After the first day of the NBA All-Star Weekend of the season.

   came to the second day of the All-Star Weekend that fans were more looking forward to.

  Many fans, especially the home fans of Madison Square, are because Yi Jianlian participated in this year's Skills Challenge. They can be full of expectations for this event!

   However, the first event on the second day of the All-Star is not a skill challenge. Before the skill challenge, the shooting star contest is about to be held!

   In response to a major change in the All-Star Game, namely, the East-West confrontation model, the Shooting Star Contest was also specifically designed to compete with the two teams from the East and the two teams from the West.

   Of course, although the format has changed, the way of winning has not changed. It is still possible to win if the team can complete all the shots in the shortest time!

   And each team is played by 3 players, including an active NBA player, a WNBA player, and a retired NBA player.

   The two NBA players representing the West in this shooting star contest are the Clippers’ Chris Paul and the Thunder’s Westbrook. Both players are also members of the All-Star Game.

The WNBA players representing the Western Union are Maya Moore from the Minnesota Bobcats. She was a gold medal member and a member of the championship at the 2012 London Olympics. There is also Tina Thompson from the Seattle Storm. Her name will be even bigger. Somewhat, she is the scoring leader in WNBA history. In addition, the two NBA legends representing the Western Conference are "Alien" Sam Cassell and "Mr. Key" Robert Horry.

   These two together have played in the NBA for a total of 31 seasons and won the championship. Kassel and Horry were teammates during the Rockets' championship.

   The two NBA players representing the Eastern Conference in this shooting star contest are Harden of the New York team and Lopez of the Nets, both of which are all-star players.

Although    Harden was not selected as a starter, he was still selected on the bench!

  The two WNBA female players representing the Eastern United States are Sven Kash from Chicago. She is a member of the three-time WNBA championship and a two-time Olympic gold medalist!

   There is also Tamika Kutchens, she led the Indiana Fanatics to the finals and won the finals MVP!

The two former NBA legends representing the Eastern Conference are Magsey Bergs. It is worth mentioning that he is the shortest player in NBA history. He is only 160cm tall, but he has played in the NBA for 14 seasons. It's really not easy!

   There is also Dominic Wilkins, a member of the Hall of Famer, who has been selected to the All-Star 9 times and has a career total of scoring points.

   The duel between him and Michael Jordan in the dunk contest is still a classic!

   The four teams took turns to compete. In the end, in the Eastern Conference, Harden's preliminaries score: 50 seconds, and Lopez's preliminaries score: 1 minute 07 seconds.

   The preliminaries of the Paul team in the West: 37.9 seconds, and the preliminaries of the Westbrook team: 29.5 seconds.

   The time spent by the two teams added together. In the end, the two teams in the Western Conference took less time than the Eastern Conference. They won the preliminaries of the Shooting Stars and scored 20 points for the Western team.

   It was Harden who won the final in the final where Westbrook represented the West and Harden represented the East!

   They shared 1 minute and 29 seconds, and the Westbrook team ran out of time and did not complete the shot.

   Harden can be regarded as a word for the East, he also heard the huge cheers on the home game.

   Of course, this cheer is not only the joy of his victory, but also because of the upcoming skill match, which is the event most fans are looking forward to.

  Everyone wants to know whether Yi Jianlian can win this challenge and become the first person in NBA history to win the championship of the three major challenges!

   When Yi Jianlian came out, there were naturally all kinds of cheers, and almost overturned the entire arena!

   The game didn't have too much time, it just started!

  The results of the first round are announced...

  East: New York Knicks Yi Jianlian preliminaries time 29.3 seconds, Eagles Jeff Teague preliminaries time 49.4 seconds, Pistons Brandon Knight preliminaries time: 32.2 seconds.

   West: Jeremy Lin’s preliminaries for the Rockets took 35.8 seconds, Tony Parker’s Spurs’ preliminaries took 48.7 seconds, and Damian Lillard’s preliminaries took 28.8 seconds.

