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At this time, everything is suddenly bright, we have come out of this universe. At this time, when I looked back, I saw that the universe behind us turned out to be a small pond.

And what I saw next was the most terrifying and terrifying thing in this world.

In front of us, a huge and incomparable **** appeared in front of us. This is a man in the handle * universe. Every time he shoots, he will pull a powerful being out of the universe.

Like picking an egg, he pulls out the Almighty of the level of the Lord of Reincarnation. At this time, his eyes suddenly looked at us.

When I saw this scene, my heart and soul were all broken, and my voice shouted painfully: "Go!"

As I roared, the giant looked at us, and at the next moment, waved his hand. The indescribable power shone towards us in this way.

At this moment, I mobilized all the power, the highest crown, unlimited power. But completely useless.

This force is enough to ignore everything and eliminate everything.

Seeing this scene, my father hurried out. It's just that he hasn't had time to start. The giant hand suddenly dropped.

This makes us completely stunned, because it is incredible.

This pantheon race will let us go. But soon we understood. He reached out and grabbed the starship of the institute. Seems to see the same interesting things.

At this time my father shouted: "Go ahead at full speed, we must seize the time and enter other universes!"

I nodded my head and started the starship, and just passed by. At this moment, the starship penetrates towards a universe.

However, at this time, the star ship was suddenly caught by a giant hand.

"It's finished!" I shouted desperately at this place. Regardless of other people, this is also the case.

This is the whole **** family, the universe exists the strongest. We want to fight them. Just kidding.

Even if my mother reached the point of the infinite, it was not an opponent.

We are completely desperate. This hand grabbed us and made us completely unable to move. At this moment, the resistance seems to be in vain.

However, at this critical moment, his father roared, and then an amazing breath erupted throughout his body, rushing towards the whole **** race.

However, it was useless at all, the whole **** clan just glanced at him. My father screamed and fell backwards.

The gap between these forces is no longer verbal.

A deep sense of powerlessness permeated my heart. And at this moment, I suddenly understood what.

Many of this world cannot be avoided. The same is true of disasters.

Just like how we work hard, the world is still dying.

No matter how we keep, relatives will leave us.

And what we have to do is probably just waiting.

I closed my eyes slightly, and there was no sadness in my heart.

Everything is because of that fatal impulse. This has led to my current situation.

If I were just an ordinary person, it would not be a bad thing to die in this undead spirit.

It was just that the expected nightmare did not come. At this moment, a roar suddenly sounded in the distance, and the All-God Race immediately released us. Then he turned and rushed out. It seems very rushed.

Indistinctly, I heard a vocabulary. God killer.

It was only very soon that the whole Protoss disappeared and became invisible.

At this time, my father looked around, then pointed to a universe and said, "Go there."

I hurriedly drove the starship and rushed into a strange universe. When we rushed in, the whole protoss returned. He disregarded our departure and continued to deal with the matter just now.

Our universe will soon perish. Countless creatures were captured by him. At this time, he waved his hand and scattered the mysterious matter. Then the otherwise lifeless universe revived again. Just want to return to the top, I am afraid it will take a long time.

But for the whole Protoss, it is basically insignificant time.

He sat in the same place again, then picked up a fishing rod and angled in a universe. Everything seems to have happened.

Rushing into a strange universe, the starship descended into a sea of ​​stars. It's very bright here.

At this time, I was worried and said: "Will the whole **** clan find us?"

"He won't find us because it's not worth it." Father said.

I understood his thoughts, and then said with emotion: "I didn't think we were just goldfish raised by others, but we are still high above."

"It's already lucky to be able to survive. I survived twice, it's really not easy." Father said.

I nodded, looked at the surrounding Xinghai, and said with a smile: "Just rebuild our home here."

Five years later, a city was built from this sea of ​​stars. On a sandy beach, I lay on my chair and looked at the beautiful scenery in front of me.

Chen Lanyu, Liu Ying, Luna, and several women are pregnant. Enjoying the sea in the distance.

At this time Duan Muxuan came over, and it was Sima Yi beside him. Blood Yan Luo, the heavens, Ye Xiulao. They are all here.

"How is the matter under investigation?" I asked lazily.

"According to our investigation, at present, there hasn't been any immortal robbery in the universe." Sima Yi said.

"Oh, to put it this way, we have at least nine times of immortal robbery to be spent. This is a long time." I said with a smile.

"Yes, every time the gods and monsters are countless, the duration is about one billion years. That is to say, we will have tens of billions of years to prepare." Sima Yi said.

"But even for such a long time, what should come will come." Duan Muxuan said.

"That's what will happen in the future. For so long, we will definitely find a way to fight against the Protoss." I stretched out and then leisurely said: "I plan to play for a hundred years first. Then I will think about a way . "

"Since that's the case, I'm just taking a break." Duan Muxuan sat aside, his voice muttered: "I've been thinking, do we escape like this, is it really good to come to the end?"

"It's nothing bad, since I can't solve the problem, just put it aside. I can solve it when I can solve it." I smiled slightly, then stood up and said seriously: "Did you not see the whole protoss suddenly leave? If I didn't If you guess wrong, I am afraid that something incredible has happened in other universes. "

"Maybe that person is the key to everything. Anyway, I don't want to be a savior anymore. Now, I just want to take a good rest. It's a matter of saving the world, let others leave it."

"Really you can't do it." Duan Muxuan smiled slightly, then looked at the distance and said: "Since that is the case, I will leave. The wedding with Ye Fuyao still needs preparation."

"Got it." I waved and looked at the laughing Chen Lanyu. Walking slowly, his eyes were very gentle.

Dominate the universe, what about eternal immortality? You are my destination.