The "Tiandao Library" is finished.

Yesterday I wanted to write a testimonial. As a result, I came to a friend who has not been available and has been dragged to the present.

This book has given me too many honors, Great God, Platinum, the first overseas...

But it is also the hardest to write for so many years.

After a great joy, with my son, I also experienced great sadness and my father died.

Happy, sad.

Excited, confused.

I felt that I could control the world and I could do anything about it;

I also felt that reality is nothing, it is a waste!

Emotional ups and downs, in the book, will inevitably be mixed, not imagined perfection.

Now I say that an outline is well designed but not written.

Luo Qiqi, the outline design, when the gods, in order to save the death of Zhang Hang, turned into a quiet bead, into the realm of the gods.

Under the wrath of emotions, he became a nine-secret god, destroying the earth, but he was blind...

The foreshadowing has long been buried, and as a result, because of the reversal of Luo Qiqi and Luo Ruoqi, I dare not write.

Because of this reversal, the subscription is bloody...

I also paid a price for my own waywardness, sweat!

No way, I have to change the outline, I don’t dare to abuse the Lord...

I am dead, no wonder others.

Some people say that the rush at the end is actually not in a hurry.

At the end of the climax, the end of Zhang’s most splendid moment is the best choice. If you continue to write it down, it will be a little dragged.

Hanging, most like to force, you let him not force to live, it is better to let him die...

So... finished! (How, is this explanation satisfactory? This is already the best reason I think. I am not satisfied, come and hit me! I can't beat it, but I have arrogance and definitely take a super handsome position...)

However, don't worry, you will write outside when you have time in the world, for example: Luo Xuanqing Fan... The setting is in the air, but I didn't mention it at the end, because Laoya has to write him a separate story. To be honest, I also I really want to know, he heard the expression of Zhang Hang as an emperor...

As for the results of Luo Qiqi, Laoya is also considering, will give a result, specifically how it will be added to the outside.

Fan outside, will be sent to the public number, you can use WeChat search "sweep the horizon", add attention, once updated, it will remind.

Finally, talk about the new book.

The new book has two ideas, and it is tangled to write which one.

As for the type, or the fantasy, the World of the World, like the Tiandao Library, it is easy and humorous, and it guarantees the innovation of the Jedi, which makes you think of it... I scanned it roughly, and it is different from all kinds of books at the beginning, absolutely no one writes. Over.

Innovation, Laoya is serious.

As for the release of the time, let me rest for a while, this book, I feel that all the energy is drained, I need to rest, but also need to be recharged.

However, it won't last long, and it should be opened before New Year's Day.

As for the day, what is the title of the book, I will announce it in advance on the public number and Weibo (Sina Weibo, search for "the starting point sweeps the horizon" is certified).

Well, there is more to say, there are differences in the gathering, the story of heaven, I know there are many flaws, but I am really serious about writing, my feelings about Zhang Hang, more than anyone.

At the time of writing "The End of the Book", it was already four in the morning, and I sat quietly on the stool, and I was in a daze for nearly an hour.

My heaven, my hanging, is over.

However, behind, there will be new stories, a new world, and the same will be launched for everyone.

A different story than Zhang Hang, different from Nie Yun.

Like the old world, please collect a book, a new book, no accident, within two months, there will be news...

Finally, I wish everyone who reads my book, all...666.

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