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9 Comments on “Live Broadcasting Raising Dragons in the Interstellar
  1. Ah your right. Chapter 52 repeated. Good thing translator on novelupdates updated!! XD it says there that novel is “complete”. There should be 111 chapters + 6 extras. Started reading this novel here on MTL, glad I found it! It’s cub raising association and another novel that I’m trying to remember but can’t recall... love the fluff~

  2. Hi! Sorry for the late reply; I felt like rereading this novel and checked the comments now. the translator on novelupdates or wordpress finished translating at the end of December. So, you can go to novelupdates, and it will direct you to the translator’s site. :)

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