After finding Xiaobai with a familiar name in Chapter 1648, Wu Hao quickly withdrew from Chongyang City.

  With his speed, no matter whether it is the demon saint who uses the pseudonym Lu Rui, or the army group gathered in the city, they can't help him.

   has a great upright concealment, and he can't even find him.

After    found a hidden place after leaving the city, Wu Hao held Xiaobai up and down to look around.

   At the same time, she also used the magic eye of the phaseless and the magical power of the mirror flower, water and moon to repeatedly probe her body.

  He is verifying the body.

   At the same time, he was also checking whether there was a powerful magic spell secretly planted on Xiao Bai.

   Xiaobai seemed to have changed **** at this time, and he obediently let him check without saying a word.

   After Wu Hao confirmed that it was OK, she breathed a sigh of relief.

   "It scared me to death, the outside world is too dangerous."

   "I think I'm still suitable for watching children at home..."

   Seeing Xiao Bai as timid as a rabbit, Wu Hao couldn't help but secretly.

   He knows that there are demon saints in Ziyang Realm now, and there are also hidden holy places, and the water is very mixed.

   And he has less than a day to deal with that Hunyuan fight.

   Therefore, he had better send Xiao Bai to a safe place before then.

   just leave!

   He took Xiaobai all the way to escape, and soon came to the border of Ziyang Realm.

   At this time, he found that the Zhu Wei Legion had gathered the spirit of the army and blocked the entire Ziyang Realm.

   No entry, no exit.

   This kind of battle may be able to deal with ordinary Da Luo Daojun.

   For Wu Hao, it was just a little extra effort.

   He didn't want to do more delay here, and directly displayed the supreme supernatural power.

   The Red Dust Demon Eye was aimed at the legion stationed on the western border of Ziyang Realm and released.

   Under the eyes of the devil, it is difficult to distinguish the true illusion.

   not only affected the Zhu Wei army in this area, but even the entire army soul fell into a chaotic illusion.

   In the eyes of the army soul and even the Zhu Wei army here, a demon saint who claims to be Lu Rui attacked the eastern border and is now breaking through the barrier.

   This demon is fierce and powerful, casting magic, heaven and earth, and dashing in the east of Ziyang Realm.

   He is holding the mountain with his right hand, and the princess with his left hand, so majestic.

   There was an urgent signal from the east side, and the rest of the place immediately mobilized a large army to quickly go there to support.

   of course also includes the Western Border Corps where Wu Hao is located.

  While still shouting and gathering the army, Wu Hao and Xiao Bai calmly crossed the Ziyang barrier.

  After the legion here really supports them and reaches the east, they will realize that this is just a super-large illusion.

   On the eastern side, nothing actually happened.

   from beginning to end, but it's just a slap in the face.

   As for why to use the image of Lu Rui Yaosheng.

When    separated before, didn’t he say that he was going to have a fight with Wu Hao?

   Wu Hao also replied, "Be accompanied anytime."

try{mad1(\'gad2\');}catch(ex){}   Then naturally prepare to pit him anytime and anywhere.

   Out of Ziyang Realm, Wu Hao ignored the disturbances in the rear.

   After using the escape method for half an hour, Wu Hao transferred to the Dielang Biyun.

   The route was set to let the Dielang Biyun cruise at a constant speed, and Wu Haocai settled down to communicate with Xiaobai.

   In her grievances Baba's narration, she learned about her adventures in this period of time.

Before   , Xiaobai had done a great job in protecting the mountains and rivers of the reincarnation of Qian Baoer's refining and refining innate spirit treasures.

   But after all, they still lack some powerful level of fighting experience, and they almost overturned.

   Xiaobai escaped all the way with various life-saving magical skills, but still borrowed the power of the Ziwei Empire to get rid of the large-scale search of the Heavenly Demon King's Court.

   But she has not escaped the Haoran Zhengqi net of Ziyang Realm.

   Fortunately, she developed the ability to act like a baby and be cute, and was rescued by Princess Na Susu at the critical moment.

   originally thought that he could hold a thigh, and borrowed from the crape myrtle empire to rampage, but I did not expect that the princess had the opposite **** and was inhuman.

   Colluding with a wild man and planning to escape the marriage is not counted, but she actually used her Xiaobai to push the tank.

   Xiaobai is fortunate to do everything he can, playing the role of a princess as a prestigious blessing in the wedding party.

   It's a pity that the amulet Qian Baoer left her was found by the princess, and she couldn't communicate with the "old family" through that thing.

   Secretly, she used the method Qian Baoer taught her to release the control methods left by Princess Su Su.

