Latest website: In fact, as early as James Harden played, the Thunder fans' complaints about the Thunder management team have not stopped:

"How about it, do you still think James is not worth the 6 million?"

"Damn it, you should know, no matter which James it is, you shouldn't underestimate it!"

"This is the scene I have been looking forward to seeing. I have been saying that James Harden should not be given up!"

It's just that the Thunder team's management is also very smart. After James Harden played more than one position, they also obediently shut up the deal.

Do they regret it?

They must regret it.

But there is no regret in this world to eat, so just don't talk about it!


The time came to the month, and the Knicks won another wave of 10-game winning streaks during this period. After Yi Jianlian came to this team, it is no longer known whether it was the seventh or eighth time. The Knicks won two. The number of winning streaks.

This also made Barkley jokingly said: "Three years ago, the New York Knicks won a 10-game losing streak as easy as drinking water, and three years later, the New York Knicks won a 10-game winning streak as easy as drinking water!"

This makes many team fans feel aggrieved. One is a Bucks fan. Because Yi Jianlian won the first championship with the Bucks and then went to the New York Knicks, although the Bucks are now following Yi Jianlian’s departure from the entire lineup has been dismantled, but if you really want to keep the lineup at the time, the Bucks will definitely be able to maintain the momentum of the championship in the past few years. In fact, the Bucks team Shili has never won a consecutive championship!

Last summer, after Yi Jianlian took the New York Knicks to a consecutive championship, they almost didn't put these guys to death. They should have been the protagonists of the carnival!

But for the Bucks fans, they are not without new hope. Herb sold the Bucks and now accepts a large consortium.

The factors that caused Yi Jianlian to leave at the time have disappeared. In the eyes of the Bucks fans, it is not that they hope to welcome Yi Jianlian back again. Of course, the specific operation still depends on the management of the Bucks, but in their opinion Come, at least there is more hope than in the past few years.

And in the latest game between the Bucks and the New York Knicks, when Yi Jianlian mentioned the Bucks again, he didn't keep talking as before. Instead, he said a few words rarely, although only briefly. Two sentences, but in the eyes of the Bucks fans, this is a signal, a signal that they may be able to welcome Yi Jianlian back.

There is also a group of fans who feel uncomfortable are fans of the Lakers. The Lakers formed F4 this summer. It was originally high-spirited and pointed at the championship. As a result, the championship now seems hopeless. Not only is the championship hopeless, Even if they want to hit the playoffs, there are some difficulties.

It is hard to imagine that a team with Howard, Nash, Kobe, and Gasol will not even make it into the playoffs!

Did you really answer that sentence?

"Gathering is a tuoxiang, scattered is a sky full of stars"?

In short, watching the New York Knicks have another victory after another this year, the Lakers fans are very unwilling, and they are also gamblers. Why is this gap so big?


Yi Jianlian's popularity is recognized in this league, and now the whole of New York is canvassing for him, which makes him unsuspectingly become the first stage, second stage, third stage and even the final vote king.

Yi Jianlian's final votes were 4.78 million. Although it did not break the previous record, this number of votes is also among the top three in all previous All-Star votes, second only to the two historical records that Yi Jianlian broke by himself.

It is also the record of this All-Star vote that makes Yi Jianlian dominate the top three vote kings with the most votes in the NBA All-Star weekend. Although this is inseparable from the growing development of the Internet in this era, it is also a symbol of Yi Jianlian’s popularity. !

The Eastern and Western All-Star starting lineup was also announced. Harden in the East was not selected in the end. Of course, this is also normal. James Harden has a good momentum this season, and the data has improved rapidly, but the distance has become The All-Star players still lack a little background.

After all, although Derek Ross has soared into the sky in 10 years, he has already settled for two years before, and only after these two years of growth have he soared into the sky.

Although James Harden has played for the Thunder for three years, it was his first year to become the core, and in those three years, he was called the "Third Thunder", but James Harden's limelight is not as good as those two guys, which also makes his own popularity not accumulated.

Of course, the more important reason is that James Harden's overall play style is not gorgeous, especially when compared with the All-Star backcourt in the East, it is a bit worse.

However, from another perspective, James Harden's style of play is undoubtedly smarter and he is more durable.

In the West, Chris Paul and Kobe have secured their starting positions.

After leaving New Orleans, Chris Paul's popularity is really not to worry about.

Kevin Durant was also selected as an All-Star starter again, which also made the first player in the history of the Thunder team to enter the All-Star starter in a row.

The western center was taken away by Howard, and this guy's popularity has become higher since he came to Los Angeles. Although the team's record is not good, he still has no problem making the All-Star starting.

Kevin Garnett took the All-Star starting center position in the Eastern Conference.

Of course The reason why Garnett was given this starter is also very simple. Garnett's current state has fallen sharply. It is certain that he will fall further this summer. , This is likely to be the last All-Star tour of his career.

For this reason, he was placed in the center position, and as Howard moved away, he also managed to get this position.

It is also worth mentioning that Yi Jianlian also took the initiative to participate in this All-Star Weekend Skills Challenge!

Yi Jianlian, who has won the three-pointer and the dunk king, has been asked by many fans to participate in the skill game last year, but at that time he wanted to save this opportunity for the New York All-Star Game. After all, if he wins the championship , Then there is no need for him to participate in the same event again.

Just in case, he put this opportunity on this year.

If he can't win the championship this year, he won't be able to participate again next year!

It is also because Yi Jianlian participated in this project that this challenge, which is not as popular as the three-point match or dunk match, has become extremely topical!