Latest website: Well, before the voting session came out, the NBA officially announced that it had adjusted the rules of the All-Star Game.

The challenge is the shooting star contest, the skill challenge, the three-pointer contest and the dunk contest. These contests have changed the former players’ individual battles to the eastern and western teams’ separate competitions.

Each participant will set a captain, and the two sides will compare the total scores of the four challenge events. The team with the highest score will become the champion of the 2013 All-Star Challenge Night and win a charity worth 350,000 US dollars. Fund control rights.

Obviously the new rules will greatly increase the competitiveness of these four competitions, because each competition will have an impact on the overall results.

This is why it adds some new highlights to the All-Stars.

Speaking of, the All-Star Game really needs to add some new gimmicks over the years, after all, the dunk contest is no longer as eye-catching as before.

This also makes the All-Star season lack some of the highlights!

Therefore, although such a reform will not bring any changes to every event, the final result can affect the control of the 350,000-worth charity fund, which will definitely make every event full of competition.

Of course, these reforms and so on, after the list of skills challenge is out, the heat that can arouse is not so great.

After seeing Yi Jianlian's announcement of participating in the Skills Challenge, the fans were also full of attention to this event!

On February 8, the NBA officially announced the official list of 6 players who participated in the 2013 All-Star Game Skills Challenge. In addition to Yi Jianlian, Jeremy Lin of the Rockets, Brandon Knight of the Pistons, Jeff Teague of the Eagles, Lillard of the Trail Blazers and Parker of the Spurs were all selected.

In the six-man roster, Spurs Parker was the champion of the 2012 Skills Challenge. At that time, he defeated Wall, Rondo, Deron Williams, Owen and Westbrook and many other players to win the championship.

However, the appearance of Yi Jianlian this year makes many people even hope that he can win the final championship. After all, as long as Yi Jianlian wins the championship this year, then he will be the first in NBA history to win the championship of skill challenge, the championship of three-point shooting, and the championship of dunks. Guy.

Yi Jianlian shows his versatility all the time.


One thing to say is that when the All-Star Game is placed in New York or Los Angeles, the impact on the entire United States is also very different.

For example, this year’s All-Star Game was held in New York. The auditorium can be said to be full of big names. Scarlett and other Hollywood actresses competed in the most eye-catching places on the sidelines, and Hollywood like Jason Statham and others The super-popular superstar also appeared on the sidelines of this All-Star Weekend.

If you really want to change the guys who stood at the All-Star Conference, it is said that the Hollywood awards scene will be trusted!

Although the game system has been changed, the entire All-Star process remains the same.

The celebrity game is still played first.

There is a saying, this year's Masters also has many stars. It is worth mentioning that the 100-meter champion Bolt participated in this year's Masters.

He was scheduled to make his third appearance in the Eastern Army. The King of the Hundred Meters who appeared on All-Star Weekend was a bit unwilling to let go. His movements were not as relaxed and comfortable as on the track and field. He just made an iconic "bending bow shot." Month's action. Later, Hutcherson, Elliott, Bowen, and Katches appeared in the Eastern Army.

It is also worth mentioning that the head coach of this year's East and West celebrity team is James Harden and Westbrook brothers.

Westbrook brought his understanding of fashion to the court. He wore a yellow suit and exaggerated glasses.

There are only two former NBA star players in the West, one is Mutombo, and the other is Drexler, the "Glider" of the year.

In addition to them, the West also has the 2012 Masters MVP actor Hart and Moore.

Like the NBA, the Masters game is also divided into four quarters, but each quarter is only 10 minutes long.

Although warm-ups were conducted before the game, professional players in this group of players have not played for many years, and the unprofessional group of guys lacked professional training, which also contributed to the shooting rate of the two teams after the start of the game. Not high.

Although Mutombo has an absolute height, but considering it is the Masters' sake, he is more on the outside to attack.

But Mutombo made the three-point line, which is no different from a human post!

Only the West team scored 4 points after the game started 5 minutes, which shows how poor the two teams are!

However, after this, the Eastern forces began to exert force, Hutcherson hit a 3-pointer on the board, Bowen also made a goal, and the Eastern forces overtook.