   In the final preliminaries of the skill match, the Eastern side took 1 minute and 50.9 seconds, while the Western side took 1 minute and 53.3 seconds. With a three-second advantage, the East finally won 30 points.

   However, for the fans of the New York team, the victory in the East is not the reason they are happy. What they want to see is that Yi Jianlian wins the championship!

   Of course, the result did not disappoint them!

   Yi Jianlian entered the finals and confronted Lillard.

  Although Lillard is just a rookie, his various skills are indeed excellent, and he completed the entire task very quickly, and the final time was only 29.8 seconds!

   This result can be very good.

  Even though Yi Jianlian also performed such a performance in the first round, it is inevitable that there will be no tension when the opponent is performing so well in the finals!

   So the scene can be described as silent.

   These guys cheered Yi Jianlian silently in their hearts.

   must win!

   And it turns out that Yi Jianlian really doesn't know what it means to be nervous, and completed the entire task in 28.4 seconds!

   thus won the final championship!

   also after he was determined to become the champion, the whole scene was suddenly drowned out by cheers!

  History is born!

   The first NBA player to complete the Grand Slam of the three major challenges appeared!

   Bill Walton looked at Yi Jianlian on the court and couldn't help but sigh: "This guy is really a monster!" After the skill game, the Eastern Conference scored a 40-30 lead.

   It is also worth mentioning that after Yi Jianlian won the final, he added a few points of 10 points. The Eastern points advantage is even more obvious!

   After the skill game, it came to the slam dunk contest. This year’s slam dunk contest, if you only look at the list! Gerald Green, Terrence Ross, James White, Eric Bledsoe, Jeremy Evans and Nuggets' Farid... These names can be very familiar.

   In the top ten **** of the NBA, you can often see these guys dunking!

   can all be amazing guys with physical fitness!

The only regret is that Westbrook, who has publicly expressed his intention to participate in the dunk contest before, did not appear on the final list. Zheng and the All-Star Paul George also gave up the opportunity to compete again, but he will participate in the three games. Contest in the point-of-sale contest.

   Jeremy Evans, who won the championship in 2012, will embark on the road to defending the title. The Jazz will defeat Budinger, Paul George and Derek Williams in the 2012 dunk contest, and eventually win the championship.

   But it is not easy for him to defend his title this time!

Because the Knicks forward swingman James White, known as "the strongest dunk in history", also participated in this dunk contest. Although the 2.01 meter tall swingman is just a marginal man, his dunk bonus is not so good. It is breathtaking. His famous dunks include a two-handed dunk from the free throw line, a windmill dunk from the free throw line, a hip change dunk from the free throw line, a 720° crazy dunk, and so on.

   After learning that he would participate in the slam dunk contest, James White looked very excited and excited. He claimed that Terrence Ross and Gerald Green and himself would bring a real slam dunk performance to the fans.

   "This dunk contest will become a classic, because of our existence, mainly because of my existence!"

  White said to the reporter.

   It's just obvious that he didn't put the defending champion Evans in his eyes.

   The game will start soon!

Jazz Jeremy Evans preliminaries: 47 points deducted first, 43 points deducted second, Clippers Eric Bradsoe preliminaries: 39 points deducted first, 50 points deducted second, Nuggets Kenny Sifaried preliminaries: 39 points deducted for the first and 50 points deducted for the second.

Pacers Gerald Green preliminaries: first deduction 50 points, second deduction 32 points, Raptors Terrence Rose preliminaries: first deduction 50 points, second deduction 49 points, and Knicks James- White (preliminary results: 45 points deducted for the first, 32 points deducted for the second.

   Judging from this result, White, who uttered cynicism before the game, did not perform any decent performance in the dunk contest! Even dragged the team's hind legs!

   After the whole game, he also unconsciously showed embarrassment!

   Two rounds of dunks in the preliminaries ended. The three players from the East team scored 258 points and the three players from the West scored 268 points. The West team won the dunk contest preliminaries and scored 50 points.

