After Wu Hao discovered Di Yunxuan's trail, Wu Hao didn't do anything immediately.

   Under the detection of the Haoran Zhengqi network in Ziyang Realm, it is not appropriate to make too much noise.

   Although he felt that even if it overturned the Ziyang Realm, the so-called Zhu Fei Army here might not be able to help him. But after all, he did not forget the purpose of this trip.

  Before he could guarantee Xiao Bai's safety, he still didn't want to make a big fight to attract attention.

   Even if he finds a valuable goal now, Wu Hao has not forgotten about Xiao Bai.

  In the process of tracking Di Yunxuan, he has already cast out the magic seeds and went to search for Xiaobai's traces in all directions.

   This body has cultivated a strong and upright body. Although Wu Hao is a little unaccustomed to using it, he has a strong ability to disguise and cover the magic seed.

   Wu Hao was unable to contact Xiao Bai through the amulet at this time, so he could only spread the magic seeds and explore Xiao Bai's traces on all sides.

   Even he planted demons into the Haoran Righteous Qi net of this world through Haoran Righteous Qi.

   Once Haoran's righteous qi network fluctuates, he can detect it for the first time, and then drop the magic seed to the location of the thing that caused the fluctuation.

  So, as long as Xiao Bai appeared in Ziyang Realm, he would be able to find out immediately.

   Xiaobai’s matter is very important, but Wu Hao is unwilling to let go.

   Before, he just sucked it with a magic seed for a short time, and he had a gain comparable to innate blood or supreme magical powers. If he can make him **** enough for an unlimited time...Well?

   This is clearly a more surprising discovery than "Chrono-Time Kill Me".

   Moreover, Wu Hao also faintly noticed the breath of some "old acquaintances" in that person.

  Wu Hao is already eyeing this guy!

   When he followed Di Yunxuan to the boundary, he found that Di Yunxuan always swept around behind him with divine thoughts, as if he could be sure that he was nearby.

   It's just that he couldn't find Wu Hao's figure anyway, so he seemed suspicious.

   This made Wu Hao smile secretly in his heart, but he was more certain to win him.

   Just wait until he clears the border and goes out of bounds, then...hehehe!

   Thinking like this, Wu Hao discovered that this person had signs of uniting with the guards.

   This does not cause him too much trouble.

   There are three to five thousand soldiers guarding the gates, what are the millions of evil soldiers who are more corrupt than the underworld?

   After Wu Haoming understands that Jianxin has mastered the Shenwu Zhuxie Sword, he can transform hundreds of millions of swords into one sword, and he will never be afraid of group battles ever since.

   For him, he couldn't reach the combat power of the realm, so he came to give away food.

  Perhaps those famous legions, who have accumulated thousands of years of military souls and then connected with millions of soldiers, can still cause some trouble for him. These people in front of him, even if the momentum that is coming is better than that of the soldiers, to Wu Hao, it is just the difference between a sword and a few swords.

try{mad1(\'gad2\');}catch(ex){}   But when he was looking for a chance to do something, his heart jumped suddenly.

  The magic seed has been discovered!

   It was not a certain monster of Wu Hao who discovered the situation first, but the Haoran Zhengqi network in this world.

   The abnormality of the Haoran Righteous Qi Net was sensed by the magic seeds for the first time, and then several magic seeds flashed to the vicinity of the incident based on clues, and quickly grasped the details.

   The place where the accident happened is precisely the place where the defense is the strongest and the most noticeable.

   is the Chongyang City where Xiaohouye Jiang Daoming is about to get married!

   The wedding day has not yet arrived, and there are fanatics who try to assassinate Susu Princess who is the bride.

   And when the guests gathered in Chongyang City, it was in full view of everyone.

   This kind of behavior is not only to hit the face of the Weiyuan Houfu, but also clearly does not put the imperial authority of the Ziwei Empire in his eyes.

   What is even more amazing is that the culprit is powerful and unpredictable, even if the Weiyuan Hou Mansion has heavy troops stationed in Chongyang City, they can't help it for a while.

   Fortunately, the imperial royal family's wedding team is the elite of the ghost car army, and there are many masters in Chongyang City to support them, so that the culprits cannot succeed in the first time.

