Chapter 583 Sin in the Refrigerator

 Thursday, morning, in a temporarily borrowed office in Long Island, New York.

After Mona finished speaking, everyone present immediately gathered together, and Luo An asked:

"what happened?"

Mona put her laptop on the table, pulled up a surveillance video, and explained:

“This is surveillance video from the restaurant Mullins was talking about.”

In the surveillance video, everyone clearly saw the action and scene of Hannah and Bloom standing together and talking, and then Hannah getting into Bloom's car.

 Then Bloom started the car and left the restaurant. As soon as the car left, a black car diagonally opposite the restaurant entrance immediately started to leave.

“I didn’t notice the black car at first.”

Mona typed on the keyboard a few times, called up another surveillance video, and said:

“The second video is a surveillance video from an intersection not far from the restaurant.

Bloom drove Hannah and passed the intersection, and the black car followed him again. "

Looking at the photo of the thin white woman with messy brown hair, slightly protruding eyes, dull eyes, and thin body, everyone frowned.

 “What a strange thing.”

 Lacie scratched her head and said:

“Why do I feel like the whole thing is full of doubts.

“Can you find out who the owner of this black car is?”

In addition, an NYPD patrol record shows that Bloom once reported a crime, saying that someone stole items from his home.

 “Did this Josephine have any relationship with Bloom?”

If the murderer was Josephine, why did she kill Hannah? Missed? "

Luo An was silent for a moment, then asked:

 Everyone present had seen the appearance of a drug addict, and it was obvious at a glance that Josephine had obviously eaten flour.

Winslow nodded seriously, and Luo An asked:

 “Of course, I’ve found out.”


 “Looking for revenge on Bloom?”

 “Someone is actually following a strong prisoner.”

Mona nodded heavily and said:

“In fact, according to the information, Bloom sold Josephine’s car to her at a low price.

Luo An patted Mona on the shoulder and said:

 “Where does this Josephine live now?”

Mona said it was a trivial matter. She scrolled down the computer page and a photo of a middle-aged white woman appeared in front of everyone. She introduced:

“Josephine, 41 years old, has no occupation, no criminal record, and no tax filing record.”

When the patrol arrived at Bloom's residence later, they found the suspicious Josephine, but Bloom later canceled the alarm, saying that it was a misunderstanding and that he had not lost anything, but had just seen it wrong. "

 “Bring the person back and ask him, and you will know.”

  “It’s possible.”

 Lacie narrowed her eyes slightly and guessed:

“There is very little effective information about her, and it is impossible to find where she lives.”

Mona frowned slightly, typed on the keyboard for a moment, and said:

“But this black car was filled with gasoline a few days ago. Maybe we can get Josephine’s address from that gas station.”


 Luo An nodded with satisfaction and ordered:

“Mona, Winslow, and Michelle stayed in the office to help Ms. Anne analyze the murderer of the second serial murder case.

Lacey, Chenelle, come with me. Let’s go to that gas station and fill up the SUV with gas. "



 An hour later, Luo An and the other two arrived at the gas station successfully.

While the staff was refueling the SUV, Luo An learned from the other party that the owner of the black car lived nearby.

However, he didn't know the exact location, so he suggested that Luo An and the other three go to the laundry not far away and ask. There might be a lot of gain there because of the largest flow of people.

  The SUV was filled with gas, the staff put the oil gun back to its original position and asked casually:

 “What did that girl do?”


Hearing this word, Lacey and Chenie were stunned for a moment, and Roan narrowed his eyes slightly:

“You said the owner of that black car is a girl?”

 “That’s right.”

 The gas station staff nodded and said:

"She looks to be in her twenties, has short black hair, is very beautiful, and has two dimples on her face when she smiles." Lacey and Chenelle looked at each other, and both saw the suspicion in each other's eyes, Luo An Then asked:

 “Do you know that girl’s name?”

 “Sorry, I didn’t ask.”

