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Konoha: Opening Sign To Reincarnation Eye

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Reborn on an ordinary Shimonin of the Uchiha clan, Ryuebana thought that he was going to spend a lifeless life, but he did not expect to bind the sign-in system.

Sign in at Shenwubi Bridge and get rewards [Reincarnation Eyes]

Sign in at the Hokage Building and get rewards [Flying Thunder God]

Sign in at the End Valley and get rewards【Xianren Body】

Holding the idea of ​​not going out of the mountain without reaching the sixth level, Liu Ren has been silently signing in at Konoha.

It was not until ten years later that Konoha decided to destroy the Uchiha clan, and Ryuzen was forced to take action.

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Short Title:KOSTRE
Alternate Title:木叶之开局签到轮回眼
Author:Yang Shikuro
Weekly Rank:#381
Monthly Rank:#357
All Time Rank:#696
Tags:Ability Steal, Antihero Protagonist, Eye Powers, Fan-fiction, Hiding True Identity, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Naruto, Ninjas, One Piece, System, System Administrator,
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83 Comments on “Konoha: Opening Sign To Reincarnation Eye
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  1. At first I had great expectations but then I found out author doesn't know what he's writing. MC got Rinnegan as 1st reward. Now you see, the condition of having Rinnegan is to have Chakra of both Indura and Ashura. Did MC have it? No!! He just magically opened Rinnegan with system help without any explanation as to how it's possible. Second, author made Onoki and Mist ninjas invade Konoha. It's like any cat or dog can invade the strongest Ninja village in the world and has the confidence of going back intact. That's just beyond nonsense.Third, although Mangekyo Sharingan is strong but the reason why Obito could easily control Yagura is because of the after effects of Madara controlling him. Itachi could hurt Orochimaru cause his soul was getting incredibly weak because he was changing bodies. But author took it to next level and made Obito control Minato through illusion, I mean that's just bullshit. If it was that easy, Obito would have controlled Minato to take out Kurama from Kushina's body. I'm pretty sure at this point that author never watched Naruto and is writing this Fanfic probably using the information from Wikipedia fandom and other Chinese Naruto Fanfics. So read it at your own risk. P.S. the author wrote that reason why Mist invaded Konoha was to kidnap Rin, plus Mist 7 ninjas attacked Guy and others in the village. That alone should explain how much lacking author is regarding his understanding of Naruto world.

  2. Finally an MC who is not particularly hidden but still actually fight in front of people. I like his method of fighting, not too much bullshit, kill who should be killed, who shouldn't he let go while of course maintain his "vaguely" hidden identity

  3. There are some ridiculous plots here and there. Tsuchikage suddenly invaded Konoha.. or Seven Ninja Swordman also go to Konoha. My man Konoha has a top notch Barrier/Detector... You cant just invade in...

  4. in chapter 283 aren't there luck, barrier, space(ope-ope no mi), time, shadow, etc fruits that are very good. author really makes it sound casual. thunder fruit can make him faster than light in places with spatial prohibitons preventing him from teleporting. kuma's paw paw fruit can affect concepts. float fruit can easily make islands fly.

  5. MC is supposedly a male but the stupid MTL is saying he is a fucking female and for him to be called "him" or "his" is a fucking special occasion. Really rare to see that

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