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Korean entertainment novels, I don’t like it.

There are already three copies, character protection, never TJ.

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Short Title:KEK
Alternate Title:韩娱之Kpopstar
Author:Waiting for reincarnation
Weekly Rank:#2760
Monthly Rank:#782
All Time Rank:#5725
Tags:Entertainment, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Kpop Idols, Polygamy, Romantic Subplot, Showbiz,
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  1. Korean Entertainment Kpopstar: Suddenly someone asked me today, why are you still writing about the three Korean entertainment books in front of you? Unconsciously, I have been focusing on Korean entertainment for three years this year. From the very beginning, I have written three books and still I am still fluttering. Why do I still insist on Korean Entertainment? Seriously, if you want to make money, who writes Korean entertainment? If you just write an X article in urban clothes, your income is 100% better than that of Korean Entertainment, right? Before I knew it, I had already opened the fourth "Korean Entertainment Series". Suddenly someone asked me today, why is your fourth book still a thankless Korean Entertainment? The readers who followed me from the first book also replied to me: I have not watched Korean Entertainment for a long time. Why are you still writing? Change the subject matter, writing about Korean entertainment will starve to death! Yes, those who write Korean entertainment will starve to death, because the income of writing Korean entertainment is really low. There are not 10,000 books written by Korean entertainment, but there are several thousand books, and among them, no more than 10 works are passable. As for me, why do I still insist on writing this thankless subject? What I want to say today is: Hanyu is a kind of dream, a kind of persistence of them and me. I remember when I came into contact with Hanyu? "Blue Life and Death" I thought Song Hye Kyo was really beautiful at that time, and she was completely the lover of her dreams. I remember that DVDs were very popular in China at that time. After "Blue Life and Death", I fell in love with the tragic mode of Korean dramas madly. Later, I bought a few pieces of Korean drama DVDs on the street. I came into contact with Korean entertainment from TV dramas, followed by the popularity of Internet cafes. At that time, I started to go to Internet cafes. I would go to Internet cafes for a night every weekend. Maybe I was tired of sad TV dramas, so I started watching "X-man" ", "Love Letter" and other variety shows. At that time, I thought Korean variety shows were so funny that my stomach hurt from laughing. Maybe my friends were still paying attention to Kuaiben when I contacted Korean Entertainment. From TV dramas to variety shows, I didn’t like idols when I liked variety shows. At that time, it was still a myth, TVXQ, the world of men’s groups. So at that time I liked the hosts, Kang Hodong, Yoo Jae Suk, and some very funny entertainers (green leaf type), what Shin Jung Hwan, Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Jong Min. These are the people who bring me joy. With the development of Korean entertainment, idol girl groups have begun to grow explosively, and the prosperous girl group has also opened up a new pattern of Korean entertainment. The appearance of the second-generation girl group made me fall in love with idol deeply. Because I am also a man, of course I care more about female idols. I can say that I'm an 'old man' who came with the second-generation girl group. The emergence of the second-generation girl group has changed the variety show landscape tremendously. The format of the show has also evolved from an indoor shed to the current outdoor variety show. The emergence of the girl group's prosperous age also has many, many sad things happening. For example, everyone who knows Hanyu knows the biggest thing: the Black Sea incident. Not much to mention here. In short, they gritted their teeth and persisted through the wind and rain for 10 years. They gave me laughter and moved me during these 10 years. Their conscientiousness, their hard work, and their continuous practice with sweat in the practice room for every perfect stage. I saw them who worked so hard, I saw them who have always been so persistent and determined! They are not afraid of competition and failure! This is why I insist on the purpose of writing Hanyu, because I want more people to like them and understand them! Because every girl group is great! Now I'll tell you, my dear readers. Hanyu I wrote: Just a dream of mine! A dream that has reason to stick with them!

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