   Even so, the princess and the ghost car army are trapped in a strange formation of thieves, life and death unknown.

   Such a frenzied behavior was immediately locked by the Ziyang Realm Haoran Zhengqi Net.

   The garrison troops and martial arts masters near Ziyang Realm also received orders and rushed to the Chongyang City area to support.

   This chaos at the core of Ziyang Realm, Wu Hao originally only planned to watch the excitement.

   But when his magic seed approached, he sensed Xiao Bai's breath.

   That is a pure and free demon, with the unique aura of the stars world and the red lotus sect, which is very recognizable to Wu Hao.

   And the direction that the breath came from was exactly the core area where the so-called Princess Susu was assassinated.

   Reminiscing that he still has a princess Susu in his hand, and the dog-blood affair that happened to her, Wu Hao couldn't help but have a guess in his heart.

   Not good, Xiao Bai is in danger!

   After this thought came into being, Wu Hao hesitated for a moment.

   The Emperor Yunxuan in front of him is undoubtedly a unique opportunity.

   Xiaobai at the back, that is Wu Jiate's spare ingredients, and I can't help but save it.

   Faced with a choice, Wu Hao did not delay too much.

   He opened the Axing panel for a while, and then chuckled lightly.

   "Thank you fellow daoists for giving me the new supreme supernatural powers. In return, I will take you away!"

   Immediately he took a breath of Di Yunxuan in the void, and said something in his mouth.

   "The enemy who is blocking the road is not in the same way, and the yuan is a masterpiece, and the road is a lesson!"

   Following the recitation of the proverbs, an unpredictable breath condenses on Wu Hao's fingertips, turning into a wavering gray.

try{mad1(\'gad2\');}catch(ex){}   shook the gray light, Wu Hao finally glanced in the direction of Di Yunxuan, and then his figure flashed.

  In a short while, it turned into a black line and disappeared into the sky.

   Only a child makes a choice. An adult like him who has a lot of money and billions, naturally wants it all!

   The insignificant gray light he left behind gradually condensed into a phantom of soldiers, and after spinning three times, it exploded and divided into three parts.

   One part fell into Emperor Yunxuan, and one part followed Wu Hao.

   There is another one that goes straight to the sky, penetrates the Ziyang realm, penetrates the central star field, penetrates the Taixu universe, and shoots in the chaotic and endless chaotic dark tide...

   all the way to the vast unknown area.

   After a long time, a Dao Lun sound came from the endless chaos resounded in the Taixu universe.


When   lun sounded through, the digital hidden world power was awakened in retreat.

   There are also urgent or non-urgent things when Da Luo or Dao ancestors interrupted the discussion of the Tao, alchemy, and teaching.

   They may be at a loss, or panic, or miss and excitement, or secretly calculate...

   At this moment, a secret message was transmitted in the air, and keywords such as "Great Way", "Alarm" and "Who" were mentioned again and again.

   In the universe, undercurrents are raging.

   Dao Lun Yin also resounded in Di Yunxuan's mind. Compared with the powerful people who could perceive but didn't understand the situation, he received a complete message.

   The moment he received the message, his hands and feet were cold, his face collapsed and he couldn't believe it.

   "Chaotic Demon God, Hunyuan Juedou! What the **** is this TM?"

   The system flickered a few times and quickly gave him the answer.

   "Hunyuan Juedou is a kind of supreme supernatural power popular among the chaos and demon gods in prehistoric times. It uses the great road as a mirror to launch an endless desperate fight. The winner takes all, and the loser loses everything."

   "The most famous Hunyuan fight in history was when Pangu opened the sky to prove Dao, three thousand chaotic demon gods and Pangu fought an unprecedented Hunyuan fight."

"As a result, three thousand gods and demons have fallen to death, but they have also successfully prevented Pangu’s path of proving the Dao. Even the Hunyuan Fighting Field where the Dao’s manifestation has been exploded, turned into four innate spiritual treasures and escaped into the world. throughout."

   "They are Hunyuan Golden Bucket, Hunyuan Silver Bucket, Hunyuan Iron Bucket and Hunyuan Copper Bucket!"



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