But the Western troops quickly responded with 4 points to regain the lead, and Bolt later staged a dunk in a fast break, which caused cheers on the scene.

The popularity of the King of Hundred Meters is beyond doubt!

But in the end, the Western troops maintained their advantage and ended the first quarter with a 16-9 lead.

In the second quarter, the offensive of the Middle East troops still did not improve much, only Hutcherson made another three-pointer, but the Western troops expanded their advantage under the leadership of Hart and others.

More than 1 minute and 50 seconds before halftime, the Eastern Army had a fast break opportunity. Teammates wanted to complete Bolt's air relay coordination. Unfortunately, Bolt failed to slam in the ball, and some sighs sounded on the scene.

In the previous warm-up, Bolt actually completed a dunk, so everyone wants to see his dunk!

The West team scored 4 points in a row to extend the advantage to 11 points, Katches made a layup, and the East team fell behind 17-26. The West team scored 4 points in a row, Hutcherson broke through the bottom line and succeeded in a layup. The East team fell behind 19-30 at halftime.

Jenkins of the West Division scored 9 points in the first half, Komon scored 6 points, and Hart scored 5 points; Hutcherson of the East Division scored 8 points, Katches 4 points, and Bolt 2 points.

The two teams increased points alternately in the third quarter. The West team still maintained a double-digit advantage. Bolt once wanted to grab an offensive rebound in front of Mutombo, but Uncle Mu had a clear advantage. He just stood and raised his arms. Take off the rebound. Katches received a pass from Bolt and scored a layup to narrow the gap, and Moore responded quickly. She succeeded in the layup before the end of the quarter. The West team ended the third quarter with a 41-26 lead.

The last quarter started for more than two minutes, and the Western troops got a fast break opportunity. Drexler, who was obviously out of shape, used a slow three-step layup to score, but this still attracted cheers from the scene. The Western troops went 45-28. Lead. The East team used a free throw to recover 1 point. Hart and Duncan teamed up for 5 points. At 4 minutes and 25 seconds before the end of the game, the West team led by 50-29 and 21 points. The big score behind made the East team unable to counterattack. The players of both sides were more on the court to show off, and Hart became the focus on the outside. In the end, the West team won 58-38.

This allowed the West to take the lead in points.


After the Masters, the rookie game is played!

Yi Jianlian is the head coach of this rookie game in the East.

When he picked up the tactical board to draw tactics for the players before the game, it caused a lot of laughter on the scene. This is probably a rare situation in the NBA where "the coach is better than the players on the court".

Will there be a "look, let me tell you how to play this ball" after a while?

Yi Jianlian’s No. 1 star is naturally the 2011 No. 1 pick Irving. The Cavaliers core can now average 23.5 points and 5.5 assists per game. The ball control skills are gorgeous but practical. The breakthrough is sharp and the mid-range shots are also quite poor. Vulgar.

From Yi Jianlian's point of view, this guy can be regarded as the current league, or even rank the guys who can dribble in the entire history of the league, and can also dominate in the aspect of dribbling the ball!

It is worth mentioning that in the 2012 rookie game, Irving made 8 three-pointers and scored 34 points and was elected MVP.

This also makes many people optimistic that he can win the rookie game MVP in this year's rookie game!

However, Irving was also selected for the All-Star season this year, also because of his participation in the All-Star Game, so how long he will play in the rookie game is questionable.

If Irving has reservations in the rookie game, the rookie king's hottest candidate Lillard will be the top star of the O'Neal team. The rookie is not as elegant as Irving, but has a "big heart" in technology.

At the same time, his ranking is not high, but his overall performance is ranked in the top two among the current rookies in the 2012 draft.

The first is undoubtedly Anthony Davis. Even if he comes to the NBA, no one can stop his visible talent!

From the first season, he showed the potential to become a super insider in the future.

This game is the same as last season. The Western Conference rookie team took the lead. Anthony Davis showed good coping ability from the start, sending a wonderful pass near the top of the arc, and Spurs rookie Leonard relayed dunks. Take the lead to get two points.

Thomas fought back at home with a breakthrough layup and scored two points for the Eastern Conference.