 “OK, thank you.”

"Emotional perception" can confirm that the other party is telling the truth. Luo An simply thanked her, led Lacey and Chenelle back to the SUV, and drove away from the gas station.

 “This girl…”

 Chenelle frowned and said:

 “She is a car thief?”

“The records Mona found did not indicate that Josephine had given birth.”

Luo An’s expression remained unchanged, he turned the steering wheel and turned onto another road, saying:

“Go to the laundromat and ask, maybe we can figure out who the other person is.”

 A few minutes later, the three of them arrived at the laundromat next to the intersection.

After a brief inquiry, the manager of the laundry said that she did not know the girl’s name, but she knew the girl’s address, which was in the community building diagonally opposite.


With a simple thank you, the three of them walked towards a very ordinary-looking community not far away, and soon arrived at the floor that the laundry manager said.

The elevator door opened. As soon as he entered the 6th floor of the building, Luo An's expression changed slightly and he took out a Glock 18 from his waist.

 Chenelle and Lacey's expressions changed when they saw this, they quickly took out their weapons and asked in a low voice:

"What's wrong?"

 “Smells of blood.”

Luo An's nose twitched slightly. The moment the elevator door opened, a faint smell of blood invaded his nostrils.

The further he walked, the stronger the smell became. When he reached a door, Luo An was sure that the smell was coming from this room.

 Lacie frowned slightly:

 “Why don’t I smell anything?”

Roan patted Lacey on the shoulder. Chenelle, who was next to her, looked at the house number on the room, her face changed slightly, and she whispered:

“Luo An, this is the room where the laundry manager said the girl lived.”

The three of them were holding weapons, two on the left and one on the right, ready on both sides of the door. They knocked briefly on the door a few times. When they found no one answered, they stopped talking, kicked the door open and rushed in.

 After entering the room, the three people immediately dispersed left and right, carefully checking each room with weapons.

 Chenelle shouted first:

 “The left bedroom is safe!”

 Lacie's voice followed quickly:

 “Kitchen Ann…a generous gift of crab!”

"What's wrong?"

Hearing Lacey's surprised cry, Chenelle's expression changed, and she hurried out of the bedroom and rushed to the kitchen, where she found Lacey standing in a daze at the door of the refrigerator in the kitchen.

 Following Lacey’s gaze, she saw a human head frozen in a large block of ice in the open refrigerator.

The face of the head is that of a woman. It is frozen in ice, with its eyes wide open and its mouth wide, with a shocked and angry expression on its face. It is staring at Lacey and Chenelle outside the refrigerator.

Luo An also heard the sound and came over. When he saw the female head in the ice, his expression remained unchanged. He observed carefully for a few seconds and frowned:

 “It’s Josephine.”

Then Luo An looked at Lacey, took her arm and walked to the side, whispering:

 “You should take a rest.”

"…Feel sorry."

 Lacie raised her hand to her forehead and walked to the side, whispering:

 “I need to slow down.”

Lacie is not afraid of corpses, nor is she afraid of a life-or-death fight with an enemy with a gun.

But Lacey is easily frightened by dismembered corpses, especially those found suddenly.

In the past, when they were still in the No. 5 Investigation Team, Luo An and Lacey dealt with the serial murder case for the first time. When they found the dismembered bodies in the refrigerator, Lacey was shocked (Chapter 24) and relaxed. long time.

Roan still remembered this incident and understood Lacey, so he asked her to go aside to relax. Then he looked at Chenelle and asked:

"How are you?"

 “I’m fine.”

Chenelle swallowed and shook her head. Because of Lacey's actions, she was mentally prepared. Although she was also frightened by the head in the ice, she quickly calmed down her emotions.

Confirming that there was really nothing wrong with Chenelle, Luoan closed the refrigerator door with a slight sigh of relief. Chenelle frowned and asked:

 “What is the relationship between that girl and Josephine?”

 (End of this chapter)

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