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Lady of Fortune, Jiao Niang

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Novel Summary

Ye Jiao, a young ginseng spirit, woke up and found herself sitting on the sedan chair for a Chongxi marriage.

Everyone thinks she will live as a widow for the rest of her life.

Qi Yun is sick and crooked, the birth character is not good, the lifestyle is not good, he can die at any time, and no medicine will work.

After he married Ye Jiao, his body got better and better.

It is said that he will die at 30, but who knows that he went on to live a long life.

Then he discovered that the best thing in the world turned out to be his own wife…

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Short Title:LFJN
Alternate Title:福运娇娘
Author:An Bilian
Weekly Rank:#1221
Monthly Rank:#3727
All Time Rank:#2046
Tags:Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Childcare, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Naive Protagonist, Pregnancy, Villainess Noble Girls,
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11 Comments on “Lady of Fortune, Jiao Niang
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  1. An amazing novel, honestly. I cried at the ending cuz it was so beautiful. It is long and so it is perfect for reading slowly. Really a gem.

  2. Bagus bgt sumpah..terharu..ga ada konflik antara pasangan dgn org ke3 n bla bla bla..tp sweet bgt.qi yun cuma cinta sm istrinya,istrinya jg tipe baik hati yg pikiran murni,mertuanya baik,ipar smua baik..anak2nya baik2 smua,,konflik yg ada dari org2 luar mudah di atasi dgn pikiran qi yun yg pintar,qi yun cuma licik sm org luar tp sm kluarga terutama istrinya lembut bgt..rekomen bgt nih novel,,bkalan baca ulang nih

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