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Don’t be deceived by the title of literary and artistic book, the real title is “Report on Clinical Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction”
Petto talked with his ex for three months, and with his ex for three years, and he is still a virgin today.
It’s not that exes and exes can’t. It’s not him.
In the entertainment industry, you are affected by sexual dysfunction, and you are in the late stage of attacking you.
Very bloody, silly sweet and white.

Content label: entertainment circle
Search keywords: protagonist: Bai Tu, Liang Xi ┃ supporting role: Zhou Niansen ┃ others: main subject, attack and control

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Short Title:LFTP
Alternate Title:给柏拉图献花[娱乐圈]
Author:Xu Xutuzhi
Weekly Rank:#9404
Monthly Rank:#9515
All Time Rank:#9926
Tags:Celebrities, Modern Day, Showbiz,
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8 Comments on “Lay Flowers To Plato
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  1. Ugh I can't even last after ch 37. The MC is so frustrating! He barely communicates with the ML, stews in his negativity and treats ML like trash. I hate hardcore tsunderes, it just makes me feel so bad for the ML who tries so hard to win his affection. MC only returns like 10% of it. Even after they agreed to try it out, MC sucks at messaging, never responds, then hardly says a word when in a call and will just hang up.. how are you supposed to have a relationship in this way? Infuriates me even more when the author keeps me tioning 'oh MC really wanted to explain himself but...' UGH. When MC ditched ML in the rain to see his adoptive mum at the hospital, his first reaction when they finally met up was not to apologise for cutting their phone call short or explain why he left - but instead question the ML and immediately jump to the conclusion that ML is cheating on him. Because ML managed to find a ride back home. Omfg. Honestly MC's brightest moments were in the beginning of the novel. I'm so over it. He's so hard to like.

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