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Fatal impulse

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Forget to worry

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Chapter One, The Beginning of Death

Did everyone grab the WeChat red envelope? Although it may only cost a few cents each time, I still enjoy it.

Especially grabbing the red envelopes of strangers, it makes people feel like they are taking the big advantage.

But what I want to say is that there are times when there is really no need to grab the red envelopes of strangers, because the few cents you greedy may make you irreparable and even kill Huang Quan!

Unfortunately, I have experienced it once ...

That happened during a late self-study in my high school, when the teacher was not there, and the classroom was chaotic. My cell phone rang suddenly, and after opening it, I found that the WeChat group in the class was upset.

I don't know when a stranger joined the group.

The stranger's name is the gatekeeper of the local government. He said, "Who will play the exciting game? You won the red envelope for WeChat."

Hearing what he said, I immediately became interested. Since I entered the second year of high school, the course has become a lot of tension, which makes us feel pressured one by one. Now seeing such a chance to play, naturally promised.

But then a classmate said: "I don't believe it, you have the ability to send one first."

The local gatekeeper immediately agreed, and then really sent a red envelope in the group, we immediately grabbed it. And I also grabbed five dollars. This makes me very happy.

Now everyone came to interest, and let him continue to send red envelopes.

Who knows that the gatekeeper of the prefecture will not send anymore, but tells us that if he wants to send him a red envelope, he must play games with him.

We naturally promised, and no one objected. It seems that everyone is looking forward to this game.

"Since everyone is willing to play, then I will talk about the rules of the game. Next, I will publish tasks and designate candidates, such as ordering XX students to do XX things. There will be a red envelope reward for the task, otherwise there will be a penalty! "

We all shouted in the group: "Hurry up, I can't wait."

Just as everyone was discussing, the gatekeeper of the prefecture said: "Then the first task, Zhang Fan wants to kiss Liu Ying's hand. The task period is: two hours. Now the game starts."

After seeing this, I couldn't help but froze, because I was Zhang Fan.

Let me kiss Liu Ying? I have no opinion, but she certainly does not agree. After all, I am a hanging wire. No girl likes it in the class.

But when I hesitated, there were already many people coaxing them, and they dragged me to Liu Ying. At this time, I was sitting in front of her, looking at Liu Ying's face, unable to speak for a long time.

As for Liu Ying, she glanced at me and then didn't speak.

And beside me, there are onlookers, they look at me one by one with pride, and at the same time, people keep cheering.

"Kiss her!"

"Kiss her!"

"Kiss her!"

Seeing the coaxing of the people around me, I finally became emboldened and took Liu Ying's hand and kissed it. When I finished kissing, Liu Ying gave me a disgusted glance, then lowered his head, and then wiped the palm of his handkerchief clean.

Seeing this, I felt a little sad in my heart. But I returned to my seat.

At this time, the gatekeeper of the local government appeared, he said: "Zhang Fan completed the task, and a 500 yuan WeChat red envelope has been sent to his account."

I picked up my phone in surprise, and I saw that the gatekeeper of the prefecture sent me a red envelope, which was exactly 500 yuan.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised at this time. Five hundred yuan is not a small amount for our high school students, and everyone looks forward to the next task.

"The second task, Liu Meijia wants to sing a song in public. Task duration: one hour."

Liu Meijia came to the podium generously and sang a song. Her voice is soft and beautiful, making people feel very comfortable in their ears.

After she stepped down, many classmates applauded. The whole class atmosphere is very warm.

After she completed the task, she also got a WeChat red envelope. There are exactly five hundred yuan in it.

Next, the gatekeeper of the prefecture released a third mission: "Li Guoan smashed his mobile phone. The duration of the mission: 12 hours. Failure punishment: Qiqiao bleeds to death."

"What the hell!" Li Guoan stood up before we responded. His angry eyes looked at us: "Who is the gatekeeper of the local government, come quickly to Laozi, don't think I don't know that you are here class!"

Hearing what he said, I also reacted. Li Guoan was right, the gatekeeper of this prefecture should be the person in our class. Otherwise, he could not know the names of us.

