The Dapeng rose with the same wind in one day, soaring for ninety thousand miles.

   has the magical powers of escape, and the whole Ziyang world is no small pond in Wu Hao's eyes, and he can swim freely.

   Not long after he left the boundary, he came to the center of the boundary.

   There is a city in the center of this world, named Chongyang City.

   Another night is the most important festival in Chongyang City, September 9th.

   It is said that on September 9th every year, there are two pure sun heaven and earth spirits meeting here, thus forming the Ziyang fairy mist known as the crape myrtle empire.

   Ziyang Immortal Mist is helpful for spiritual practice and enlightenment.

   Many of the babies born on this day are born with excellent comprehension, so this day is regarded as auspicious day by this world.

   The wedding day of Xiaohouye Jiang Daoming was originally arranged on this day.

   But the Weiyuan Houfu at this moment did not have the slightest lively and festive atmosphere, but was filled with the atmosphere of killing and killing soldiers.

   There was a thief who hijacked the daughter-in-law who was about to pass the door of the Weiyuan Hou Mansion in Chongyang City, and the bride was still an imperial princess.

   This is more than just hitting Houfu in the face.

   is almost a smelly shoe pump.

   people can't bear it!

   At this moment, all the garrisons around Chongyang City have been mobilized, besieging the place where the incident occurred, and vowing to smash the corpse of the culprit.

   Even the Zhu Weilongya army guarding the periphery was urgently transferred back.

  Moreover, the diners of various identities such as immortals, demons, and demons recruited by the Weiyuan Hou Mansion on weekdays are also dispatched, appearing in every corner of the city, and constantly collecting information about the thieves.

   Confucian scholars from the four major academies of Ziyang, Qingzhu, Rende, and Zhicheng were also invited to help the Hou Mansion suppress the evil spirits and break the magical powers.

  Chenxi Guild Hall is the place where the princess and imperial envoys were temporarily placed in the Weiyuan Houfu. At the same time, there were also three thousand ghost car army elites who escorted the princess.

   But now, the entire Chenxi Guild Hall has been isolated by the culprits with strange magical powers, and it is impossible to detect the situation inside.

   Several great scholars and capable men and strangers used all their abilities to crack the three outer formations.

   As for how many re-arrangements the culprits have inside, no one knows.

   However, through the perception of the Haoran Righteous Qi Network, there are still violent vitality fluctuations inside.

   This shows that the ghost car army is still resisting, and the princess may not have fallen into the worst situation yet.

   The military formations from outside continue to gather, and the military power and evil spirit are getting heavier and heavier. The Weiyuan Houfu has already planned to assemble a large army to force an attack.

   They must rescue the princess before she suffers.

   Both sides were fighting for time, but they didn't notice that when their fighting was the fiercest, a phantom walked into the Chenxi Hall quietly.

   Wu Hao probed for a while and found the core area of ​​the incident that Haoran Zhengqi network perceived.

   The outer siege army formation and the Haoran righteous blockade were useless to him. He easily penetrated in and broke into the center.

   As soon as he arrived in the central area, Wu Hao smelled a scent of fragrance.

   Then he felt dizzy and dizzy.

   It seems that the time and space in front of him are constantly passing, he seems to forget his past and merge into a paradise.

   There are sunrise and sunset, men plowing and women weaving, chickens and dogs hear each other...

   There are fishing boats singing night, sangzhu fertile fields, small bridges and flowing water, rice paddies...

and also…


   and it's a toxin specifically aimed at the soul!

   However, this battle is aimed at Wu Hao's strengths.

   Hundreds of phantom eyes were quietly opened on him, and this kind of phantom poison could not affect him.

   In the real vision, there is a peach blossom forest in front of you, and the bursts of fragrance are the scent of peach blossoms.

try{mad1('gad2');}catch(ex){}   There is still a pink mist in the peach forest, even if he cracks the phantom poison of the fragrance, the mist still affects his spirituality to explore the peach blossom forest The rear area.

   But Taolin doesn't look big, only three to five miles in size.

   Wu Hao moved across the past as soon as he moved.

   As soon as he left Taolin, he stopped to escape.

   Because he saw a familiar figure coming out from the other side of Taolin.

"It's you?"

   The man found Wu Hao at the same time, and also opened his mouth quite surprised.

   Wu Hao smiled.

   "It turned out to be Shaoyou brother, where in life you really don't meet!"

  The visitor is the demon saint who has been in the same boat with Wu Hao, who claims to be Lu Ruilu Shaoyou.

   "Brother Xuanji?" Na Lu Rui was surprised: "Why are you here?"

Wu Hao pointed to the front and said: "I have a pet and always love to run around. I am now lost in the front formation. I will come and find it. What about you, Shaoyou brother? Isn't it the idea to beat the princess? "

   Lu Rui hurriedly shook his head and said: "Brother Xuanji is not going to make fun of it. I am an ancestral treasure stolen, and I came here to chase thieves all the way. I didn't expect to encounter such a big battle, even the hidden holy land."

   "Hidden World Holy Land?" Wu Hao raised his brows: "Please also Shaoyou brother teach me!"

   "Brother Xuanji doesn't know anything about the Hidden Holy Land, then how did you crack the Taoyuan illusion?"

  Wu Hao smiled and said nothing.

   Lu Rui didn't mind, pointing to the peach forest to solve his confusion.

  According to what he said, the Taoyuan illusion that I have just experienced is not simple, but a unique school derived from the hidden sacred land of Taohuayuan.

   Supreme Supernatural Power-Three Lives III, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms!