Although they are all rookies, everyone knows what the meaning of the rookie game is, and it is necessary to use constant offense to make the audience shout.

So the two teams are basically undefended when you come to me!

Anthony Davis even played a three-pointer, but it was a pity that the first three-pointer was not made.

Nuggets Titans Farid scored two goals to help the West lead by 8 points. Owen led the East team to score 5 points to narrow the difference. Rubio showed his passing talent and sent two assists in a row, and Faried received a wonderful pass from the "Golden Boy" with two dunks, which allowed the West to maintain the lead.

At this time, Yi Jianlian finally showed his sense of existence, called a timeout, said a few words, changed two people, and the game resumed.

It was just that the Western troops became more and more courageous in the war, air-receiving dunks combined with long-range artillery shells continuously bombed the eastern troops.

Fortunately, Isaiah Thomas made three-pointers consecutively at this time, helping the Eastern Conference to narrow the points difference.

It's just that the offensive firepower of the Western troops was too strong. After Thomas was silent, they began to expand their lead. The difference between the two teams reached 17 points.

However, the big lag did not affect the performance enthusiasm of the East troops here. Kemba Walker quickly threw the ball to the backboard, and Waiters followed up to catch the ball and dunk it to get a full house.

It is worth mentioning that the game is still undefended. The East unit, which was thrown far away by the opponent, did not have a sense of urgency because of too much lag behind. Their goal was wide open and the West unit grabbed the frontcourt twice in a row. The rebound completed a big slam dunk, and the point difference broke the 20-point mark.

In the next time, the game gradually became a dunk show for the two teams. Lillard assisted Nicholson for a dunk, and Parsons threw a pass to help Leonard in the counterattack. Owen and his teammate Thompson lined up a wonderful pass to cheer. Bill received Rubio's pass and scored two points. In the end, the West team led the East team 90-66 and ended the first half with 23 points.

The second half restarted. Irving released three-pointers to break through everything, but Farid of the Western Army still scored consecutive points to maintain a 20+ lead.

Anthony Davis showed off his physical talent. After receiving Rubio's pass from the basket, "Browsed Brows" flew up like a spring and spread out his long arms to smash the ball into the basket. Other players in the penalty area could see The aliens' eyes looked up at the 2012 champion, this amazing talent is really explosive!

But Anthony Davis, who completed this dunk, was expressionless and quite calm.

After a while, the slam dunk contest continued. It was also because the rookie contest was full of all kinds of dunks, which made Barkley teased: "The guys who will participate in the dunk contest tomorrow may not know what to do now. ! Because almost all the actions tonight have been used up!"

Anthony Davis received Leonard's long pass and dunked again in the counterattack, and Kemba Walker immediately responded with a dunk.

Tonight's rookie game can be regarded as the All-Star rookie game defensive interpretation of the virtual reality.

The two teams alternately scored points, but the leading position of the Western Army remained unshakable.

But at this time Owen gave a wonderful blow, and his fancy dribble suddenly accelerated and changed direction to knock Knight down and scored a jumper.

Knight is not a vegetarian either, and immediately hit back. He forced a jump shot and the ball hit the backboard and bounced into the rim. This goal made many NBA stars on the sideline stand up and In the NBA, by opponents. It's nothing to knock down once, just hit it back. Knight's response ball just interprets this spirit!

Owen's personal wonderful performance continues, but it can no longer affect the overall situation of the game, and the West is still far ahead. Farid smashed two consecutive goals to help the West team break the rookie game single-game scoring record.

In the end, the Eastern Army lost again!

And this loss was also the first time Yi Jianlian suffered a coaching defeat. This also made Barkley sitting on the side joking again: "Obviously, the guys on the field can't implement Yi's tactical arrangement. They can execute him. The only person with his own tactics is himself, and yes, for this guy, how easy it is to win the game!"

The All-Star rookie Saixi Troop 163-135 defeated the East Troop for the second consecutive year. It is worth mentioning that the West team also broke the rookie game single-game scoring record this year. Irving scored 32 points, Nuggets Titans Faried 40 points and 10 rebounds, and Parsons 13 points.

The Nuggets beast Faried scored 18 of 22 shots and grabbed 40 points and 10 rebounds, earning the MVP award.

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