   At this time, she wanted to find a chance to escape, but a new situation appeared.

   She found that some inexplicable forces and people came to her one after another.

   Some wanted to accept her as a disciple, some wanted to marry her as his wife, and some wanted to support her in fighting for the position of queen.

  Some are intimidating, some are attractive, and some are playing side drums and playing rhythm.

   Gradually, she also heard some doorways.

   These people are not looking for Xiaobai, but for Princess Susu.

   They seemed to be plotting something on the princess, but they couldn't even tell what it was.

   So, they had to plot the princess herself first.

   On the way to send the relatives off, someone kept reporting to her that it was an unidentified person who was monitoring the sending team.

  The closer to Chongyang City, the more such things happen.

   This made her never find a chance to escape.

   After arriving at Chongyang City, Xiao Bai was a little worried.

  Because it is too late to leave, she doesn't want to really marry the stupid son of Weiyuanhou's mansion.

   I didn't expect that not only she was anxious.

   The forces behind the scenes are also anxious.

   It turned out that the people who had contacted her before were only the chess pieces that were pushed to the front of the stage.

   When it was a critical juncture, they began to end in person.

  The means of the forces behind the scenes are not trivial. They dare to hijack the current princess under the **** of the three thousand ghost car army.

   Xiaobai saw with his own eyes, a white-faced man fighting unparalleled, invulnerable, invulnerable, fighting alone against three thousand ghost car army, invincible.

try{mad1(\'gad2\');}catch(ex){}   There is also a woman in Tsing Yi who holds the world and everything in the palm of Sumi. With a wave of their sleeves, the Chenxi Guild Hall where they were stationed was isolated from this world.

   Fortunately, Xiao Bai saw the opportunity early, leaving only a stand-in projection to pretend to be a princess, but his real body was hidden.

  Neither did they expect that the princess was a Xibei who was always ready to run away.

   shot with fanfare, but stealing the chicken and failing to lose the rice.

   was unable to find the real princess, and even shocked the Weiyuanhou Mansion, the giant snake in Ziyang Realm.

   According to the news that Xiaobai inquired, the Weiyuanhou Mansion was not an easy way.

   On the surface, they surrendered to the royal family and controlled the imperial Zhu Wei army. But behind it was the support of some big guys in the Beidou Holy Land.

   Because of this, they will be scrupled by the royal family.

   Princess Na Susu married into Weiyuan Hou Mansion, actually carrying the royal mission.

   That is to investigate whether Weiyuan Hou Mansion has innate Lingbao.

   In recent years, there are often rumors of the birth of innate spirit treasures in the star field at the junction of Ziweiyuan and Tianshiyuan.

  Even the imperial family had real clues, and because of this they had a battle with the Heavenly Demon King Court.

   However, the royal family paid a lot of manpower and material resources, and the Xiantian Lingbao eventually disappeared.

   After investigation and calculations, the royal wise men believed that the innate Lingbao was very likely to fall into the hands of the Weiyuan Houfu.

   But they neither dedicated it to the royal nor informed the Beidou Holy Land.

   Hidden secretly, unpredictable!

   Therefore, the royal family let Princess Su Su secretly find out.

   In order to facilitate her actions, the royal family also sent several capable spies to assist her.

   However, Princess Susu is committed to pursuing her own happiness, and never takes the royal mission seriously.

   Under the entrustment of non-human, Xiao Bai got a lot of news from the spy.

   One of the news about Weiyuan Hou Jiang Beichen caught Xiao Bai's attention.

   It is said that for thousands of years, Jiang Beichen was regarded as a disciple by a great power in the Holy Land of the Big Dipper because of his outstanding talent in kendo.

   At that time, he was not named Jiang Beichen, but instead used his original name, Jiang Taiyi.

   The Big Dipper Holy Land Da Neng listened to his name, was silent for a moment, and then commented.

   "Taiyi is ominous, what about Beichen?"

   Jiang Benchen apprentices to thank his teacher, and he has his current name.

  Because Beichen was a taboo in the empire, he also had some unpleasantness with the royal family.

   But he insisted on using it after all.

  Whether Wei Yuanhou has the intention of disobedience, in fact, Xiao Bai doesn't care at all.

   She is more concerned about her original name.

   Kang Taiichi!

The name    is no stranger to practitioners in the star world.

   Especially for the Red Lotus sect who was born in the Five Color God Sect.

  He is the beginning of a series of changes in the star world a thousand years ago.

   The Emperor Taiyi, the Emperor of the Great Weekend, who casts the ancient seal on the Tiantai Terrace and tries to set foot in the Outland.