Latest URL: James Harden’s constant goals on the offensive end freed Yi Jianlian from being double-teamed. When Yi Jianlian was freed, he quickly got the ball on the offensive end and completed a winning goal. Ball.

The Knicks finally won the "Christmas War" by 4 points!

Kevin Durant scored 39 points in this game, Westbrook scored 28 points in this game, and the "King Bomb Combo" scored 67 points in this game!

This is the data that the Big Three of other teams can get.

This is also the total score that the previous "Three Thunders" can get together.

But now, both Kevin Durant and Westbrook have completed three All-Star scorers.

This really can only make people sigh at their talents.

However, they still lost this game because they lost the game. So after the game, Kevin Durant was interviewed with a calm face. He wanted to beat the Knicks. The disappointment of the season also let Yi Jianlian know what kind of changes they have made this season. If they meet in the finals, they will inevitably become more difficult to deal with.

But now, it doesn't matter what he originally thought, because of this game, they lost!

They still lost to the New York Knicks, which made Kevin Durant nothing to say.

"The Knicks are still the Knicks. They are still the top level team in the league. They can always find a way...Yes, James has become a better player here. I have always believed that he has this ability. , Now he has also shown it, for me, his departure is a very unacceptable thing, but now obviously he has found a very suitable position for him, I hope he can become stronger, we will always It's a brother!"

Kevin Durant also mentioned James Harden in the interview. He was frank and unbelievable about the latter’s performance tonight. He was also very happy to see James Harden like this. He hoped that the latter can maintain his current state. Become a better player.

Westbrook didn’t say too much, but when talking about James Harden, he also blessed himself: “I never thought he would leave. We are the best team, but it’s to blame him, this It is an unavoidable problem. I believe that he will get better and better, and I also believe that in the future we still have the possibility of joining hands!"


On the Knicks side, even though James Harden was battered on the defensive end, he still played his role on the offensive end, scoring 25 points and shooting pretty good.

Yi Jianlian scored a total of rebounds in this game, in addition to 3 blocked shots, Westbrook and Ibaka both sturdy caps, but unfortunately did not give Kevin Durant a hot pot, the latter So far, it has been difficult for a player to block his shots.

Of course, Yi Jianlian’s happiest thing is not to win this game, but to find an opportunity to tell James Harden what he has always wanted to say. He does not ask James Harden to become an outside iron gate. For James Harden, it is impossible to do anything. He just hopes that James Harden can give his attitude. As long as the attitude is not bad, then his defense will at least not become a bottomless hole.

I think it would be a big blow to him today. The two former comrades in arms have all asked him to fight at this point, and this tactic has been implemented to the end, it will not be very comfortable!

Therefore, Yi Jianlian believes that his attitude will definitely change!

This is his biggest gain for this game!


After the "Christmas War", for the stars of the entire league, it has reached a sensitive time-the voting for the first stage of the All-Star debut will officially begin!

Naturally I hope I can make it with the advancement of the All-Star. I haven't made it before, but if I played well this season, I naturally hope that I can make it.

No way, the All-Star means a lot of things, honor, status, and contract can basically be related to the All-Star.

But for all New York fans, this year's All-Star has a different meaning. This year's All-Star Weekend will be held in Madison Square, New York!

Although this is not the first time New York has undertaken this event, it is indeed the first time that Yi Jianlian has undertaken the All-Star Weekend.

As the core of the New York team, as the first person in the entire league, as a superstar who helped New York win the first two consecutive championships in team history, and is currently hitting three consecutive championships, New York fans certainly hope for this All-Star Weekend ticket. Wang is still Yi Jianlian. Judging from the past voting, this is not very difficult. After all, Yi Jianlian has been the All-Star vote king for four consecutive years, and he has repeatedly broken the record of the vote king, and now this is in full swing. Status, it can be said that it is not difficult to win this title of vote king!

But for fans of the New York team, if there is no result in one day, then they have to continue to pay attention to this vote!

Therefore, as soon as the voting channel started, New York fans began various mobilizations and promotions, with the purpose of canvassing votes for Yi Jianlian.

Yi Jianlian himself didn't say that he didn't take it seriously. He still canvassed for votes on his Twitter, and by the way, he canvassed for James Harden!

As his teammate and also directly ranked above the league's first-line player this season, James Harden seems to have qualified for the All-Star in Yi Jianlian's view.

Why not enter?

He naturally wants to push!

However, although he pushed for him, it is not certain whether this guy can make the All-Star. After all, the competition on the All-Star guard has always been fierce. Dwyane Wade must have one, then James Harden. His opponent has become Derek Rose. In the face of such a popular player, Harden really has no advantage. Regardless of his style, his overall strength, or his influence, James Harden is far from Rose. A certain gap.

So canvassing is back to canvassing. If James Harden wants to make the All-Star, I'm afraid he has to be selected by the head coach for the final bench!

Of course, this is enough!

In other words, this is the first time that James Harden has entered the All-Star Game. This is probably a pity for many fans, especially those of the Thunder. After all, when James Harden left, I was afraid that none of these guys had any. Think James Harden will grow to this point, right?

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