In the empty room, a rhythmic and unknown sound continued to be heard, and there was also a heavy gasp...

   A fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy was sweating in the room.

   He looks a little mature, with a trace of perseverance that does not belong to this age group in his expression. His naked upper body fully demonstrates his youthful vitality, and his abdomen has six pack abs.

   At this time, he was waving his hands into the wind, and he was constantly beating the wooden practitioners placed in this training room!







   The door of the training room was suddenly pushed open with a strong force, and then a boy dressed as a book boy in Tsing Yi appeared at the door.

   Shutong boy looked anxious, put his hands on his knees, panting heavily, and screamed hoarsely as soon as he entered the door: "Master, the old lady is in an emergency, almost...it's dying..."

   Before he finished speaking, he forcibly took it back.

   Because he suddenly felt a gust of wind passing by his side, and then raised his head again, there was still a half figure in this training room!

   Shutong's mouth bends, and his waist slowly rises, where there is a little anxious and panting look just now.

   He came to the window of the training room in his spare time, slightly opened the window to a gap, and then looked at the figure rushing out in a playful manner.

   That is Wu Hao, the eldest master of Wu Mansion in Luoyun City.

   I saw Wu Hao dragging a white robe and ran to the street, and then used facts to explain what is meant by "one-second dressing"!

   "Hoo", the muscular man with the **** body turned into a white robe boy.


   The streets of Falling Cloud City are endlessly crowded, and the stalls facing the street are constantly selling, which is a lively scene.

   However, the appearance of Wu Hao has changed the style of this lively scene abruptly.

   I saw him riding a yellow husky running wildly in the busy city. Wherever he went, he flew with dogs and exclaimed and shouted one after another.

   Wu Hao looks extraordinary equestrianism. He skillfully manipulates the horse to dodge from left to right, avoiding stalls and pedestrians. Those waves of screams were mostly shocking, but no one was seriously hurt.

   Of course there was no harm. It’s just relative terms. People who eat buns are so scared that they throw the buns on the ground. It is inevitable for pedestrians on the road to get some dust and mud splashed by horses’ hoofs.

   Occasionally some booths occupy too much of the public traffic space, which becomes the biggest loss. The yellow horses rushed by like a gust of wind, and the things on their stalls were scattered all over the floor.

   Suddenly, the noise of shouting, horses hissing, screaming, cursing, and the sound of "ding and ding" when the goods landed on the street were intertwined.

   "Who dare to ride horses in the street!"

   Suddenly a soft drink sounded in the street, and the voice was a young girl dressed in a blue shirt and saber, dressed as a chivalrous girl.

   The girl's pink eyes were full of evil, glaring at Wu Hao who was oncoming, her right hand was already on the hilt.

   Seeing that the young boy who is riding the horse in the street has no intention of repentance, the sword of the chivalrous woman is slightly out of its sheath.

   As long as she waits for the opponent to pass by for a while, she will be able to make this madman have a bruised nose and a swollen face.

   is getting closer, getting closer...

   When the girl was about to draw her sword out of anger, a warm and powerful hand was placed on her hand that was drawing the sword, and she pushed the sword that was about to be drawn back into the scabbard again.

   At the same time, a magnetic voice sounded: "The task of the teacher is the most important, and the younger sisters should not be extravagant..."

  , it was a young man dressed as a knight beside the girl who was talking. With a gentle pull, he pulled the girl aside, avoiding the rushing yellow horse.

   He quietly looked at the boy running wild, their eyes crossed, and then the yellow horse whizzed past.


   was prevented from acting as a hero, and the girl took a long voice to protest to the senior in dissatisfaction.

The senior smiled gently, and explained to the girl in a soft voice: "This place is not within our sect's sphere of influence. All actions should be kept low-key. The most urgent thing is to find the clues of the Heart Demon as soon as possible. Just now, the person must be dressed and dressed. It's the son of a big family here, why bother we offend the local snake for a little thing."

Although she felt that her brother had something to say, the girl was still angry. She threw away the brother's hand and said angrily: "Low-key, low-key. We have been low-key for more than half a month. Touched one."

   said here, she rolled her eyes, looked at the figure who was riding the horse on the street, pointed at him with a scabbard and cried out: "This person is so rampant, maybe he is the demon!"

   The young knight smiled bitterly and shook his head, knowing that he had to spend some effort to persuade his younger sister. He was considering the wording, when he heard a burst of "chichi".

When the youth was fully alert, he noticed that white light was thrown from the young master on the galloping horse. With his amazing eyesight, he clearly saw that they were pieces of silver, and these pieces of silver fell. The target of the point is the few vendors whose stalls were crashed.

   Compared with his junior sisters, the young man has gone through a lot of experience in the world, so he can clearly judge that these silvers have slightly exceeded the value of the goods they were smashed.

   "Unexpectedly, this person's morality still exists..." As soon as this thought came to the young man's heart, he heard a burst of cheers!

   "Thank Young Master Wu for the reward!"

   All of a sudden, there was a thunderous sound on the street.

   Regardless of whether it has been compensated or not, it is always happy, and the atmosphere on the street is like the Chinese New Year.

   That kind of feeling, it's as if what the boy just threw over was not pieces of silver, but pieces of gold ingots.

   "It's not easy, I finally saw the money back from Young Master Wu!"

   "Yes, Lao Wu also has a generous day!"

   "I'm afraid it wasn't the sun coming out from the west, right?"