   In the end, Terrence Ross and Jeremy Evans entered the slam dunk finals on behalf of the East and the West respectively. With his outstanding performance, Rose won the slam dunk contest and won 55 points for the East.

  East troops will further expand the entire advantage!

After the    slam dunk contest, it came to the last event of the second day of the All-Star, the three-point shooting contest!

   Novak, Paul George and Cavaliers core Irving will represent the Eastern Division; the Western Division players are: Ryan Anderson, Matt Bonner and Stephen Curry.

   The 2012 three-point contest champion Kevin Love did not participate, and Ryan Anderson, who was defeated by him, made a comeback. Anderson's three-point shooting percentage is 39.7%, ranking 27th in the league. But it is worth mentioning that he made a total of 147 three-pointers, ranking second in the league.

  The number one is still Yi Jianlian!

   It's just that Yi Jianlian doesn't want to participate in this event again, he has already won the championship!

   Novak was on the roster as he wished. He made 44.4% of his 3-pointers, ranking third in the league, a step backwards from last season's 47.2%. But many people in the industry still believe that Novak has the strength to win the three-point contest.

The strength of several other contestants should not be underestimated. Curry has made three-pointers and ranked third in the league, with a shooting rate of 44.9%. Korver, second only to the Eagles, ranked second in the league and was the champion. Another strong contender.

   The game will start soon!

   Pacers’ Paul George preliminaries score: 10 points, Knicks’ Steve Novak preliminaries score: 17 points, Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving preliminaries score: 18 points.

   Warriors' Stephen Curry preliminaries: 17 points, Hornets’ Ryan Anderson preliminaries: 18 points, Spurs’ Matt Bonner preliminaries: 19 points.

   The three players from the Western Army scored 54 points in the preliminary rounds, and the three players from the East scored 45 points in the preliminary rounds. The western troops won 40 points.

  The final was between Bonner and Irving. In the end, Irving scored 23 points and Bonner scored 20 points.

   Owen successfully won the three-point contest, leading the Eastern Conference points all the way!

   Obviously everyone who watched the game on the second day was very happy, and continued to talk after the game.

   "Wow, Yi really won the challenge. This guy is too good! Who can tell me what else can stop this guy!"

   "I always think that Yi will win the final challenge, but when I see him get it, I still feel incredible. Really, this is incredible. What is this guy?"

"Yi is doing things that are incredible to others, but very easy for him! I don't know how to describe Yi Jianlian in my eyes... Well, if Michael Jordan is a god, then Yi is now Becoming a god!"

  Of course, the discussion is more about Yi Jianlian. After all, this guy became the first guy in NBA history to win the three major challenges!

   Still the same sentence, Yi Jianlian interprets his greatness all the time!

   In addition to So far, there are still two guys who have caused many fans to discuss.

   One is Owen in the east, and the other is Lillard in the west.

   "These two newcomers are really great, I really can't imagine what these two newcomers will grow into in the future!"

"What else is good? This All-Star Weekend, everyone will contribute to Yi. This is for sure, because he has accomplished incredible achievements. After Yi, I can only give me the biggest surprise of Owen and Lee. Rad, these two guys are amazing!"

   "Although they didn't enter the NBA in the same year, they were all eye-catching in the rookie game and in today's three challenge events. Their basic skills are really solid, and their potential surprised everyone!"

   Owen won the three-point contest, and if Lillard didn’t face Yi Jianlian, he could also win the skill match...

   In fact, Lillard's performance has been outstanding enough, if it weren't for Yi Jianlian's better performance, then the champion was Lillard's!

   Everyone believes this.

In the final of the skill game, Lillard has actually given enough pressure to Yi Jianlian. After entering Lianbi for one year, he can maintain an outstanding performance in the competition with Yi Jianlian. This kind of mentality is also what an excellent star needs. , And now Lillard has such an ability!


   In the fans' enthusiasm, the All-Star Weekend also ushered in the last, and it is also the most exciting part of the All-Star-the All-Star Race!