Chapter 585 President. Anyone who kills people often knows...

In the hotel room, Mona hugged Luo An's neck from behind, her head was squeezed next to Luo An's head, and she asked doubtfully:

 “What place is familiar?”

Luo An touched Mona’s arm and whispered:

"Anyone who often kills people knows that killing is easy, but disposing of the body is the most troublesome."


Mona rolled her eyes at Luo An:

 “What do you mean? Do you often kill people?”

Luo An lowered his head and kissed Mona’s arm, and said with a smile:

“No, I mean, corpses are difficult for a lot of people to deal with.”

"I know."

Mona nodded. She had been exposed to so many cases and had seen many case files in the past. She understood what Luo An said was fine, but Mona was still a little confused:

Mona put her hands on her hips and said:

 “It’s ahead of schedule, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before.”

Mona blushed pretty, hit Luo An's arm hard, turned around and left:

 After washing up, Luo An simply tidied up and lay down on the bed, kissed Mona, turned off the bedside lamp and got ready to sleep.

Luo An sighed, reluctantly put down Mona's feet, turned around and walked to the nearby bathroom to start washing up.

Luo An was stunned when he grabbed Mona's feet and frowned slightly:

 “I remember the time is not today?”

Luo An grinned, tilted his head and kissed Mona's pretty face, and then said softly:

 “You..., I’ll tell you.”

"All right."

 “You sleep on the sofa tonight!”

 “What do you say?”

 In the dark night, Luo An suddenly raised his eyebrows:

 “Mona, what do you want to do?”

 “Wow, I love your saving.”


Mona suddenly increased the movement of her hands, causing Luo An to snort, and she laughed:

“I just put on your favorite lipstick. It’s not a good habit to waste it.”

 “Just got some ideas.”

"what idea?"

 “I’m not convenient today.”

 “It doesn’t count if you say it!”

Mona sat on the edge of the big bed, put her feet on Luo An's chest, and said with a smile:

 “No, I really mean what I said.”

Luo An threw the document in his hand on the coffee table, turned over the sofa and rushed towards Mona, smiling:

"So, Luo An, what do you mean? Have you discovered the pattern of the murderer behind the second serial murder case?"

Luo An put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes quietly.


 The next day, at nine o'clock in the morning, in the temporarily borrowed office, everyone continued to deal with the follow-up work of the "Murder Case with a Stick on the Back of the Head".

Suddenly, Luo An's cell phone rang. He pressed the answer button and found that it was Veranith.

 “Good morning, sir.”

"good morning."

Veranith smiled and asked:

 “How is the case going?”

 “Well...this case is a little complicated.”

Luo An walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, took a sip of coffee, and began to briefly describe what was originally thought to be one case, but now turned out to be three cases.

  After hearing Luo An’s statement, Veranith’s expression suddenly changed.

One serial murder case was already difficult to solve, but now it has become two cases, and there is another case of double corpses. Veranith's face was as dark as water, and she said seriously:

 "Luo An, I'm going to..."

“Fortunately, I have led people to investigate the third double corpse case.”

Luo An smiled, drank the coffee in the cup, then described Hannah's case, and then asked:

 “Sir, what did you just say?”


Veranith rolled her beautiful eyes, her eyes were shining brightly, and she was not angry with Luo An. She pondered for a few seconds and said:

"Do you need me to send someone to help?" "No need for now. I will call the chief if necessary."


Verineth nodded, then she lowered her voice and whispered:

“Also, Roan, there’s something I need to tell you.

The investigation team you led has a 100% case detection rate so far. I don’t know who has spread the word, but now it has been known to the president. "

Luo An put down his coffee cup. The news really surprised him:

 “Federal President?”

 “That’s right.”

Veranith’s tone was very serious and she said:

“Listen Roan, I know it’s an honor to meet the president.

 But matters at the presidential level are very complicated, far beyond what people at your level and mine can handle.

If someone from the president comes to see you, you must not rush to agree. You must contact me or Mr. Clement as soon as possible. Do you understand? "

 After such a long period of contact and work, Veranith has seen that Luo An does not value power very much and prefers money.

  However, as the Federation is one of the top countries on the planet, and the president, as the leader of a country, his status and power are far beyond what ordinary people can imagine, and the promises he can make are by no means ordinary.

So Verenis is very worried that Luo An will respond to the other party's orders in a hot head without knowing anything, and get involved in some complicated events.

 In the end, he was made a scapegoat for some people for no apparent reason, and he lost his life without even knowing what happened.

 “I understand, sir.”

Hearing Veranith's words, Luo An's expression became extremely serious, and he nodded in agreement.

It doesn’t matter who the current federal president is, nor does the identity of future federal presidents matter. What matters is only their stance and party.

 In 2006, the battle between the Republicans and the Democrats was not as intense as it would be in the future, but there was still a lot of chaos.

Luo An has a deep understanding of the murderous nature of the federal political arena, and has always thought about using the things inside to move forward.

 There are pitfalls on both sides, and the risk factor is too high to be worth it.

 “As long as you understand.”

Veranith breathed a sigh of relief, and the two chatted briefly for a while. When she was about to hang up the phone, Luo An suddenly interrupted her and asked in a low voice:

“Sir, do you know who the person who reported that I have a 100% case detection rate is?”

 “I don’t know, I’m investigating.”

Veranith’s expression changed and she asked:

 “Luo An, what are your guesses?”

Luo An was silent for a few seconds, narrowed his eyes slightly, and whispered:

“Sir, Minister Antoine from the Office of Professional Responsibility once invited me to have dinner with him after get off work, but I was busy working on a case at the time, so I declined.”

Hearing Luo An's name, Veranith's face suddenly turned cold, and she said in a cold voice:

“I understand, Luo An, you can continue working on the case, and remember to call me in time if you need help.”

 “Okay, sir.”

Hang up the phone, Luo An looked at the scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling window, a flash of thoughtfulness flashed in his eyes, and whispered to himself:


 At this moment, Michelle came over and said:

“Team leader, all the relevant information on the first serial murder case and the second serial murder case has been sorted out.”

"very good."

Luo An put back the messy thoughts in his mind and turned around to walk to the conference room not far away:

 “Let’s continue to deal with these two serial murder cases.”

In the conference room, the members of Investigation Team No. 13 sat on both sides of the conference table. Anne Morrie, a professional profiler from the Behavioral Analysis Department, sat opposite Luo An.

Michelle walked to the front with the folder, pointed to the twenty photos on the two large white boards, and said:

“Everyone, the murderer of the serial murder case on the left has always been a woman engaged in illegal work...and a man disguised as a woman, so I won’t say more here.

The second serial murder case on the right was shot in the back of the head. Here are all the information on the 8 victims.

 But unfortunately, we still haven’t found the connection or common ground between them. "

"did not find?"

Hearing this, Lacey looked at the pile of folders in the center of the table and was very surprised:

 “So much information, yet you haven’t found it?”

Luo An closed the folder in his hand and said:

 “I did make a discovery.”

 (End of this chapter)

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