The first thousand six hundred and forty-six chapters of the main text of the Krypton Demon Master's text.

  Emperor Yunxuan's face was fierce, his eyes were red, like a beast in desperation.

   In order to vent his hostility, he just slaughtered the guard sergeants who wanted to check his identity.

   After using the magic trick to get rid of the blood stains on his body, he calmed down a bit.

   He did not rush to flee.

   In this situation, it makes no difference where to escape.

   The supreme supernatural power Hunyuan Juedou, which stands out on the word "absolute".

Once    is triggered, even the existence of Pangu Great God cannot get rid of it.

   The only way to deal with this supernatural power is to gamble everything and make a desperate blow.

   Of course, there is still a glimmer of life under this supernatural power.

   Hunyuan Jue Dou supernatural powers have twelve hours of preparation time from triggering to taking effect out of the Jue Dou space.

   Within the preparation time, the two sides who are about to fight can do anything to increase their winning rate.

   Whether it is looking for treasures, practicing supernatural powers, or even cheating, you can ask someone to kill your opponent first.

   But I can’t use this buffer time to escape.

  Because under the witness of the Great Dao, once the Fighting Space is formed, even if the two sides are separated from the ends of the world, or even in different universes, they will still be passed into the Fighting Space to fight a male and female.

   Knowing that he still has the possibility of winning in theory, Di Yunxuan seemed to have grabbed the last straw and hurriedly asked the system for help.

   "System, can you credit me some points first, let me buy more magical treasures..."

   Before his request was finished, the system prompt sounded, "This system does not have a credit function."

   The words that were as cold as usual, Di Yunxuan felt particularly harsh today.

   "Why? Why? You have reached this level, are you still hiding it? If I am finished, you will not end well!"

   But let him persuade him, the system still reminded him that there is no such function.

   Emperor Yunxuan was anxious, and he wanted to pick out the system and pinch its neck to question.

   He couldn't help snarling loudly, "The Shabi system, can you not be so rigid! Why? Why?"

   "The thief borrowed it, can't I borrow it?"


   After the system was silent for a while, a bright red prompt appeared.

   Attention! note! The following information is strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed to anyone, otherwise it will be obliterated!

   This system is called the Prajna system, and it is one of the four primary powers that originated from the different universe.

try{mad1(\'gad2\');}catch(ex){}   The four primary powers, possessing the magical effects of creating everything, changing the heavens and the earth, and reversing time and space, have flowed into this universe for unknown reasons.

  The first one is destiny, which is the collection of all phenomena in the development and evolution of the macroscopic universe of the universe.

  The second is Prajna, which is the ultimate wisdom, which can analyze the macroscopic world and possess the power to break fate.

  The third is impermanence, which is the change in the microcosm of the universe, and the prajna rules are restrained by nature.

  The fourth is the other shore, which is the detachment of the soul, the ultimate material, and has the power to subdue impermanence.

   The names of the four source powers are derived from the future Buddhism of this universe, so they have traces of the Buddhist philosophy.

   In fact, these names are far from explaining their full power.

   Their actual names are too rich to be displayed in the universe. To summarize, the abbreviations are respectively,,,.

   The reason why this system will lose its origin in the previous confrontation is because the opponent has the power to restrain the prajna-impermanence, and the opponent's mastery of development far exceeds the host.

  According to system simulation calculations, the host's win rate in this Hunyuan fight is no more than one in ten thousand.

   The only vitality is to find the original force that can restrain impermanence, the other side!

The    system has found traces of the existence of forces on the other side in time and space.

  According to previous calculations, the possibility that Princess Susu, the target of the host’s last mission, possesses power from the other side is 737...

   Zizi-stab, stab -!

   The system prompt just arrived here, and a burst of noise rang out of Di Yunxuan's mind.

   I saw the original clear prompt message in the panel began to tremble and blur, until it turned into a full screen, and no trace of handwriting could be seen anymore.

   At the same time, an indifferent system voice sounded like it was when it was first bound.

   "Dip! A violation notice has been detected in the system, revealing top-secret information to those with insufficient authority, which may threaten the security of the system itself."

   "Didi! Logical reason analysis. System vulnerabilities caused by damage to the system's origin, emotional fluctuations, and impact on the underlying logic."

   "Dip! Update now-internal vulnerabilities have been fixed!"

   "Di! Start to repair external vulnerabilities and perform amnestics on the host..."

   "Dip-amnestics succeeded!"

   With a long buzzing sound, Di Yunxuan's eyes became dull.

   Then he opened his eyes in surprise and looked around.

   "Hey, where is this place? What's wrong with me?"

   Just thinking about it, he couldn't help exclaiming.

   He still remembers fighting against Wu Hao.

try{mad1(\'gad2\');}catch(ex){}   He who wants to win a ray of life, did not dare to neglect, so he hurried to ask the system for help.

   But this time, he has scratched his lips, and the system is still indifferent.

   He angrily scolded "Sabi System" and continued to think of a solution.

   At this time, he realized that his fingers were slightly numb, and when he fixed his eyes, he couldn't help being surprised.

   I don't know when, his hand has been broken, and the traces seem to be bitten by something, and he is bleeding out now.

   He was about to clean up when he saw a line of blood on the palm of his hand.


   Emperor Yunxuan was alarmed.

   This is the simple symbolic text he learned from an indigenous demon girl during the time he did a mission in a certain world.

   has the characteristics of simple meaning and fast writing.

   He arranged and combined this kind of text and recompiled it, and it became his own cipher The real semantics cannot be read by the cipher text alone, and a corresponding cipher book is needed.

  This codebook is actually the formula of a **** exercise that he had practiced before he got the system, and he had already kept it in his mind.

  Because it has never been submitted to the system, it has not been noticed by the system.

   The purpose of doing this is to prevent the system.

   According to his observations, the system can only examine his actions, but cannot analyze his thinking.

   The scheming of the past has finally come in handy today.

   It's just a pity that time is too urgent, and there are not many key information he can record.

   After his deciphering, he only knew that his first life was in Princess Susu.

  Emperor Yunxuan suddenly felt regretful that Princess Susu helped him divert Wu Hao from chasing after him. At this moment, I don’t know what happened to her.

   He was a little worried, but he didn't show it on his face.

   If you go directly to Susu like this, wouldn't it let the system know that he knows the information that the system doesn't want him to know?

   It seems that I have to think about the reason, and make a detour.

   Emperor Yunxuan murmured to himself, and then muttered, "Well, since you don't want to credit me with credits, then it's okay for me to do my own tasks to earn points, right?"

   "Grinding the gun before the battle, the unhappiness is gone. There are still twelve hours, and the efficiency is high enough for the task of the liver."

   "Let's finish the task that hasn't been done before-help the princess of the Susu Empire escape from the Ziyang world."

   "Turn on task target tracking, let me confirm her current situation first."