   It is said that this supernatural power practice has the supreme power to transform all gods and monsters into mortal dust.

   This supernatural power requires double cultivation of Taoist couples, and also reincarnation of the three lives of three lives. In each life, both parties must reach the Dao realm to be able to cultivate these ten miles of peach blossoms.

   Shili Peach Blossoms can condense the illusion of peach blossoms, dreaming like reality, making people forget themselves, entering the entanglement of reincarnation for life and life, and unknowingly turning into the soul of the peach.

   And even if it can break the Taoyuan illusion, Shili Taolin also contains no trapped formations and mazes, specifically for the target's innate fate.

   Those who are trapped in the forest, if they are not successful in Buddhism, even if it is a chicken and a dog, it will be difficult to meet each other.

   However, a practitioner who cultivates into the Taoist realm for the first life is also an unparalleled good fortune. How easy is it to cultivate for the third life?

   What's more, it is necessary to find a Taoist priest who will never abandon the three lives and three generations.

   Therefore, since ancient times, I have never heard of Shili Peach Blossoms that have been cultivated to perfection. Most of them are incomplete versions of Sanwuli formed by half-way couples.

  , for example, the peach blossom forest they just passed through.

   But even if it is the incomplete version, it also has the power of no less than the great supernatural power.

  The capable men and tens of thousands of elites in Weiyuanhou's Mansion were blocked outside for half an hour, still doing nothing.

   Generally speaking, to crack this magical power, only illusion and divination magical powers are proficient, or they are beyond resistance to these two kinds of magical powers.

   Therefore, Lu Rui was quite surprised that Wu Hao was able to break through this forest.

   He explained it so clearly to Wu Hao, of course, not only because of his kindness.

   Instead, he wanted to invite Wu Hao to crack the obstacles below.

   Whether it's looking for pets or thieves, at least their current goals are the same.

   But the restraining array standing in front of them seems to have an unusual meaning.

   For example, the mountain behind the peach blossom forest!

   This mountain is not simple.

   Lu Rui judged that he should come from another hidden holy land, Fang Cunshan.

  As a sacred place known for its magical and magical powers, Fang Cunshan pays attention to "using a square inch of land to transform all kinds of magic and wonder!"

try{mad1('gad2');}catch(ex){}   After being reminded by Lu Rui, Wu Hao looked towards the small, seemingly small mountain in front of them.

   In the vision of the Wuxiang Demon Eye, all the details of the hill kept zooming in until the whole hill disappeared before his eyes.

   Where is there any vegetation, mountains and rocks, there are dense layers of magical bans.

   This is clearly a forbidden mountain!

   If Hou Man is just this forbidden mountain, Lu Rui might try it himself.

   But he knows that the hidden holy land will not be born for ten thousand years, and once born, there will be earth-shattering changes.

   Both two families have appeared here, can the third one be far away?

   The third one is the Palace of the Gods of War, which is a group of lunatics mad for war.

   Even as an ancient demon saint, Lu Rui felt that the situation was a bit out of control.

   However, so many forces have come here, which just shows that there are benefits beyond imagination.

   With a plan and beyond his ability, he began to find a way to win over allies.

   Even a temporary ally.

  Wu Hao also understood what he meant.

He immediately said with a haha, "Brother Shaoyou is reasonable. Since you and I are both royal children, naturally you can't let Xiao Xiao run rampant here. Why don't we fight through the obstacles together and rescue the princess. Then I find mine. Pet, if you catch your thief, how are we going to do things differently?"

   Lu Rui was also overjoyed when he heard this.

   "Okay, then..."

   He was about to say yes, but suddenly he sensed something and looked not far in front of him.

   At the same time, Wu Hao's attention was also focused there.

   The next moment, the space there trembled.

   Then a flower rabbit fell out of thin air.

   It looks like rabbit fur is gray, white and black, and the fur is messy and embarrassed.

When    fell from the sky, his mouth was still chattering.

   "Damn it, **** it, don't you just pretend to be a princess for fun? Need such a big battle?"

   "Broken Soul Territory, UU reading locks the world, this is the one who catches the peerless demon!"

   "Fortunately, Sister Rabbit, I learned how to escape the old devil's double golden cicada."

   "It seems that I have to catch another hapless person to remove my hair..."

   "Coincidentally, there are two unlucky ones!"

  Hua Rabbit saw Wu Hao and the two in front of him, and immediately snickered and pounced on it.

   Immediately, with a "whoop", Wu Hao skillfully took his ears and lifted it into his arms.


  Wu Hao also blocked Lu Rui's unexpected blow by the way, and then questioned: "Brother Shaoyou, what does this mean?"

   Lu Rui looked at the rabbit in his arms intently, his face a little ugly.

   "What do you mean by brother Xuanmiao, why do you want to shelter the thief rabbit who stole my ancestral treasure?"

   Wu Hao casually used a cleaning technique to neatly restore Xiao Bai's messy hair, and then suppressed her a little struggle.

   "Brother Shaoyou misunderstood, this is my pet Xiaobai. She has always been innocent and delicious, and the meat is delicious. She is a rare good rabbit. How can she be a thief?"


   "It seems that Brother Xuanmiao must protect this thief rabbit?"

   "It seems that Brother Shaoyou is bound to frame me as a pet?"

   "Then did it once!"


   As he said, Wu Hao jumped into the air and quickly crossed and exited the peach blossom forest, turning into a black light and disappeared in a flash.

   Only Lu Rui was left looking at the direction where he disappeared, his face was shocked and impatient.

   "You come back to me!"

   "Is this a special person to accompany you at any time?"

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