Latest website: "James Harden paid the price for his somewhat lax defensive attitude in this game. We can see that he really wanted to prove that he could defend his opponent, but he couldn't prevent it. He completely blocked it. Unable to resist the opponent's impact, his mood became bad because of this!"

Bill Walton watched James Harden lowered his head and left, and shook his head slightly. In his opinion, James Harden must be in a very bad mood now. Any core player in the team will be in a bad mood because of him. Great, James Harden is no exception.


"Hey, man, you seem to be depressed?"

Yi Jianlian returned to the locker room and took the initiative to chat with James Harden.

The latter waved his hand and said for a long time: "Yi, this is not the defensive effect I want to show, I really work hard..."


James Harden blamed himself, but before he could finish his words, Yi Jianlian slapped him on the shoulder and prevented him from continuing: "Man, you have tried your best, I can tell, but the defense has never It’s not that simple! If you want to be better, then you must put in some effort on the defensive end. I think you should understand what I mean. You should have a new understanding of defense, starting from this game. , Believe me, buddy, you will get better and better!"

James Harden’s biggest problem this season is not on offense, but on defense, and his main problem is his unclear understanding of defense. He prefers to focus on the offensive end rather than the defensive end. This proportion is also biased. Obviously, this is a problem that Yi Jianlian has been paying attention to, and it is also something he has been trying to remind James Harden of.

It’s just that he has never had a chance. He didn’t expect that today’s game between the Knicks and the Thunder, which was supposed to be a reunion of old friends, turned out to be Kevin Durant and Westbrook teaming up against James Harden. Of a game.

In this game, James Harden’s various defensive dislocations caused the Knicks to continuously lose points. If it weren’t for others, especially Yi Jianlian’s performance in the championship moment, the Knicks would still be because of James. Behind the poor defense.

In fact, Yi Jianlian hopes that the team is behind now.

James Harden of this period is not the one who went to the Rockets and has become the league's first guard on the offensive end.

His mentality at this time is still his mentality when he was in Oklahoma City. When the team kept losing points because of his defense, he didn't have the words "I have to concentrate on the offensive end, so if I can't prevent it, I can't prevent it". Comforting himself, this also makes him very self-blame at the moment.

And Yi Jianlian's remarks obviously gave him some inexplicable meaning in his eyes, as if his whole mind had figured out something, and he felt suddenly open.

Yi Jianlian doesn’t know what he has figured out. In short, he hopes his words can make some changes to him. If James Harden’s attitude towards defense really changes in the end, then he believes that the New York Knicks will At the top again this year!

Of course, if James Harden does not change enough on the defensive end, whether he can win this year really depends on Yi Jianlian's state and performance at that time.


"James' mentality is okay? Look at him very frustrated!"

"To be honest, as far as his performance on the defensive end today, he is a little bit frustrated and I feel better. He has reduced the Knicks' advantage so much, so I should be sorry!"

"James Harden's performance on the offensive end this season is indeed very good, but in the same way, his performance on the defensive end is really not good. It's just that there was easy to defend him in the past, so there is no big problem, but the problem is now. It’s because Kevin Durant and Westbrook’s ability to seize opportunities in the offense is too strong, and the period of overworked defense is enough for them to complete the offense."

Fans are also talking about James Harden. In the eyes of some fans, James Harden should be frustrated or think of ways to improve defense, and some fans hope that James Harden's mentality will not be affected. After all, this season is also the case. In his first full season, he still has room to grow...

Amid the discussions among the fans, the second half of the game officially began!

The Thunder played very successfully against James Harden in the second quarter, which allowed them to continue to stick to this style of play since the third quarter, and still look for James Harden to make a breakthrough.

James Harden’s mentality has improved a lot after chatting with Yi Jianlian during the intermission, and his attitude towards defense has become more important, but the problem is that the emphasis is on the attention, and attention can’t make his defensive strength immediately. A qualitative leap, which makes him still a loophole on the defensive end.

"Keep focus, James, you have done your best, don't need to think too much!"

"OK, OK, we are still leading, don't give up, James!"

"No problem, this defense, we can communicate more and the better!"

Fortunately, Yi Jianlian communicated with James Harden from time to time, so that the latter always maintained a positive attitude, which made this guy's mood no further decline.

The game entered a white-hot stage in the fourth quarter. The ace on both sides held the ball for a long time at this time and both completed the goal. The entire score was also fluctuating between less than 4 points during this period. , It can be seen that at this time, no matter which side is discouraged first, the game will probably be lost directly.

Yi Jianlian encountered a double-team at this and it came from the double-teaming of Kevin Durant and Ibaka at the same time.

This is the defensive arrangement of many teams for the New York Knicks at critical moments. They all think that as long as Yi Jianlian is defended, the Knicks' offensive end will no longer have much confidence!

Of course, this is for the Knicks in the past.

Many teams this year doubled Yi Jianlian at the last minute, but in the end they all lost. The reason is very simple. Now the New York Knicks can hold the ball and it is not only Yi Jianlian!

James Harden can do the same!


Also at the same moment when Yi Jianlian was double-teamed, James Harden constantly used goals to let the Thunder's defense know that the Knicks need to defend more than Yi Jianlian!

In the first three quarters of the game, James Harden, who has been a defensive loophole, used his offense to help the team continue to consolidate the leading position at the last moment!

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