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Pure white fine salt and white sugar, comfortable cotton clothes and other merchandise, filled up all of Black Rock Tribe’s warehouses; beautifully and delicately crafted commodities of YiWu blinded the eyes’ of several tribal chiefs that had come to trade. Carrot-sized ginseng and massive ferocious beasts were all exchanged for bags of salt and white sugar, and a few other goods. Both sides were extremely happy regarding this kind of trade.

Master NiuXu lazily leant against his fur-coated throne, standing below him was a robust tribal warrior; He thought ‘They are getting more and more audacious recently since America and Europe are backing their Genesis Warrior. It is time to hire a few Totem warriors.’

A dimensional travel novel set in a post apocalypse world with genetically enhanced humans where our poor mc, Niu Xu, accidentally discovered a way to travel to the primordial age. Furthermore, he can travel back and fourth between both worlds.

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Short Title:LGOTPM
Alternate Title:放开那个原始人
Author:ChangTui DaShu
Weekly Rank:#8687
Monthly Rank:#5537
All Time Rank:#3518
Tags:Ancient Times, Apocalypse, Cheats, Cultivation, Determined Protagonist, God-human Relationship, Gore, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Orphans, Politics, Racism, Ruthless Protagonist, Slaves, Transmigration, Transported to Another World, Tribal Society, World Hopping, World Travel,
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  1. I think "horny mc" tag needs to be added as most his decisions are based of what his lower half likes. Competent secretary or empty vase that i paid off family debt on top of paying a huge monthly wage? Empty vase cause she looks hot. Ignoring the fact she has used him since she met him and he is not only ok woth but eager to be a slave to her. He cant see a female on two legs without panting and drooling. Alot of my interest has dropped due to his horn dog decision making method.

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