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Chapter two thousand fifty-five, the ultimate god

Countless civilizations are running away, faced with the infinite robbery of gods and demons, all who dare to confront are wiped out in it. Others are avoiding the immense robbery of gods and demons. The gods and demons are innumerable, not slow or slow, but they always devour everything around them.

As long as it is within its scope, it will definitely not survive.

There was once an Almighty who entered into the immense robbery. It just persisted for less than three days.

At the beginning, it was just some catastrophe. For example, the fire and water disaster, for the all-rounder. It makes no sense at all.

But later, the disaster became stronger and stronger, first the fairy fire, and later it was enough to burn all the sky fire. Then the power of the Almighty dried up inexplicably. Finally died in it quickly.

This makes many people understand that the gods and demons can't rob the enemy innumerable, they can only escape.

Therefore, there are more and more people fleeing, and more and more powerful people.

At this time, the three major organizations are not in a hurry. It seems to be ready.

And no one knows, my father and I disappeared.

When I appeared, I had arrived in a strange star field, but in this strange star field, there was a huge ship.

This is a star ship that has exhausted countless geniuses in the universe, and used only a few things to know. This ship is extremely poor with countless technologies. It was a boat that my father took a long time to build.

The speed of this ship is already the strongest in the universe. Even the Almighty cannot match it.

And this is our plan, as long as we take this boat, we can escape the universe.

To this end, we planned not to know how long. This is a plan that lasted a long time.

"Finally, it was completed within the scheduled time." Duan Muxuan smiled slightly, and then said: "By borrowing the power of space, I can also take a large number of people. In this way, we have escaped."

"That's fine." I let out a sigh of relief and looked at the big ship in front of me. "I hope everything is well. We can all escape alive."

So, we took the boat one after another. Ready to go.

But starting now is very difficult. Because according to my father. Only at the moment when the universe is about to collapse, there is a hint of possibility to rush out.

They rushed out in the same way at the beginning, for which they paid a great price.

But now, we can't manage so much.

On the other side, countless civilizations are running away. However, at this time, three major organizations appeared. When the three major organizations appeared, countless civilizations were relieved.

The immortal robbery is related to the survival of the universe. This time they will not stand idly by.

Although the three major organizations have experienced nine innumerable disasters, this time is extraordinary. Therefore, they are all standing by.

Lord of reincarnation, **** of the pantheon, director of the universe research institute.

The three of them are the three giants of the universe. Let the cosmic era continue to end, and let disasters continue to emerge. They still stand.

But this time, even they were nervous. Because they also understand that this time is different.

"The final harvest seems to be ready to begin." The Lord of Reincarnation said with a sigh.

"Yes, after nine harvests, the harvest will be extremely cruel. We have known this for a long time." God said.

"It's not a matter of discussion now. The details of our three major organizations for so many years. It's time to come up with it. We can only see it if we fight against the immortal robbery of the devil. We can only see it if we see it. Said.

"Then, let me start." The Lord of Reincarnation looked at the innumerable robbers of the demon a few light years away, and it was coming at an infinite speed. And the Lord of Reincarnation said at this time: "In tens of millions of years, I have harvested more than half of the life of the universe. I devoured everything madly. Just for today."

"Hundreds of ghosts can be born as a gang, while tens of millions of hunches can give birth to a hope, and tens of millions of hopes can give birth to a barbarian."

"And now, I have trillions of foreigners here, let them devour the gods and innumerable robbery!"

After the Lord of Reincarnation finished speaking, the endless barrage rushed past. Although each barbarian is not very powerful, after the endless barrage has passed, the world is covered. Everything is dying.

Under this force, even the gods must be trembling. Even the true God must bow his head. Even the all-rounder can only turn around and run.

The Yi itself is a creature at the end of death. Although the Infinite Devil is powerful, it cannot kill them. They rushed into the immense robbery of gods and deities, tearing wildly. Infinite Devil can kill some of them, but they cannot kill them all.

In this way, the innumerable robbery of God and Devil collided with Yi crazy for ten days and ten nights.

I do n’t know how much it has lost, but the power of God ’s innumerable robbery is endless. The Lord of this reincarnation was shocked.

"How is this possible? I have worked hard for tens of millions of years. It has destroyed one world after another. Is this the case in the end?"

No wonder the Lord of Reincarnation is so shocked. The last time the gods and demons were countless, he was relying on these help. In order to be able to escape the infinite robbery. Unexpectedly, it's useless now.

It lasted for more than ten days. During these more than ten days, Yi died and was wounded. I don't know how many. Enough to swallow the power of the universe. In the end, it was no match for the infinite power behind the infinite robbery.

Soon, countless annihilations were wiped out, and the speed of the spread of immortals was increasing.

"It looks like you can't do it anymore, let it be us." Shenshen said with a sneer, then he stood up. Although the Lord of Reincarnation was extremely angry, he retreated.

The Pantheon, as the organization that stands at the pinnacle of the universe, brings together countless gods. At this moment, countless gods stood up. They use a secret method to make their own laws common to each other.

Therefore, countless gods even converged into an unprecedented tall figure. This figure is so majestic that even the Lord of Reincarnation will be terrified.

The God of Excitement said excitedly: "Haha, this is the way of our Pantheon. We collected all the gods of the rules. Then we used the secret method to make them merge with each other. Finally, we formed an omnipotent spirit."

"This **** is proficient in all laws and has infinite power. This infinite power is almost destroying everything. There is simply no way to fight it. It is easy to use it to deal with the infinite robbery of gods and demons."

After the **** had finished speaking, he rushed directly into it, and soon, his power also turned into it. In this way, a terrible monster that gathered the power of the gods. That's how it was born.

This is an amazing god. His strength is already very strong.

At this time, the ultimate god, suddenly rushed out of the immortal robbery.

The gods and demons are innumerable and cannot stop its progress. There is no power at all, can hurt this ultimate god.

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