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Ordinary people, dreams of superstars, reincarnation today, legend of tomorrow!

See how the protagonist strives to establish a positive energy image in the NBA, both styles bloom!

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Short Title:LoT
Alternate Title:明日传奇
Author:Rabbit Comes to Cut Grass
Weekly Rank:#1612
Monthly Rank:#3121
All Time Rank:#2576
Tags:Basketball, Male Protagonist, NBA, Racism, Time Loop,
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11 Comments on “Legend of Tomorrow
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  1. Author has a very flawed impression of the draft. He did impress in the tourney, but only literally in the last few games. He was also previously unknown before. He would have at most reached the early second round, but it wouldn't have propelled him higher. Also, imagine an unknown prospect rejecting workouts with teams when he's just had a couple of great games. It's doesn't make sense

  2. OKAY. Glad to see he didn't actually get picked in the first round. Although it's still quite stupid that a lowkey prospect is acting all big when even being drafted is not guaranteed

  3. That’s what I’m saying. In every basketball novel I read on this site, the protagonists goes to the draft after only one season in the NCAA while being unknown throughout 2/3 of that season. I never understood that.

  4. I find it interesting. Mc reborn as another person in America as usual, but the difference now is that he was 'dreaming' on which he continuously experiencing the day xD and he strengthen himself everyday lmao

  5. And his relationship was fine until it reached at 700+ lol he had an affair with the hot girl he met in the parallel world ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there is also funny scenes here such as he prank those peps during his time loops lmao 😂 like wade got arrested cuz' he drive mc's stolen car ahahahah gad dang

  6. I just found out, that in many novels I have read your comments I just want to say, please in any next novel, only leave the summary and don't leak the spoilers.

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