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"This is the most dazzling monk in the world..."

Recalling the scene of Zhang Hang with Nie Lingxi and Luo Qiqi, and going to the sky, the exquisite fairy is envious.

An extraordinary birth, destined to her eyes is extraordinary, all along, I hope to find a strong person who surpasses himself and completely crushes himself, and finally walks together.

It is a pity that many great emperors are not much different from each other, even slightly inferior. Although some people have expressed love, they have not looked at their eyes.

It is not a high, but she wants to pursue the romantic love of the ordinary people, and the top power of the gods can't do it.

Yunxiao Emperor, Undead Emperor, Fushen Emperor, Xuan Ming Emperor, Qiankun Emperor, Caoyang Emperor...

I know them very well, just because I understand, I have no interest.

Yunxiao Emperor is a genius, and descendants of the descendants are all over the heavens; the undead emperor thinks about suicide every day, a pair of students can't be loved, and is not interested in women; the Fushun Emperor is arrogant and eager, and the patience is insufficient; the Qiankun Emperor is feminine, She doesn't like it; the Lord of the Sun, the informality, the unrestrained, not the ideal type...

As for the remaining ones, the one who is the **** of the sword, whoever ignores it, the heavenly emperor is pure and heartless, and the sky is a woman...

At the same level, no one can see the eye. Because of this, it has been single and lonely.

But... Which woman is not pregnant?

Which woman does not want to have a super strong person, to be his own backing, to support his future days?

Although she is a great emperor, she can't do her heart and soul, and she has no desire or desire. For this reason, she sleeps in the night and sleeps well.

A heart, nowhere to pin.

For this reason, I saw Zhang Hang and others, and I felt envious when I had a lover.

It’s a pity... it’s not your own.

Suppress this kind of mind and walk on the wide streets of the exquisite city.

It has been more than a month since Zhang Xuan and Ling Xiu Di Zun have been married, but the remaining heat has not subsided. It is still the object of numerous people who are competing to discuss.

After listening for a while, walked into a wide restaurant.

She has disguised her face and strength, and no one can recognize it.

The emperor is not always staying in the palace of high above. In many cases, he will turn into a mortal, and experience the joys, sorrows and sorrows of mortals.

Have some wine, sit in the window and savor.

I was relaxing in my heart. When I felt that I had just slowed down, a group of people came in the restaurant.

"it's him!"

With a low-pitched voice, dozens of people's gaze is concentrated on a middle-aged person not far from themselves.

It's a fat man, and his body looks a bit fat, because he looks back at himself and can't see his looks.

It seems that I don’t know that these people are watching him, but they pick up the glasses and taste them slowly.

A braised pork and a sauce elbow on the table, full of mouthfuls of oil.


Determined the person, the middle-aged man who looks like a leader first puts a big hand.


Dozens of people wearing uniforms will surround the fat middle-aged people in the center. They have not yet started, but they are already murderous. Everyone around them is frightened.

"Dear friends, there are some things that need to be dealt with, and I hope that you can avoid it first. Today's dishes are all on my head..."

The middle-aged man who looks like a leader waits for a fist and looks around for a week.

"Yes, we will leave right away..."

"It’s the official person!"

" Shangguanjia?"

"After the sacred green seal of the King of the Kings was killed, Shangguan Yunxiao was sealed, and the family was so big that the family power surged. It is already the first in the exquisite imperial city, and must not be offended..."

"The first family of the Imperial City? Who is this fat man? Why come to arrest him?"

"I don't know about it, nor should we know, let's go..."


In the quiet discussion, the people in the hotel hurried away.

It doesn't matter whether it hangs high or not, not to mention the first family of the Imperial City.

Soon, there were only a few dozen people and fat people in the big restaurant, and the exquisite fairy sitting by the window.

She was in a bad mood, and she finally found a place to rest, and naturally she would not leave.

"This friend, we have things to deal with in the official house, but we still hope to be able to leave, otherwise our hands and feet will have no eyes, and if we are injured, we will lose more than..."

Seeing that she did not leave, the middle-aged man who looked like a leader frowned.

"You are busy with you, I am just passing by..." Picking up the jug, the exquisite fairy poured a glass of wine, faintly, and the voice did not fall, I felt a flower in front of me, and the fat man not far away was already sitting opposite, took it. A sauce elbow handed over, smiled and said: "Little girl, you still go, they are a little troublesome to find me, if you can't get it, it will not be good to hurt you..."

I came to the opposite side to see clearly. This fat man's face is kind, although not very handsome, but has a special charm.

"They are the people of Shangguan, are you not afraid?"

I waved my hand and didn't pick up my elbow. The exquisite fairy was curious.

With her eyesight, it is natural to see the cultivation of this fat man, but the superiority of the top-level gods, the many powerful members of the Shangguan family, did not even fear, let her leave, this mentality, it is too powerful.

"Afraid? Is there anything terrible?"

The fat man's eyes are proud of the color: "a group of chickens and wattles!"

Seeing each other is really fearless, and the Fairy Fairy is becoming more curious.