"Paralysis, isn't it jealous that I just bought an iPhone7? You want Laozi to smash the phone for 500 yuan. Are you a lazy brain?" Li Guoan looked around angrily, and then screamed: "Laozi doesn't Smash, you have the ability to kill Lao Tzu! "

"Okay, okay, just a joke, don't be so angry." The squad leader stood up and said. Others also comforted him, and Li Guoan sat down scoldingly.

Since then, the gatekeepers of the prefectures in the group have never said a word again, and no one took it seriously, anyway, it was just a joke.

The next day, the class was chaotic, the class teacher gave a temper as usual. But everyone is not too serious.

I sat on the seat and looked at the mobile phone, but I saw the gatekeeper of the prefecture was still in the group of our class, but everyone seemed to forget him. But I don't know why, I am a little uneasy in my heart, it seems that something is going to happen.

My eyes could not help looking at Li Guoan, but I saw his face as usual, not as if something had happened. Thinking of this, I laughed at myself, and then left the matter behind.

After class, while I was chatting at the same table, a girl suddenly screamed, "Li Guoan, what's wrong with you?"

Hearing her voice, everyone in the class suddenly focused his gaze on Li Guoan, but he saw his face pale, and his expression was a bit dazed. He shook his head: "I'm fine. It's just a little uncomfortable."

"I'll take a leave for you, you can go home." The squad leader came over and said.

Li Guoan nodded and was about to speak. But when she saw the girl next to her, she suddenly pointed at her face and shouted, "You have a nosebleed."

Li Guoan stretched out his finger and touched his nose. Sure enough, he saw blood on his finger. He shook his head, his expression relaxed: "It's okay, it should be on fire."

It's just that after he finished speaking, the girl's face was even more ugly. Not only this girl but also our face became extremely frightened.

Because I don't know when it will start, Li Guoan's nose, corners of his eyes, corners of his mouth, and ear holes are slowly bleeding. At a glance, it is particularly infiltrating.

"Li Guoan, what's wrong with you?" The squad leader was also taken aback. He took a step back and asked him with his gaze.

As for us, we looked at him inconceivably.

Li Guoan stood up swaying, his face pale and scary. On his face, blood continued to ooze out. Make his face look terrible, then he extended his hand tremblingly, looked at us in fear, and then said in horror: "Help me, who will help me."

"Quick fight 120!" The squad leader hurriedly shouted, and the people around him were frightened, and hurriedly made calls.

It was just too late at this time. Li Guoan was standing on the spot with blood on his face. At the moment, his body was bleeding a lot. I have never seen a person bleed so much. Soon, his face twitched, and he fell heavily to the ground. Then no more. And on the ground, there was blood everywhere.

"Ah!" The onlooker girl reacted and collapsed to the ground. The squad leader's face was also scared pale.

"Dead! Li Guoan is dead!" Some girls shouted out of control, and many girls were directly scared and fainted. The boys around were also shocked by the tragedy in front of them. Everyone's face was frightened, and it took a long time for students to react.

"Who has a cell phone, call the police quickly." A boy reminded. Someone woke up immediately.

But at this moment, everyone's mobile phone rang.

In the class group, the gatekeeper of the prefecture appeared again. He said: "Because Li Guoan didn't complete the task, he was punished by bleeding from the Qiqiao. The following new task begins."

"Mickie must take off her clothes in front of the students in the class, otherwise she will be executed. The task period is: 1 hour."

Seeing the content on the mobile phone, all of us were stunned. We could not imagine that the gatekeeper of the prefecture actually said it was true, and this time the task was even more excessive! Let a girl undress under a large audience!

Mickey was stunned when she saw the phone. After a while, she shouted in horror: "I don't want to take it off, I don't want to take it off." After that she fell on the table and cried bitterly.

At this time the squad leader stood up quickly, his eyes looked around, his voice was horrified: "Who is the gatekeeper in the group? Stand up quickly!"

His voice was frightened, and he was about to cry. The students around him looked at the frightened eyes one by one, but no one knew who the gatekeeper was.

Faced with this situation, Mickey cried in tears, her face full of fear. Seeing her look, the girl next to her hurriedly comforted her. But this time I can see. Everyone in the classroom, all the expressions on his face are panic.