   "Hush, keep your voice down, don’t forget that Wu Dashao’s book boy Wu Feng has not left yet. Be careful to be heard by him. Let’s find money..."

   With the ears of young knights, these vendors' comments were naturally heard by him.

   He was confused when he heard it. He couldn't help but came to a vendor who was cleaning up the stall and asked: "This old man, is the young master Wu who used to be very famous?"

   The old man who went out of the stall was in a good mood because of the money, and he looked at the young people in front of him, so he patiently explained, "Hey, it's not just famous, people still have money."

   said, he raised his trembling arm and pointed at the long street from east to west: "Have you seen... the whole street belongs to them!"

   The young man nodded suddenly, no wonder these people were so careful when talking about Wu Gongzi. It is said that these people are also discussing life under the Wu family.

  According to his experience, if the entire street belongs to the Wu family, these vendors may have to pay some rent regularly for setting up stalls here.

   Listening to these people talking about Wu Dashao, it does not seem like a bitter and deep hatred, but mostly jokes and jokes. It can be imagined that Wu Dashao is definitely not a domineering generation.

   Coupled with the behavior of Young Master Wu just now compensating the vendors, the young man has a high regard for this Young Master Wu.

However, the words of "maybe this person is a heart-scraper" said by Junior Sister, after all, left ripples in his heart. Holding the thought of having a date or not, the young man calmly began to inquire about this person. Deeds of Master Wu.

   The vendors who set up street stalls are naturally inferior to the elite education of the sect disciples. His three or two words reached the old man’s itchy place, making him talk endlessly.

   "Master Wu, his name is Wu Hao. I heard that his original name was Wu Hao, but I didn't know why it changed!"

   While talking, Lao Zhang gestured in the air, distinguishing the two words "hao" and "hao".

"Master Wu Hao is not simple, he has been different from ordinary people since he was a child. I heard that Master Hao was born with jade, he can walk without hindrance at one year old, can chant poems and make right at the age of three, and make an article at the age of five, which aroused the master's surprise. At the age of ten, he participated in the county and city to win a child, and at the age of twelve he was a scholar.

   The old man shook his head and spoke, very fluently, as if this passage had been said to many people many times.

   Then, he sighed leisurely. "Hey! It's a pity that Tian is jealous of the talent. At the age of thirteen, Young Master Wu suffered from loss of soul disorder. He was stunned for a year and wasted his studies. One year later, he recovered from his illness, but his temperament changed drastically. I became interested, but I became obsessed with martial arts, and now I am an elite disciple of Dongshan Martial Arts Hall."

   The young chivalrous man nodded, even though he didn't care about the so-called "Dongshan Wuguan". But the youth can still see that Young Master Wu still has a bit of an artistry through the techniques of controlling horses and throwing silver just now.

   is about the equivalent of a handyman disciple of their sect...

Lao Zhang was aroused by Tan Xing and continued to show off, "Of course, for Young Master Wu, the biggest change is not that he turns from a talented man to a martial idiot. The greater change comes from his personality, which is precisely the reason for this. , We gave him the nickname Wu Lao..."

   The old man said here, his voice stopped abruptly, after holding back for a long time, he coughed a few times, but he didn't say a word again.

   The young knight followed Lao Zhang's gaze, and he saw a beautiful-looking book boy with a small cap and a Tsing Yi coming from there.

   Perhaps feeling the youth's gaze, the book boy slowly nodded at him. Then he and kindly apologized to the neighbours who had been hit by his young master on the street, and slowly disappeared all the way into the eyes of the brothers and sisters...

   When Wu Hao rode his horse for several miles and came to the gate of his Wu Mansion. With a kick on his foot, he rushed to the wall of his house with a whirr.

Several patrolling guards in   's home whizzed out and stopped when they saw his figure.

  Wu Hao has to go up the wall without leaving the door!

  He is not trying to pretend.

   but because the layout of their home is completely garden-style. Pay attention to one step at a time, with winding paths and winding paths.

   He heard the news that his mother was seriously ill, UU read www.uukanshu.com where he still had the patience to follow the normal path to get around her.

   is naturally the most efficient way to walk on the roof.

   While he leaped around one by one, tall or short houses, he secretly regretted that he had stayed in the martial arts hall for such a long time and did not go home.

   In case a son wants to raise and kisses...

   Thinking of his mother, Wu Hao's eyes became slightly hot.

   He rushed to his mother's residence in a whistling manner, and rushed in without waiting for the maid guarding at the door.

   As soon as he entered, he shouted sadly.



   The sorrow of his voice makes those who hear it... weep.

   Even the faintly faintly sound of "cracking" from the room stopped.

   But as soon as Wu Hao broke into the room, he knew what the squeaky sound was vaguely heard just now.

   The scene in the room is clear at a glance, four middle-aged women sitting opposite each other.

   Wu Hao knows three of these people, one is the wife of the housekeeper Zhao Bo, and the other is his wife Liu Aunt. As for Zhengda Ma Jindao sitting on the main seat, she is her own mother!

   Although there is another person dressed as a lady, Wu Hao doesn't know him, but he knows exactly what these people are doing.

   The small squares on the table have deeply sold them.

Play majiang!

   At this time, his mother was holding a red middle, holding it high, looking at Wu Hao, whose eyes were flushed, panting, and sweating.

   She was taken aback for a moment, and finally beat Hong Zhong out.

   Then she raised her head and said to Wu Hao smilingly.

   "Son, are you surprised or surprised!"

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