Shangguan Yunxiao is the title of her titled seal. Although she is unmarried, she has seven younger brothers, one inherits the family, the family is big, and the gods are well-known.

In front of this fat man, just a top-class god, there is no fear, where does the courage come from?

"you wanna die……"

Hearing his words, the leader of the middle-aged man, his eyebrows jumped, his eyes showed the meaning of Xiaoxiao.

"This little girl, I didn't know it before, it doesn't matter to me. You can find me, don't be difficult for her..."

Knowing that the hands are on the way, the fat man put the elbows on the table, squatted on the sleeves, stood up, his hands behind his back, and his look was light.

Seeing the danger of the other side, I was still defending myself. The exquisite fairy showed a praising color.

Regardless of right or wrong, at least this kind of temperament is not comparable to the Shangguan family.

The heroic and refreshing, heart-breaking.

I have lived for at least so many years and I saw it for the first time.

"Hey, we were looking for you, do it!" The leader shouted coldly, surrounded by the subordinates, and at the same time.

For a moment, the sword rushed and shrouded him.

The fat man's face is not flustered, but a smile, the fat body, like a butterfly flying through the flowers, all kinds of swords, siege, even fell on the body half.


A series of boring, dozens of Chinese spirits all lying on the ground, one by one seriously injured.

"A strong battle to comprehend..."

The exquisite fairy nodded secretly.

With her eyesight, it is natural to see the real situation of the war between the two sides.

The strength of this fat man is the top-notch god, unremarkable, but in a short time, defeating so many Chinese spirits is not a powerful force, but an understanding of the battle.

He seems to be able to see the flaws of everyone's offense, make pre-judgments in advance, and respond.

For this reason, so many people attacked at the same time, did not hurt the points, but was easily defeated.

"Hugh to be crazy!"

The leader saw his subordinates being defeated so quickly, his face changed and he came to the front.

As soon as he exerted his power, he immediately showed the repair, half-step king!

The single theory of cultivation and strength is far more than the fat man in front of you, and the tricks are exquisite. At first glance, you know that you have the core inheritance of the Shangguan family, and the status is not low.


Sword gas contains Xiao, silver mans burst, in the face of absolute strength, although the fat man has a high understanding of the battle, still some can not resist, retreat.

"Be careful……"

The exquisite fairy frowned.

This fat man gave her a good impression. When she saw this scene, she naturally refused to let her hurt.

"Don't worry, since I said that the chicken, the chicken, is a chicken!"

Haha smiled, the fat man suddenly took a step back, picked up the sauce elbow on the table again, took a sip, his eyes showed the momentum of all things: "Let me see you, how strong!"

After talking about going forward, the heavy body is like a mountain like Yue.

"This is... heroism!"

The eyes of Linglong fairy are shining, and the well-being of the ancient well can't help but be touched.

I always thought that I would never see a hero anymore. I couldn’t see the man who made her want. I didn’t expect this fat man with a flat face. In the face of a person who is taller than him, he is still so calm and so powerful. .

This self-confidence is by no means an ordinary person can do it.

Being oppressed by the fat man, the leader had some fear, and eventually he bit his teeth and rushed over again.


A few consecutive strokes, a confident fat man, was drawn back and forth.

Confidence can't change the disadvantage of lack of strength.

"Let's go, dare to do it to me, you know who I am?"

After a few steps of continuous retreat, the fat man stopped and showed a proud color.

"who are you?"

Seeing his expression, the leader stunned and couldn’t help but stop.

Although the Shangguan family is very powerful, there are many people who dare not offend. It is like the original venetian red, a mistake made, the whole family disappeared immediately.

"I am the steward of heaven and earth..."

Arrogantly, the whole person of the fat man stood outside the heavens and the earth and hurried forward: "You do it to me, that is, to start with the gods, to be dissatisfied with the heavens and the earth, to resist the heavens and the earth, to find death!"


When the wrist is turned over, a jade card in the palm of the hand suddenly emerges. The more it is pulled, the stronger the majesty, like a heaven, and it will come down at any time.

"This is... the breath of Zhang Su Di Zun?"

A splendid fairy.

The atmosphere contained in the jade card is very clear. It is not someone else. It is the unique one.

Is it difficult to make this fat man who is slightly appreciative of her, and Zhang Sushang?


It is strange that the fat man who sacrificed the jade brand took the upper hand and severely wounded the leader. This shook his head in a sigh, full of clouds and lightness: "Sure enough!"

After I put down my elbows, carrying my hands, I turned and walked out without taking a cloud.

"This friend, please stay a step..."

Seeing that someone was so chic, the exquisite fairy couldn’t help it anymore, stood up and couldn’t help but look at it: “I don’t know how to call a friend?”


The fat man's chin is raised, his eyes are proud, and he looks like he will go with the wind at any time: "Sun Qiang!"

"Sun Qian?"

Remember the name, the exquisite fairy smiled and looked at the table: "Your sauce elbow..."

"Ha ha!"

Sun Qiang turned his head and smiled: "It's your sauce elbow..."

Linglong fairy is a pretty face.


One year later, Linglong Fairy, Sun is powerfully married.

The insomnia of Linglong Fairy is completely solved.

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