Chapter 584 Murderer, having mental problems does not mean there is a problem with IQ

 “It should be mother and daughter.”

Hearing Cheniel’s question, Luo An took out a photo frame and handed it to her and said:

 “This is the picture I found in the right bedroom.”

 Chenelle took the photo frame and found two women sitting on the sofa inside.

The woman on the left has a haggard face and grins reluctantly at the camera. She is Josephine.

 The woman on the right has short black hair, a delicate face, a bright smile, and two dimples on her face. She is the unknown girl.

 Handing the photo back to Luo An, Chenelle’s face became even more suspicious:

“But didn’t you say before that Josephine had no birth record?”

 “The possibility that the girl was picked up by Josephine cannot be ruled out.”

Luo An turned around and left the kitchen, waved his hand for Chenelle to follow, and said at the same time:

“Besides, this is the Federation, and you don’t have to go to the hospital to give birth.”


I learned from the laundry manager that the black-haired girl returns home every day around three or four in the afternoon.

Luo An pushed the door open and walked into the bathroom. Chenier followed his guidance and turned her eyes and discovered that there was a bathtub in the bathroom.

As a result, as soon as the key was inserted into the keyhole of the door, the door collapsed toward the inside of the room.


The trivial matter of giving birth is not a problem for federal people except in hospital wards, trash cans, bathrooms, public restrooms, and even on the streets.

 The Federation is a free and democratic country with relatively simple folk customs.

After waiting quietly for a long time, the elevator door suddenly opened. The black-haired girl hummed a nursery rhyme, holding a bag of ingredients in her hand, and walked slowly to her room.

At this moment, Luo An, Mona and Chenelle rushed out of the next room with pistols raised and said sternly:

"do not move!"

 “Look at the bathroom.”

 Chenelle was silent for a few seconds, took a deep breath, and asked:

 “What do we do next?”

 There are many small dark red marks in the gaps next to the bathtub.

Since the door had been kicked down by Luo An and could not be repaired in a short period of time, Luo An led Lacey and Chenelle to temporarily borrow a neighbor's room.

 As long as they have a pair of scissors, they can show what the miracle of life is.

  Looking at the door that collapsed in front of her, the black-haired girl looked confused.

Going to the door, the black-haired girl took out the key and prepared to open the door while talking.

Hearing Luo An's answer, Cheniel's face became very ugly when she thought of similar incidents. She followed Luo An into the right bedroom. She came back to her senses and asked:

 “What did you find?”

 “Mom, I’m back.”

Luo An took Cheniel out of the right bedroom and said softly:

 “Sit back and wait.”

 Obviously, this is where the girl disposed of Josephine's body.

 “Put your hands behind your head!”


The black-haired girl was stunned for a moment, then grinned, and then suddenly took out a dagger from her pocket. Instead of attacking Lacey and Chenelle who were closest to her, she stabbed herself in the chest.


The next second, Luo An moved very quickly, his figure flashed in front of the black-haired girl, grabbed the dagger and threw it aside, and cuffed the handcuffs on the black-haired girl's wrist.

Looking at Luo An's handsome face in front of her, the black-haired girl smiled even brighter and asked in a low voice:

 “Hello, my name is Lily, what’s your name?”


 A few hours later, at 8:30 pm, in a temporarily borrowed office in Long Island, New York.

The door to the interrogation room was opened, and a white woman with gold-rimmed eyes and a delicate face walked out. She raised the folder in her hand and said seriously:

“Team Leader Luo An, your guess is correct. This girl named Lily has serious mental problems.”

Hearing this, Lacey and Chenelle looked ugly, while Luoan’s expression remained unchanged and asked:

 “Can you give us a detailed introduction?”

“Of course.” The female psychiatrist who was temporarily borrowed by Luo An from other departments nodded and introduced:

“This girl named Lily not only suffers from a mental disorder caused by psychoactive substances, that is, paranoia, but also has schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorder, and pica.”


Hearing this word, Lacey and Chenelle looked confused, because when they arrested Lily before, the ingredients they bought were all normal food.

In response to the questions raised by Lacey and Chenelle, the female psychiatrist closed the folder, took a deep breath, and said:

“But she ate her own mother, the lady you call Josephine.”


 Lacie and Chenie suddenly fell silent. Before Roan could ask any questions, the female psychiatrist added:

“In addition, Lily also admitted that she was responsible for the deaths of Bloom and Hannah that you investigated.

Lily was a child picked up by Josephine. Later, after Josephine met and had a relationship with Bloom, Bloom also reached out to Lily.

Josephine turned a blind eye to these things from beginning to end, and even joined in playing together, which made Lily full of resentment towards the two of them. "

 Lacie and Chenelle’s expressions became even more ugly. Roan was silent for a few seconds and asked:

 “What does this have to do with Hannah?”

“Lily’s goal at the beginning was just to kill the man Bloom for revenge.

During the dispute between Bloom and Hannah later, Lily sneaked up from behind and killed Bloom. "

The female psychiatrist replied:

“As for the reason Lily killed Hannah, Hannah and Josephine were similar in build and height, and both had brown hair.

Lily's hatred for Josephine only increased, so after defeating Bloom, Lily recognized Hannah as her mother Josephine and beat her to death.

 After returning home, Lily couldn't control her emotions after seeing the blood, and killed Josephine again when she was paralyzed from inhaling flour.

But years of nurturing made Lily very grateful to Josephine, so Lily kept Josephine's head as if her mother was still there, cooking for her and accompanying her every day. "


 After the female psychiatrist finished narrating, the air became quiet, Lacey's face was gloomy, and Chenelle clenched her hands into fists and was breathing rapidly.

Through the glass door of the interrogation room, Luo An saw Lily inside smiling at him. He was silent for a moment and shook hands with the female psychiatrist:

 “Thank you for your hard work.”

"You're welcome."

 The two exchanged brief greetings, and Luo An asked Chenelle to send the female psychiatrist away.

Looking at their leaving figures, Lacey took a deep breath and asked:

 “Luo An, what should we do next?”

Luo An closed his eyes, rubbed his temples, and said:

“When the results of Lily’s psychological report come out, she will be handed over to the mental management center.”

 Lacie frowned when she heard this:


Luo An looked back at her and said seriously:

“But what? Lacey, there are two things you cannot forget or mix up.

 First, Lily just confessed that her murder weapon was a baseball bat, and told the location where it was abandoned. I will ask Winslow to take people there to investigate and search later.

 Second, mental problems do not mean IQ problems. Lily is not a fool, she can clearly distinguish between good and bad things about herself. "

Without discussing these matters too much with Lacey, Luo An patted her on the shoulder and said:

“After all, Lily killed an innocent person, and the rest of the matter can follow normal procedures.”

Walking into the conference room, Luo An made a phone call. Everyone briefly dealt with the follow-up of the case. After Lily was taken away by people from the psychiatric department, everyone left work and left the office area.

 In the hotel room, Mona finished washing, put on a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom, sighing in a low voice:

 “What a sad case.”


  Not hearing Luo An's answer, Mona put down the towel to wipe her hair and looked towards the living room not far away. She found Luo An sitting on the sofa, looking at the information on the coffee table and thinking deeply.

“Hey, it’s time to get off work, my investigation team leader.”

Mona folded the towel into a square, covered Luo An's eyes from behind, and said:

"It's time to rest."

 “Let’s talk about rest later.”

Luo An pulled the towel off his eyes and frowned:

“The second serial murder case, I suddenly felt something familiar.”

 (End of this chapter)