"This, is, what, what, ghost, situation, situation?"

   In the bathroom, a tall, thin man with a visual inspection of more than 2.10 meters is muttering to himself in the mirror, his face is full of incredible expressions!

   gestured towards the mirror one by one, then reached out and pinched his cheek again, it hurts~

   "This, this is not a dream!"

   "I, I turned into Yi Jianlian! Damn, my goodness, don't play like this! Don't you know that the one I don't like the most is Yi Jianlian? You even let me become him and play with me?"

   "Ding, the host has been successfully reborn, and now I am starting to release the task: Become the first person in the NBA-the host has repeatedly smeared Yi Jianlian anonymously on the Internet, but his words are sincere, and his tone is faintly hateful!"

   God hates that iron can't become steel!

   "So the system decided to regenerate the host into the 20-year-old Yi Jianlian, and play in the NBA again. The host will realize Yi Jianlian's NBA dream and become the first person in the NBA!"

   "Reward: Back to the original body!"

   "Punishment: reincarnated as Jingling!"

   Jing Ling, isn’t she Yi Jianlian’s wife? Damn it, can't it! This punishment is too harsh, right? I am so easy to be black! Make me the woman that Yi Jianlian has been on?

   My day, don’t bring such fun!

   "Distribute auxiliary items."

   "Successfully distributed, the host gains magic eyes, maximizes potential, and improves physical fitness by 10%!"

   "Magic Eye: Check everyone's overall strength in basketball and the specific values ​​of each ability. Only the host can see it!"

   "Maximize the potential: the host's current potential is maximized, as long as you train hard, no matter what the data can be improved!"

   "Basic data increased by 10%: the host's physical fitness increased by 10% on the original basis!"

   "The rewards are distributed, the instructions are complete, the system goes to sleep, and it will automatically activate when the host becomes the first person in the NBA!"


   beep, beep!

   A black line, um, Yi Jianlian, now he can only think of himself as Yi Jianlian! Hey, I had known that Yi Jianlian was not so mad at first! You see, this retribution is here! Become the guy he hates most!

  Think carefully, he is not so useless! As a yellow race person can enter the NBA, this is the only one who can appear in the Chinese people with hundreds of millions of dollars!

   He also won glory for the country, played in the Athens Olympics, and also completed a lore in the 2008 Olympics group stage, helping the Chinese national team to get out of the death group. Well, thinking about it, what is it that suddenly a little pleasing to the eye?

   "Yi, Yi, how are you? Anji and the others have prepared the props for the trial, come out soon!" They were in a daze! There was a knock on the door in the bathroom, followed by another man's urging sound.

   "OK, OK! I'm here!" Fortunately, I can understand English. Yi Jianlian said in his heart that he had lived abroad for two or three years before he was reincarnated, and he could speak authentic English.

   This is better than Yi Jianlian! When he faced foreign reporters, he couldn't let go of a fart! Hey hey, huh? Bah, why am I still hacking Yi Jianlian! I am Yi Jianlian now, stop it, stop it!

   "Long wait, Dan!" He opened the bathroom door, and outside the door was a blond man in a straight suit, a head and a half shorter than Yi Jianlian. However, this is also normal. Yi Jianlian is 2.13 meters tall! One and a half heads shorter than him, and taller than a normal man!

The guy who urged Yi Jianlian outside the door was Dan Fegan, a well-known NBA agent. His clients included "Streetball King" Alstom, "Slam Dunk King" Richardson, and "Queen" Varejao. They are all ruthless roles in the NBA.

   Yi Jianlian is now one of his clients.

   For Dan Fagan, Yi Jianlian still trusts him very much. It is almost unconditional, whatever you want to toss, but this is the former Yi Jianlian. Now the reborn Yi Jianlian doesn't trust this guy so much!

In his opinion, Yi Jianlian in his previous life will end up like that, and he is inseparable from his good partner, especially with the Bucks management, and in the end he has no ability to send him to other teams. , This operation is terrible!

   Yi Jianlian couldn't help but curl his lips. In this life, I specify not to let you mess around!

   "Okay, isn't it? Let's go then!"

   Dan Fagan obviously didn't notice the difference between Yi Jianlian in front of him, and took Yi Jianlian back to the training ground.

   When Yi Jianlian was just reborn, he actually woke up here, but he was too flustered at the time and didn't observe it carefully. Instead, he chose the bathroom and wanted to go quietly.

   Now everything has adapted, plus what Dan Fagan told him earlier, he also reacted, co-authoring this is the arena for joint training, and he was just waiting for the trial!

   This broken system can really choose the time!

The chubby round-faced Angie saw them coming in and brought his team over. He smiled and said hello to Dan Feigen and Yi Jianlian: "Hey, China Boy, and Dan, we have prepared the venue for the trial and the trial. Training equipment, please follow me!"

   Anji, Celtic general manager, one of the NBA's smartest general managers, among active general managers who can compare with him, probably only his disciple Morey, the same white fat man, the same shrewd.

   Anji still values ​​Yi Jianlian. Before the end of China's CBA, he went to China twice to watch Yi Jianlian play on the spot.

   After Yi Jianlian announced his participation in the 2007 draft, UU reading www. uukanshu.com, he is also one of the only four general managers with a high-ranking sign who has issued a separate trial invitation.

   Including this joint training. In fact, Yi Jianlian is in Los Angeles now, but Angie can't wait to bring his team to Los Angeles from Boston and arrange this temporary extra training.

   Its importance can be seen to be average.

"Oh, No! You can't be like this! See what you have prepared, my God! Are you still ready for confrontation? No, no, it's definitely not! There are less than two months left in the draft, Wan What should I do if I get injured? Anji, you have to make it clear that we are also high picks. There is no need to take such a big risk like the guys who don't have the chance!"

   Dan Feigen immediately yelled as soon as he saw the training venue. Seeing the appearance and the tone of his speech, it was obvious that there was a lot of dissatisfaction.

   Anji was stunned, and a trace of embarrassment flashed in his eyes. He did not expect Dan Fagan to react so much, as if his actions were too excessive!

   "Excuse me, Dan, I think you have misunderstood, the confrontation I prepared is only the most basic! I just want to briefly understand Yi's confrontation ability, and have no other meaning!"

   "No, no, no, it's definitely not possible, it's too risky!" Dan Feigen shook his head like a rattle, and the flesh on his face trembled with the swing back and forth.

   "Then, how about a trial training method with low risk?" Seeing Dan Fegan's attitude so firm, Angie could only take a step back. It's not easy to press your head, this is a donkey!

"Okay, let me think about it!" Dan Fagan looked around, suddenly saw something, clapped his hands, excitedly called several sideline staff, and pointed in a certain direction, "You, Do me a favor and help us move the chairs over there!"