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League of Legends: Cataclysm Era

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Lu Chen wears the LOL skills from the earth to the cataclysm end!

The same is playing League of Legends, but this time, he wants to become Superman!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:LoLCE
Alternate Title:英雄联盟之灾变时代
Author:Talking elbow
Weekly Rank:#5494
Monthly Rank:#5480
All Time Rank:#5583
Tags:Naive Protagonist,
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8 Comments on “League of Legends: Cataclysm Era
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  1. the problem here is the MC is stupid or what? he is used by his family to support his cousin and he even thinks his cousin is his future wife, this is really stupid , don't you know if you are only used as a money machine for his younger brother, he ... I can no longer say anything, what I know is that Chinese novels always put forward his stupid family

  2. I play League of legends and I'm also confused some champions I don't even know like female bounty gun WHY just WHY?? just type in the fking name like Vi Viktor Graves no need to do that long unable to be understood names

  3. yeah and the person who comments "you won't understand this novel if you haven't played lol" is the dumbest being in the world, because he just makes comments without using his brain

  4. Female bounty looks like MF. Juggernaut looks like yi. Stone is malphite, delavigne is draven, vn is vayne, nightmare is nocturne, wandering is ryze, three bushes is J4,XZ and Garen?. Sometimes author uses their names but shit happens when the author forget the names and calls them with local nicknames. Sword hayate? Wtf. What I don't know is the trident dude(who is the fucker?, Nautilus is tidal something2x), lava Titan/something(is it brand? I even thought it was ragnaros from hots wtf), and some other weird stuff. I also saw a medra claws, maybe it's madred's bloodrazor.

  5. The Chinese language doesn't lend itself well to creating new words or new names at all so in most cases they use compound descriptors of simple words that already exist. That's the deficiency of using a character=word based language and why more advanced cultures use phonetic languages so we can build new words using the same alphabet without much hassle. I lol'd a few days ago when I read another novel here that showed that Chinese use the phrase "spiny snake" or something to refer to "Hydralisk". After reading so many CN novels I feel like I should start referring to Chinese as "indigenous".

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